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  1. Princess_Piggie

    UK Alternative to Yesterdays News UK

    After having major issues with suppliers left, right and centre with Yesterdays News, it being out of stock for months on end, I finally found a suitable cheaper alternative! Back-2-Nature, 30 litre bag from VetUK for almost half the price of a very similar size bag of Yesterdays News! Just...
  2. Princess_Piggie

    Lump Daisy's under-the-skin lump thread.

    Unfortunately, this is another medical thread, but for my other girl Daisy. While checking her over for issues (those of you who don't know, my other girl had a fungus question mark hanging over her, so I was checking Daisy for signs), I came across a very small, soft, moveable lump, adjacent...
  3. Princess_Piggie

    Hair Loss Minnie's medical thread

    Hi all, long time member but a long time since I posted! So a refresher, I have two little piggies, Daisy and Minnie, and this thread is regarding Minnie. We were just having our weekly check over, nails, general feel around etc, and I got to her behind and felt a crusty texture in the area her...
  4. Princess_Piggie

    Sick Potentially sick but not sure

    I think there *might* be something wrong with one of my girls. She's usually the lively one and she's curling up and sleeping a lot more than normal now. I'd say it's been going on for about two weeks. She's still got the energy to escape capture for a good 5 minutes before I can get her out to...
  5. Princess_Piggie

    Feet Forever extending quick

    So when I first got my girls (about a year ago), their quick ran almost all the way to the tip of their nail. I'm talking less than a millimetre of actual nail tip. My vet and I hoped that through weekly trimmings it would encourage the quick to recede, but it just isn't happening. I keep them...
  6. Princess_Piggie

    Feet Spurs/Dead skin

    During a routine nail clipping I noticed something odd on Daisy's foot. My first thought was a spur, but after reading GL (http://www.guinealynx.info/feet.html), I know it can't be that as it's on her back foot. It isn't protruding from the foot like the picture on GL either. It isn't hot...
  7. Princess_Piggie

    Play New trick!

    I got jealous of everyone on here who's managed to teach their pigs things and set about teaching the girls something! In the end "up" seemed to work the best, and they've started doing it even when there aren't veggies dangling above them! Not bad considering I only started trying to train them...
  8. Princess_Piggie

    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    So I'm sure the majority of you have seen the (quite funny) videos of everyone from Vin Diesel to your run of the mill teen doing the ice bucket challenge lately, but a lot of people are unaware of how it started. It started as fundraiser for ALS disease, or as it's more commonly known (in the...
  9. Princess_Piggie

    Script appearing on page

    Just had this pop up as I was replying to a thread. I've also been getting a pop-up message saying that entering such and such data requires me to leave the page, then the option to leave/stay when clicking "post quick reply" on and off for a few days now. Thought I'd let you guys know.
  10. Princess_Piggie

    Justice for horses

    So basically I came across a petition to go for the harshest punishment possible for a man who neglected and abused his horses in a way that lead to the death of 16, and 15 are being treated for severe malnourishment. I figured there's no better place to get support for this cause than here, so...
  11. Princess_Piggie

    Anyone here good with medical stuff?

    This is completely guinea pig unrelated, so sorry if anyone's clicked thinking it is. I know I'd have better luck asking this on a medical forum, but I can't be bothered finding a reputable one and signing up for something so minor. I'm going to see a GP sometime next week anyway, I just...
  12. Princess_Piggie

    Could AdBlock interfere with uploader?

    I haven't been able to use the "good" up loader for images and only the basic one, since I installed AdBlock. I installed it a while ago but haven't had my own laptop for a while so it hasn't been an issue, when I got it back today I noticed it again. Could AdBlock interfere with the better...
  13. Princess_Piggie

    Stands The difference a table makes

    So my girls have been in their C&C, which is on a table for 6 days now, and the difference I'm experiencing in their behaviour is amazing! Minnie, who has never had any qualms with getting up on her back legs and begging for food, is doing so even more often, and frequently does it when she...
  14. Princess_Piggie

    do you have giants in America?

    So as some of you may know, a french street performance group has made giant marionette puppets and tours the world with them telling stories.In 2012 they came to Liverpool to tell the story of the Titanic, with a girl meeting her dog, and her father rising from our river (after being fully...
  15. Princess_Piggie

    Photos It's 23.5 degrees today....

    and this is what I come home to! Obviously 23.5 is the outside temperature, it's about 20 in my room, but still! Needless to say ice blocks have been strategically placed around the cage and they have an endless supply of icy water. Excuse the poop in Minnie's cuddle cup (that she's decided...
  16. Princess_Piggie

    UK Critical Care Equivelent

    So basically I'm wondering if anyone knows of an equivalent to Critical Care, but in the UK? It can be bought here but only one type (the finely ground one) and it's extremely expensive. I'd like to have something similar on hand just in case. I have a blender so could make a pellet mash, but as...
  17. Princess_Piggie

    Grooming Mineral Oil V Coconut Oil

    I was just about to order some coconut oil when I read on guinealynx that mineral oil should be used for ear cleaning. I'm fairly certain I've seen a few people on here mention that they clean ears with coconut oil, so I basically want to find out which is best to buy. I know you can use coconut...
  18. Princess_Piggie

    C&C I finally made it!

    I finally made my C&C! I'm moving in just under 3 weeks, and the new cage is getting moved to the new house this weekend so as the girls don't have to wait for it to get set up. I had planned on a 2x4, but I went wrong somewhere with the coroplast measurements and made the base for a 2.5x4.5...
  19. Princess_Piggie

    Grids What to do with spare grids?

    I just built the grid part of my new C&C for when I move house. It's a 2x4, and it's going on a table which is the exact 2x4 size, so I can't extend it. I've attached one to the top to make a fleece forest, but I have like 17 spare grids and no idea what to do with them. Any ideas? I half tried...
  20. Princess_Piggie

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Nose crusty/URI or?

    So I just had Daisy out for a bedtime cuddle and I noticed what I assume is a nose crusty. At first I assumed it was just a little bit of hay, so I tried to wipe it off, but it was attached. I don't know if it's a crusty that's stuck to the fur, or a scab. It's brown, and right next to her...