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  1. littlepaws1999

    Skin Problems Dandruff...lice...mites.... Or what?!

    Hi, long time no talk. Today I noticed that Zora has what seems like dandruff all down her back. I'm not sure if her sister Luna does thought because she is white. I looked on Zoras skin but didn't notice any red skin or bumps. What could be causeing the dandruff looking stuff on her? Is it...
  2. littlepaws1999

    Chat Anyone know about guinea pig genetics?

    I was just really curious about guinea pig genetics since I got my piggies. They are twins but look nothing like each other :P Zora is a chocolate/black abby while Luna is a Himi abby and their mom was a black American. The only way I know that is because their mom was found outside with three...
  3. littlepaws1999

    Biting Biting me!?

    I have had my piggies since they were 4 weeks old and now they are nearly 14 weeks. Anyways with that being said Zora and Luna injoy biting me and my moms fingers when they are being held. Is there any thing we can do to stop this? I personally thought piggies don't bite but now that assumption...
  4. littlepaws1999

    Urine Cloudy pee

    Hi guys. My Luna and Zora are 7 weeks old so I know they do need calcium to grow and then cut back on their intake when 6 months old. Although I have noticed that they have cloudy whiteish pee. It's not gritty or powdery just the color is different I guess. Is too much calcium for them also not...
  5. littlepaws1999

    Brands Which of these brands are good for guinea pigs?

    Hi my name is Eva. I currently don't have any guinea pigs but plan on getting them in the summer of 2014, that is why I am researching the things I will have to know/get for my piggies. Anyways I know every one recommends oxbow which I do plan on getting but I came across a brand of food called...