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  1. sasha_and_suzy

    Mommy guinea pig had a complete prolapse, will the babies be ok?

    Hi :l today I looked into my guinea pigs cage this morning and my sister was looking at the babies I talked to her for a while then looked into the cage, there was blood all over her, something that looked like another baby was out of her. I quickly realized that it wasn't a baby I mean there...
  2. sasha_and_suzy

    Adopting What questions to ask owner of guinea pig I'm adopting?

    I was at Petsmart looking for food bowls, and this woman with kids came up to me and asked if I have a guinea pig, and I said yes, two and one is pregnant. She then asked if I wanted another one, because its cage mate had died and her kids didn't want to get another one so they're giving it away...
  3. sasha_and_suzy

    Cage Why is it bad to keep their cages outside?

    I have no room at all in my house to keep my little piggies, so I have the cage set up In my backyard where everyone is always outside so they get a lot of attention, there is a tarp hung behind them so the sun's rays don't hit them, at night when it gets a bit cool, I cover the cage with a...
  4. sasha_and_suzy

    Bathing Has anyone tried Gorgeous Guineas' products?

    I was thinking about buying shampoo for my piggies from their website, but then I thought baby shampoo would be cheaper, but I really don't know if that's a good option. So, has anyone tried any of the gorgeous guinea shampoos?
  5. sasha_and_suzy

    Midwest How to decorate midwest guinea pig habitat plus cage? :)

    I currently have the midwest guinea pig habitat plus and the expandable one is currently being shipped. I really love c&c cages but due to my laziness I just got the habitat plus. I don't know, c&c cages seem much more neat and clean looking, and I want my cage to look like that, with nice...
  6. sasha_and_suzy

    Posting pictures from Iphone problem.

    Everytime I try and post a photo or use one as my avatar, it turns it sideways or upside down, when I always take the picture upright? How can I fix this or is there even a way to?
  7. sasha_and_suzy

    Mommy of 2 soon to be a grandma! Haha

    Hello :)! I am 14, my name is Jazlyn, and my piggies' names are Sasha and Suzy I sadly don't know when they were born. :( They love love love romaine lettuce, carrots, and apples. Suzy is pregnant I didn't find out until a week ago when I felt her tummy and saw them moving. I thought she was...
  8. sasha_and_suzy

    Teeth Guinea pig keeps losing bottom teeth. Why is this?

    A couple of months ago, I got a companion for my baby Sasha. I noticed she only had one bottom tooth and it was very loose. It eventually fell but grew back in a couple days. Today I looked at her teeth and the bottom teeth are missing again. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but...
  9. sasha_and_suzy

    Fleece Are there any cheaper fleece that have absorbent padding in the middle?

    Hello I'm new to this. I have noticed that all fleece being sold online that is handmade with an absorbent layer is about 40+, I had finally found one for both of my Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat plus cages, but saw that it was only one layer, and it was 30$. I am only 14, so I can't really buy it...