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  1. joeyandrufus

    My baby Rufus is dead

    Hello guys! I dont know how I am typing this but my love,Rufus is no more.I am extremely sad.You all have been there for me since the beginning so I thought I might let you all know.Well,about Rufus,he had become really skinny but he would eat everything.He used to eat a lot and drink water as...
  2. joeyandrufus

    Pigsitting I m going out for two nights

    Hey guys! I m going out for two nights. I have someone to take care of my piggies.He ll come and give them enough food twice or thrice a day.The problem is fan.Would they require fan.I do keep them under fan. So I think overnight would be better? and then he would come in the morning and let...
  3. joeyandrufus

    Cleaning cage rust cleaned with kerosene

    Do the smell of kerosene affect guinea pigs.My pig's cage was rusted.I cleaned it but a little bit of smell is still there.Suggestions?
  4. joeyandrufus

    Won't Eat My pregnant guinea pig is eating less

    My pregnant (i suspect pregnancy) is eating very less. she is eating abit carrot,water spinach and cucumber. also,hay and water. but she has reduced the quantity. she doesnt feel like eating but she does wheeks for food. she doesnt eat her pellets too sometimes. she is pooping clearly. she looks...
  5. joeyandrufus

    Injury Birthed pup covered in blood found in cage

    i dont know what that is but its a piece of meat covered in blood and i just dont know if its a baby or a heart idk...they r female. how can they get pregnant.
  6. joeyandrufus

    Bedding My pigs go under their bedding

    I use fleece for bedding. i have multiple layers of bedding.the somehow dig it and get inside and pee and poop or tear.I heard people use cage liner. i dont get the idea of it? what should i do? they can get stuck inside or might get hurt too.they are getting very naughty each day.
  7. joeyandrufus

    Behavior Crackers bursting outside my house

    so guys i live in india and its diwali (happy diwali btw) so in diwali people burst loud crackers. for 2 days. its the day one. people have already started and its gonna get worse. what should i do with my pigs? ( i live in 11th floor btw and crackers are getting bursted in the ground floor)
  8. joeyandrufus

    Stones I suspect my piggies have bladder stones or URI

    I found that their pee was in brown/red in colour. I checked net. few sites said its normal well few sites said it could be URI or bladder stones. I m sorry if u find this lame but i m very much concern about my piggies. i love them alot so would u please tell me if they are ok? i m attaching a...
  9. joeyandrufus

    Behavior sometimes afraid of me sometimes love me

    I dont understand my piggies. when i try to pick them up they try to escape or shrink themself but once they are on my lap , they make happy noises. they enjoy getting cuddled. from few days i m keeping them on my stomach and they enjoy sleeping on it. today they were popcorning on my stomach...
  10. joeyandrufus

    Cage I made a cage with cardboard

    I am from India and finding a cage is really tough here (the one suitable for guinea pigs) i found big cages but they very inconvenient. the good cages are expensive but that wouldn't have been a problem but they are really small. and i cannot order from out of country websites.C&C stuff arent...
  11. joeyandrufus

    Hay 397gms enough for a month?

    Guys, I live in India(KOLKATA) and i searched alot alot alot and i couldn't find hay anywhere. So I am purchasing timothy hay from online and it is extremely expensive. so i am cutting down my personal expenses like going to my classes with my personal car and driver. I ll now go by public...
  12. joeyandrufus

    Tumor I suspect my piggy has a tumor :(

    well my baby girl rufus is 27 days old. i got her when she was 14 days old. I always felt something on her tummy. today i looked ,it was really really small and tiny black spot kinda on her tummy. What should I do?
  13. joeyandrufus

    In Heat the weather here might be a problem..

    i m from india(kolkata) and the weather is changing every single day. sometimes its too hot sometimes is freezing so what i do is keep the temperate same for them. when it is too cold i shut doors and windows. and dont turn on the fan(i keep them in a big room that has small ventilater ) when...
  14. joeyandrufus

    Vet I dont trust the medicine given by my vet

    I bought two baby guinea pigs two weeks ago. today they turn 23 days old. last week i noticed they were scratching alot. i called my vet. he checked and gave them a vitamin c medicine(liquid). I didn't trust that but I fed them anyway. they didnt seem to like it so i used to make a treat. i used...
  15. joeyandrufus

    Hay Will this hay work for my piggies?

    I live in india and i have failed to get Hay anywhere(good quality) i searched everywhere on the net and they are over charging. i found this http://petshopindia.com/witte-molen-blossomhay-roseblossom-500gm?search=hay it really looks good to me. should i get it? for those who cant go to the...
  16. joeyandrufus

    Pellets Do I need to wash pellets and are these good quality pellets?

    Do I need to wash pellets before i give it to my babies. The pellets look really dirty(dusty rather). I have never seen one in real so. Anyway I live in india and its really hard to find pellets. i finally found it and i m feeding it to my piggies. they really love it. surprisingly its very...
  17. joeyandrufus

    Fleece Will this work as my guinea pigs' bedding

    I want to buy this as my guinea pigs' bedding. will it do? http://www.amazon.in/Sleepinns-Plain-Fleece-Single-Blanket/dp/B00NFL3E3G/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1442949198&sr=8-3&keywords=fleece let me know,thanks!
  18. joeyandrufus

    Joey and rufus

    Hey guys! I am swapnil. I am 17. I am from India.I HAVE TWO BABY FEMALE GUINEA PIGS. ( i named them joey and rufus cuz the pet store said they are male but when the vet checked,he found out they arefemale) they are about 21 days old now. They are cute and they are kinda scared from me but...