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  1. pigmommy89

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Tulip's Medical Thread

    I was given a baby guinea pig on Saturday. I would guess by her size that she's about 6-8 weeks old. She was purchased from a Petsmart about two weeks prior, but the family said the kids were allergic to her. I think they just didn't want her, but my girl Daisy lost her cagemate about a month...
  2. pigmommy89

    Neutering/Spaying Ranger's Getting Neutered

    My boy Ranger is getting neutered on October 12th. I got him to be a companion for my Rocky, but once Ranger hit puberty they started fighting and I eventually had to separate them when blood was drawn. That was about six months ago, and I was hoping Ranger would settle down once he got a...
  3. pigmommy89

    Injury Penny's Toe

    I took Penny out tonight and noticed her toe was swollen and the nail looks like it's been pulled. I have no idea what happened to it. She's walking around fine. Is there anything I should do other than watch it and keep it clean? Her nails aren't actually yellow, it's just the lighting in the...
  4. pigmommy89

    Rehoming Found a pig I rehomed in a local pet store.

    I was in my local pet store today ordering pellets for my guinea pigs. This store does sell some animals, but doesn't get them from big breeders or anything, mostly just pets people don't want anymore, or accidental litters, etc. I don't agree with them selling animals at all, but it is what...
  5. pigmommy89

    Diarrhea Diarrhea after eating placenta

    Yesterday a pig I am fostering gave birth to three adorable babies: Because Pearl had just recently had a litter, I decided to introduce Snickers (the foster) to Pearl and her daughter a few weeks ago, thinking that Pearl could help out with the babies. Well, I went to check the pigs...
  6. pigmommy89

    Diarrhea Guinea pig with awful diarrhea

    Last night when I fed the pigs, one of the girls didn't come out to eat. I found her under a hidey in a puddle of diarrhea. I have hand fed her critical care and cleaned her up, and no more diarrhea, but now she isn't pooping at all. I can't get her to the vet until tomorrow. Please advise...
  7. pigmommy89

    Pearl's Baby Thread

    I adopted my latest piggy Pearl mid-February, knowing there was a decent chance she could be pregnant because she had previously been housed with a male. After going back and forth with myself for several weeks, I am now 100% sure she is pregnant. She's huge! I will post a picture tomorrow, but...
  8. pigmommy89

    Introductions What if the cage is bigger than the neutral space?

    Let me preface this by saying that I do know how to do a proper introduction in a neutral space. I've done quite a few successfully. That being said, I am expanding my cage and introducing Pearl to the herd tomorrow. When I'm done, everything will be new except the grids, but they'll be washed...
  9. pigmommy89

    Adopting Help me name my new addition!

    Today I adopted a new piggy. I have been looking at her for weeks, but I was hesitant to do it for several reasons, not the least of which was the loss of my Duchess back in December. I truly did not want to love another pig. But I felt drawn to this one for some reason, so here we are. And I...
  10. pigmommy89

    Cage Lixit Critter Hollow

    I am looking to purchase 3-4 of the Lixit Critter Hollow hidey's in green. I ordered some from Drs. Foster & Smith a while back, but I got all pink ones. I know my boys don't care if they have pink houses, but I do, so I have the pink ones to the girls. I love these houses, but I called Drs...
  11. pigmommy89

    In Memory of Duchess (February 2014 - December 21, 2015

    My precious Duchess left me yesterday around 12:00. She fought for so long, and I really thought she might beat the odds. I'd like to thank Dr. Dan and the staff at Avian & Exotic in Raleigh for everything they did for her. I miss my baby girl so much. I knew what was coming but it's still hard.
  12. pigmommy89

    Flags Disgusting--Please flag

    This ad is so disturbing. Please flag this guy.http://norfolk.craigslist.org/grd/5363726759.html
  13. pigmommy89

    Nutrition How to get an underweight guinea pig to gain weight

    Duchess is finally starting to eat some on her own. Since she's been sick, she has lost about half her body weight. Is there anything I can feed her to help her gain weight?
  14. pigmommy89

    Not Eating Duchess not eating enough

    Something is wrong with my girl Duchess, and I'm hoping someone here can offer some insight. On Wednesday November 11th, I noticed she was not walking quite right. She had been perfectly normal Tuesday night when I cleaned the cage and Wednesday morning when I refilled the hay. I took her out...
  15. pigmommy89

    Eyes/Non-crusty Possible Eye Injury

    When I was feeding the pigs tonight, I noticed one of the boys blinking his left eye. It has a tiny little spot on it and the white of the eye is slightly bloodshot. I flushed it with saline and it doesn't seem to be bothering him any more. The eye is not runny at all or anything. The right eye...
  16. pigmommy89

    Scratching Safe flea treatment for guinea pigs

    Is there anything that is safe to use on guinea pigs to prevent/treat fleas? I have heard that original advantage (imidacloprid only) is safe to use but I want to be sure. It is no longer sold as advantage but Bayer markets it as a different product through petsmart.
  17. pigmommy89

    Chat What I've learned from my guinea pigs is...

    Delight in the everyday, ordinary things in life. My pigs go crazy every night when they get the exact same hay and pellets they get every single day. They popcorn like crazy! If only we were all so excited about the ordinary, mundane things in our lives! Have your pigs taught you any life...
  18. pigmommy89

    Sick Chloe seems a bit "off" to me

    My girl Chloe just doesn't seem exactly right to me. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. She doesn't seem to be eating normally. She's not as enthusiastic as usual about any of her food, though she is still showing interest and appears to be eating a fair amount. She may be a little bit bloated, but...
  19. pigmommy89

    Urgent! Guinea Pigs Need Homes Now!

    I have come across a situation where the family has a whole group of guinea pigs that are not being properly cared for. They live about an hour from me. I went there yesterday to sex all the pigs. They are now separated by sex, but there are three females who could be pregnant (if they are it's...
  20. pigmommy89

    Bonding My boys love each other more than they love me!!

    Let me start by saying that this post is mostly about sharing a story, rather than looking for advice, although if anybody has some wisdom, I'm all ears. I am very much about allowing animals to be who they are, and as long as behavior is not dangerous or destructive, I like to let them behave...