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  1. VellaBella

    Sick Heavy Breathing, Heavy Shedding

    My guinea pig Asriel has been on and off hooting, and when I've picked him up he has been shedding profusely, though with no pattern hair loss of any kind. He's eating normally and drinking normally, but he's just not acting normal. I thought he might have reacted when I stroked a part on his...
  2. VellaBella

    Chewing Coroplast kitchen edge chewer

    Asriel is driving me insane. He has developed this nasty habit of very loudly chewing on the Coroplast edge of the kitchen I put in for my two boys. Do any of you have any ideas on how I can curb this? Its so loud it wakes me up when I'm sleeping, and he does it almost constantly. He has wood...
  3. VellaBella

    Wood Pellets/Chips New to pellets have some questions

    I just bought a 40lb bag of pellets from the big r but they look to be made of pine. I can't find any that don't except for small bags at the pet store and I wasn't sure if this was just the nature of them or if it's just my area that I can't find others. I also wondered if I could put uncovered...
  4. VellaBella

    Water Tap water help?

    So I have seen for a long while these little white spots on the fleece, but I had taken out anything excess in the diet that might have been giving excess calcium that could cause this, only to find that it was still happening and had sort of written it off as a thing that they just had. But...
  5. VellaBella

    Hay Hartz Timothy: very green=good?

    Okay I'm waiting for an order of blue grass from kms, but I'm never ordering from them again,shipping is way way way too much for me. Anyway, I'm going to be buying hay locally soon but I need something till Friday and the hay I have left over from when I got Asriel smells weird and is really...
  6. VellaBella

    Sounds Frisk's chirping squeaks?

    This evening before I left for work my little one, Frisk, started making a sort of... It's not like a guinea pig chirping, it was like a bird, quick quiet chirping squeaks, and I wondered if this is something to be concerned about. He seemed okay, he reacted fine (he's been getting more and more...
  7. VellaBella

    Vet Frisk's Medical Thread

    So I've had Frisk for about a week now, and he's developed a case of the sneezes. The sneezes are often wet sounding. Now, these sneezes get very much worse when he plays in the hay I have for them, especially when I've put new hay in. Other than the sneezing, Frisk is doing absolutely fine...
  8. VellaBella

    Behavior Behavioral questions and new piggy

    I just got a guinea pig and have done introductions and everything seems well and they're in the cage together now getting along, laying down together and stuff. My only questions so far are what should I look out for and is there anything else I should be doing as of this point? The new...
  9. VellaBella

    Dominance Adoption Fears

    Okay, so I'm considering getting my guinea pig a friend... He's been alone for something like three months, and I'd like him to have a friend, even though save for 8 hours a day, I'm right next to him. Now, the only things I have concerns about are these. The cage is small for 2 boars, and I...
  10. VellaBella

    Adopting Introductions

    I've read on introductions to put them in a neutral setting. My question is, would a brand new cage to both guinea pigs be considered neutral and would that work?
  11. VellaBella

    Adopting Temporary Small Cage?

    I was wondering, since I'm hoping to adopt a guinea pig soon to accompany my one I already have, if while I wait to get my bonus and order the cage I'm going to put them in, if I would be able to house two guinea pigs in a 30x18 cage. This would not be for more than a month. The baby i'm trying...
  12. VellaBella

    Treats Non-Refridgerated?

    Okay so I work overnights and on my days off i stay in my room and try to make as little noise as possible because my family is asleep. Now, Pixel likes to come up to the cage and make a racket at me till I give him some kind of treat. Only trouble is, I have to go downstairs to get lettuce and...
  13. VellaBella

    Behavior Picky Piggy?

    So I noticed that my guinea pig doesn't like the spine of the lettuce leaves. So if i give him a whole green leaf lettuce leaf, like i did this morning, he will leave the entire center untouched, but eat everything around it. XD Anyone else have a piggy that's like this?
  14. VellaBella

    Behavior Teeth chattering kinda funny thing

    So I taught Mister Pixel to beg, with the command "Sit Pretty" and he took to it really well, but now he'll do the trick if I don't say it in order to beg for veggies and if I don't give him anything he'll start teeth chattering as if he's annoyed that his efforts didn't glean him his veggies XD
  15. VellaBella

    Chat Oxbow=Happy Mister Pixel!

    So I had had him on Kaytee Timothy Complete before , which was just waht i'd gotten when i got him, and decided this morning that I wasn't at all sure he was eating properly, because he just doesn't seem to be making his food dish go down. So I went to the store and picked up oxbow, because I...
  16. VellaBella

    C&C Alternatives Play Pen Into Cage?

    So I bought a playpen, I'll link it http://www.petco.com/product/127417/You-And-Me-Run-And-Play-Space-Small-Animal-Playpen.aspx?CoreCat=OnSiteSearch I wondered if I could make a cage out of this, if it's even enough to make a suitable cage out of. I got the medium size, btw, and I would be...
  17. VellaBella

    Chat Bonding Moment :3

    So I just had to tell someone about this. So when I first got my piggy I was sure we were doing well, but once he had settled in and gotten a bit more confident, I started to feel like we weren't getting along like we had been before. Well, I just took him out for a bit of laptime, while I had a...
  18. VellaBella

    Behavior Eating Paper Bedding?

    Recently i changed to white paper bedding from brown and noticed that since that happened he has started to eat/chew on his bedding. i'm not totally sure if he's eating it or not, and sometimes he just seems to be moving it... What's up with this? Also, he seems to relocate his poops? Like pick...
  19. VellaBella

    Behavior Flips Over When Scratched?

    I was holding Pixel today and he would do this thing where if i scratched a specific part of his back near the middle of his back he would flip over and kinda stretch out a little. The thing I can't determine is whether this means he likes it or if it means he hates it... Maybe a little help here?
  20. VellaBella

    C&C Less than 2 full grids for width from wall?

    Okay so I'm not trying to be stingy on the ammount of space I give my pig or anything, but I do live in a relatively small room and i'm finding that a full 2 grids will be quite big in this room, and I can't put him in another room of the house. I just wondered if say I was making a 2 x 4 c&c...