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  1. pinky

    Flags Please flag rabbit breeder ad

  2. pinky

    Sounds Clandestine Chirper

    It's the funniest thing. One of my guinea pigs has started randomly chirping...very quietly. I have no idea which one it is. My computer faces the opposite direction and when I turn around to see who it is, it always stops. They look at me like I'm crazy...
  3. pinky

    Fur Source of PINK guinea pigs?

    There have been quite a few threads on this site and others about pink guinea pigs showing up in pet stores. I figure I'm not the only one curious about the source so if you have one or have seen one in a store, I wonder if you'd share the info about the name and location of the store.
  4. pinky

    Hay Any update on KMS pellets?

    I ordered on 12/17 and got a message on 12/28 that there was a fire at the mill so orders would be delayed. There was an update on their site date 1/1 but nothing since. Anyone received timothy pellets recently?
  5. pinky

    Animal Welfare I don't' get it.....

    Here we go again. Getting rid of guinea pigs to make way for the new family pets AND trying to drum up more interest by saying they'd make good gifts for the holidays. Ugh......... https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/pet/5351932093.html
  6. pinky

    Animal Welfare Guinea Pig Christmas gift ad....

    https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/pet/5342848261.html Here we go again. I sent her a polite message about not giving guinea pigs or pets as Christmas gifts. How about doing them same?
  7. pinky

    Fleece $2.99 fleece sale

    I didn't notice if anyone posted this but Joann Fabrics has their SOLID, not print, blizzard and anti pill fleece on sale for $2.99 a yard. I went to 2 stores and stocked up on solid remnants which are 50% off the sale price per yard.
  8. pinky

    Rehoming Meet Pinky....my newest addition I got off of Craigslist

    They were asking $5 for each of the 5 guinea pigs they had listed. "Cuddles" caught my eye but she was located in Indiana, about 2 hours from my house. I asked the owner if they'd meet me halfway, which they agreed to do if I'd pay extra to cover their travel expenses. I planned to offer more...
  9. pinky

    Behavior My guinea pig is smarter than your honor roll student

    I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience. I have 4 guinea pigs and was able to teach 3 of them how to spin in a clockwise circle for a treat which I did by luring them to do the circle with a carrot and repeating, "do your trick." Each of them took different amounts of time to...
  10. pinky

    Flags This person keeps posting ads for young males and females to breed

    This idiot keep posting ads asking for cheap young small pets to breed and pregnant animals. They often list the pups for $5 which are probably bought by reptile owners. They had a guinea pig ad up this morning which I flagged. That one's down for now.... Please flag...
  11. pinky

    Diet Diet and Nutrition Chart "Not found"

    I can't access the Diet and Nutrition chart. Anyone else having that problem?
  12. pinky

    Frustrated Hamster balls for guinea pigs = sun protection... grrrrrrrr

    https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/pet/5158776089.html This craigslist ad has me really riled up. As if it's not bad enough that someone might buy this hamster ball for their guinea pig and end up with a paralyzed guinea pig but this seller is suggesting they put it in it in the sun where the...
  13. pinky

    Junk Emails

    Since the upgrade, all of my messages related to this site are going to junk mail. Anyone else having this problem?
  14. pinky

    Flags Same breeder, same guinea pigs: New combined ad

  15. pinky

    Flags Flag breeder ads

    This person regularly has ads on different sites. http://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/pet/5066894629.html http://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/pet/5066892829.html
  16. pinky

    Hay Pet Supplies Plus near me not feeding any hay to their small pets

    Anyone shop at Pet Supplies Plus? It used to be my store of choice before they started selling small pets when they opened a new store near me. None of their animals had hay either time I went there. The manager was no help and the kid in charge of the small pets made excuses both times. ("just...
  17. pinky

    Cage My herd has their own room now

    I've had my guinea pigs in my dining room for years. My daughter got married 1.5 years ago and I turned her room into a guest room. My son's room was the smallest room in the house (9x10) so he was pretty crowded in there. He slowly started gravitating towards the spare room so we decided to...
  18. pinky

    Shavings Please flag cedar bedding ad on craigslist

  19. pinky

    Wood Pellets/Chips Brands of wood pellets

    I'd be interested in seeing photos of the bags of wood pellets everyone is using so those of us who are interested in trying them know what to look for. I currently use unscented Fresh News for cats which costs me about $11-$12 for 25 lbs. The size of the pellets are nearly the same so I know my...
  20. pinky

    Grow Your Own Not too late to harvest some fresh grass....

    We've had snow and freezing temps around here in the Chicago area but I still have a lot of green grass in my lawn. I decided to cut some of it for my pigs even though I've never done that this late in the year. You'd have thought my guinea pigs died and went to heaven. Even my picky senior...