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  1. Evangela

    Blog Open Cage

    I am always trying to create new and better cages for my Guinea Pigs. I want them to get exercise and I want to create new and different things to prevent boredom. Well, my newest cage is the best. So, I thought I would share it with you. It is a big cage but you could make it smaller and...
  2. Evangela

    Blog Travel

    Has anyone ever traveled with their Guinea Pigs? I am driving with a friend to FL from SC and am concerned as whether they can travel or not? Please say sooooo!!:o
  3. Evangela

    Diet Soft Poop

    Twice a day I give my four GP's fresh lettuce, green pepper, herbs from the garden, small amounts of carrot and occasionally small amounts of fruit. I have eliminated cucumber for the time being. I have changed the amounts I give them and they still have soft poop, some unformed. I'm not sure...
  4. Evangela

    Blog Diet

    Can anyone please tell me how to put a GP on a diet. They get plenty of exercise. I do give unlimited amounts of KM Timothy and pellets along with fresh veggies twice a day. I have 4 GPs two areover weight so I could use some suggestions.
  5. Evangela

    Finally getting along

    It was really tough. First of all, the disagreement was just between Isabella and Teddy. The first get together was very angry, teeth chattering, charging each other. Second get together was flying at each other. Then was the buddy bath, rumbling, teeth chattering, charging at each other...
  6. Evangela

    Dominance Boar not getting along with alpha female

    Is there anyone out there who is an experienced cav owner that can help with guinea pigs not getting along? I had two sows, didn't know one was pregnant when I got her. She had a male and a female. The boar has been living in a cage by himself for 7 months. The three sows are together. I had...
  7. Evangela

    Blog Poop, Poop and more Poop!

  8. Evangela

    Behavior Biting

    I am new to Guinea Pigs. I have been all over this website for valued information. Everyone seems to have sweet, baby like Guniea Pigs. Well, I do everything I can for mine and one bit me. It wasn't a nibble, it drew blood. What can I do. They week when I come into the room. Sometimes they run...
  9. Evangela

    Pregnancy Pregnant, babies????

    I have a question. My 5 week old baby boy found his way into my females (3) cage. He was in there for an hour. Does this mean babies????? He squeezed himself through the grids of his cage into theirs. Please tell me the answer is no......