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  1. lunarminx

    Bedding Besides fleece

    Some in the past 2 years mentioned using something other than fleece. I think it was velvet, that the hay and such brushed and shook off very easy. I want to stop using mini flakes but I can't stand long enough to beat the hay and such off the fleece. Does anyone remember?
  2. lunarminx

    Hay I need to order hay again

    I need to order hay again and use both KMS hayloft and Small Pet Select. My last 50lb box of 3rd cut was so green and soft and fresh, it was from SPS. I just read a review on their facebook page from May saying their box of 3rd cut had dirt and a ton of brown in it, my box was from January. Has...
  3. lunarminx

    In Heat Not that kind of heat

    It is going to feel like 106 in Maryland today! Just a reminder to keep your piggies cool! Tiles for them to lay on, frozen water bottles to next to. A small cake pan with a block of ice in it( add some veggies and herbs for a treat before freezing). Two Bent grids to make a tunnel, lay a...
  4. lunarminx

    Behavior Behavior problems

    Ever since Chewie died the four sows have been fighting every night. I am always finding Snowflake next to Candy who much be the one screaming, the reason I am coming into the dinning room. It is always in the evening, after the lights get turned off about 9:30pm. Snicker is in the back chewing...
  5. lunarminx

    Sweet wee my lovely little girl

    This morning I found our precious little Chewie gasping her last breaths. She wasn't sick, I adopted her a year ago in January, she was suppose to be young but she never gained any weight and was always bony. Her personality reminded of the old men I adopted, very sweet and laid back. She had...
  6. lunarminx

    Medications CBD oil for the elderly pigs

    For elderly piggies has anyone thought of giving or actually given CBD oil to the piggies for arthritis? It has a proven tract record for humans, dogs and cats, so naturally I wondered about using it for the pigs too.
  7. lunarminx

    Nails/Nail Trimming Just had the easiest time trimming nails

    Two of the piggies had poo stuck to their nails and normally I held a soaked paper towel to the nail until the poo softened to pick off but this time I put all the pigs in the tub with a inch or so of warm water and left them until it started to cool. One at a time they came out, got dried off...
  8. lunarminx

    Hay Fresh Hay!

    New 50lb box of hay! Small Pet Select 3rd cut Timothy. OMG it's so green and soft. Even Paul jumped in to get some of the fresh Hay.
  9. lunarminx

    Fleece Buying Fleece from Wish

  10. lunarminx

    Behavior Bratty pigs

    Woke to the hay bin knocked over and a pig sleeping in it. Since then they are doing their best to knock it over again. I now have two C clamp clips on it, holding it to the side of the cage encase one wasn't closed right. Bratty pigs. Like I do not give them plenty of hay to lay in.
  11. lunarminx

    Hay Small Pet Select

    Just ordered 50lbs of 3rd cut Timothy, used the *Betterhay* code to get $35.99 off the $89.99 order and has free shipping on all orders over $40.00!
  12. lunarminx

    Coroplast Bedding problems

    I do not use fleece any more and have no plans to change back to it anytime soon but for the past few months it seems the girls are getting more bedding on the floor. The base had 5" sides and I just bought coroplast to make a new base. I do not want to waste $40.00 for the two sheets by making...
  13. lunarminx

    Cage Not seeing C&C cage link

    I am not seeing the link for the open cages, c&c cages, etc. I just see cages for other pets. If not for a photo that flashes, i couldn't get to the different c&c cages.
  14. lunarminx

    Vegetables They ate the leftovers

    We had can green beans with dinner tonight and there was only a few left. my sister decided to see if the pigs would eat them and they did. They were whole green beans, rinsed, who would have thought.
  15. lunarminx

    Chat My sows

    After finding Huggle yesterday, I was ready to give up my girls. Even though he lost trust in me since I got him neutered, he was still my baby. I have 5 lovely sows, two are so friendly it will surprise some of you. One is very skittish and one is getting better at letting you pet her if you...
  16. lunarminx

    Goodbye Huggle, my sweet baby

    Huggle passed away today, he was 3 1/2, he was my first pig as an adult that I got for my grandson. He was my favorite even though he has hated me since I took him in to be neutered last year. He will be joining the old men and his brother over the rainbow bridge. Chewy was laying with her head...
  17. lunarminx

    Not Eating Is Muggle sick?

    Muggle is 3 1/2 years old, neutered boar. My baby! I noticed last night he didn't coming running for dinner, he barely ate any and went back to his tunnel. So I checked him over, teeth fine, no weight loss. No ruffled hair, no arching like in pain. Not impacted. He is acting the same today. I...
  18. lunarminx

    Hay Small Pet Select New Customer Code

    *BetterHay* It save 40% off your first order, I think its up to $20.00 off. http://smallpetselect.com/timothy-hay/
  19. lunarminx

    We will love you forever Knock Knock

    I lost my old man Knock Knock last night sometime, he was 6 1/2 years old. We have just spent a month doing weekly mite treatments on him, out of the 6 pigs, he was the only one to show major symptoms,all were treated though. Thought he had gotten a secondary infection but his flaming red...
  20. lunarminx

    Animal Welfare If you can save these piggies

    I saw this on Facebook just now. If anyone can save them please try.