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  1. CupcakeCavy

    General Best Vacuum for Fleece

    Hello there! I have been using fleece for about 5 years now and adore it, but sweeping it is becoming such a pain in the butt with my school schedule. I have looked for vacuums in the past but didn't purchase one yet. I am looking for suggestions on the best vacuums that have worked for you...
  2. CupcakeCavy

    To My Junie Girl

    As I write this I don't know what to do. I don't know how my heart will ever heal from this. My baby is gone. My special girl is gone. Junie passed over the rainbow bridge yesterday morning in the waiting room of the veterinary hospital. They told me her heart failed. She was my baby. My...
  3. CupcakeCavy

    Fresh Food Dandellion greens with red veins

    So I know that dandelion greens are a piggy favorite and that they are good to eat the whole plant, but today I got some at a local farmers market that have very thick red veins, and I wasn't sure if there's any difference between those and other ones I have seen. Thanks much lol
  4. CupcakeCavy

    Pet Stores PetSmart animal abuse

    Just wrote my furious message to petsmart... Figured you might like to read it ;) I was recently at one of your stores in Oregon, and was shocked to see 5 male guinea pigs all crammed into one cage! This is absolutely RIDICULOUS. 5 males would struggle to get along if they had a whole room as...
  5. CupcakeCavy

    Urine Blood in urine

    My 4 year old guinea Juniper was out for some floor time while I cleaned her cage, and when I went to clean up after floor time I noticed a spot of blood in her urine. Since then I have been watching her like a hawk and have seen no more blood. She is acting completely normal, not losing...
  6. CupcakeCavy

    Hay Boy-Cotting The Hay Bag Or Something More?

    My piggy Juniper has been known to go on boycotts of certain things like peppers. Eventually her tantrum rolls over and she starts eating them again. Recently I noticed that she wasn't eating much hay. I put a hay pile on the floor and it vanished within a couple hours. I even tried setting...
  7. CupcakeCavy

    Conditions Voice Cracking When Wheeking

    For the past couple days I have been noticing that Saphrons squeak will occasionally sound like a voice cracking. Its a strange noise that I haven't heard a piggie make before. There is nothing stuck in her nose or anything and no sneezing or other symptoms. She does have one of the loudest...
  8. CupcakeCavy

    Bedding Bedding Suggestions?

    Currently my pigs are on fleece but for spring break when a pet sitter will be watching after them I will be switching to bedding to make it easier on her. I figured I would switch a week before I leave so they have a chance to get adjusted to it, but I'm not sure which bedding I should be...
  9. CupcakeCavy

    Rumblestrutting Random Spurts of Dominance?

    So this past Saturday I adopted my lovely Saphron from the Portland Guinea Pig Rescue! Willow and her seem to get along great and are always by the others side. They are my little cuddle bugs but I have been noticing Willow seems to get a spurt of aggression (not actually sure if its...
  10. CupcakeCavy

    Blog Welcome Home Saphron!

    Everyone say hello to Saphron! She was adopted as a companion pig for Willow after Juniper did not get along with her. We got her yesterday from Portland guinea pig rescue! We love her so much and she is such a little cuddle bug! She came from a family that allowed their small child to look...
  11. CupcakeCavy

    Diet Not Eating Peppers?

    So I have a piggy named Juniper that normally eats all of her food in one sitting. Lately she stopped eating her peppers and at first we thought it was an issue with her teeth because she also wasn't eating anything hard like treats. Then within the next few days she would eat perfectly...
  12. CupcakeCavy

    Teeth Worried About Teeth

    Within the last couple of days my piggy Juniper has been struggling with eating her peppers. She is also having very soft and watery poops. I tried to give her a half of oxbows urinary support tabs because she had a small amount of bladder sludge (cleared up by now) she seemed like she wanted...
  13. CupcakeCavy

    Diet Barely eaten any veggies? How do I change that safely?

    I have a question about a pig I will be adopting soon. She comes from a rescue (the only one even remotely near me and its still around 3 hours away!) where they only feed them 1/4 a cup of just lettuce and cilantro a day. They try to tell people if you feed than anything else they will...
  14. CupcakeCavy

    Willow and Juniper

    Just wanted to introduce my self saying I am starting this for my two beautiful piggies willow and juni that are living the life in Oregon. I have loved them now for over half a year and am excited to spend more time with them! :)
  15. CupcakeCavy

    Fighting Can My Pigs Be ReIntroduced?

    I have had my two guinea pigs for around 6 months now and have recently had to separate them. From the beginning they never got along great but it wasn't bad enough to separate them. Around 1 month ago i discovered an abscess on one of my piggies. We took her to the vet where she said it had to...