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  1. Comely Guineas

    Goodbye Chewy

    My 6 year old piggy Chewy died today. He ate his veggies, he seemed totally fine so I decided to clean his cage and give him a bath. I lowered his back feet in the bath like I always do, then suddenly he started flailing around and couldn't stand up. I put him on a towel to the side and he...
  2. Comely Guineas

    Genitals Calcium build up under foreskin

    My 6 year old male guinea pig has excess calcium in his urine. I've noticed for the passed few days he has a few soft lumpy areas around his penis (in his foreskin) which would be calcium build up. I don't know what to do, I can't extract his penis to clean it because the lumps is sort of...
  3. Comely Guineas

    Medications Tramadol causing wet slushy poo

    Hi everyone, My guinea pig was given metacam and tramadol for his arthritis. I'm supposed to give him tramadol twice a day until the vet tells me to stop. However he's been having terrible mushy poo which is such a pain it sticks to his feet, everything. I'm going to stop giving him veggies...
  4. Comely Guineas

    Diet Wet mushy poop after eating grass

    My guinea pig is 6 years old and since forever it seems like every time I put him out on the grass he ends up with soft poo (not diarrhea just mushy clumps) and goes back to normal after hay intake. I try to take him outside every afternoon for grass. Any tips or anyone else had this problem...
  5. Comely Guineas

    Genitals Boar penis cleaning issues

    Sorry if this is a bit of a icky topic. My 5 year old boar has had some penis cleanliness issues in the past. It's had some smegma/boar glue build up and needed to go to the vet to get cleaned up because I noticed him being in pain when I touched his 'bulge' from the outside, and it was...
  6. Comely Guineas

    Skin Problems Fungal Infection

    He doesn't scratch at all, or seem irritated. The second picture is of his back, the skin is flaking off like dandruff. This and his feet are the only places like this. Is this a fungal infection? If it is, how exactly do I treat it? I read from this site...
  7. Comely Guineas

    Teeth Broken top incisor

    While Chewy was drinking his bottle I noticed one of his top incisors (the right one) is really short. He is eating and drinking fine and the cut looks clean and the other teeth look fine for now. Is there anything I need to do?
  8. Comely Guineas

    Bloated Guinea pig died of bloat

    Today my beautiful black and orange piggy Elmo died. Today I noticed he was bloated. His stomach was round like a ball, and so firm. I took him to the vet ASAP. They injected him with pain killer and he was hospitalized over night. They were going to give him zantac syrup and do x-rays (along...
  9. Comely Guineas

    Skin Problems Dandruff, Crusty skin, Weak brittle nails

    Guinea pig in question has 'dandruff' - Skin on the back is very flaky and white, when you gently scratch it flakes come off like dandruff. He also generally has dry skin especially around his bottom and genitals. The skin on his feet and front paws is scaly and scabby. Like yellowish flakes...
  10. Comely Guineas

    Shelters Boarding my pigs at a Cavy Shelter

    Next month I'll be boarding my 2 male piggies at a cavy shelter for 6 days. I'm kinda nervous so I have some questions. They are adult males and will be kept in a pretty small cage so I'm afraid they might actually fight when normally they just bicker. Should I take their usual good quality...
  11. Comely Guineas

    Urine Is my guinea pig dehydrated? Poop/urine photos

    I adopted my 5 year old boar Elmo a month ago and I've only ever seen him poop the ones in the photo below. They are small, with a point or tail on the ends. He doesn't poop that much compared to my other boar. He is eating and acting perfectly fine. I've read that this can be caused by...
  12. Comely Guineas

    Diet Am I feeding them enough? Lots of wheeking

    Lately my 4 and 5 year old boars get a few leaves of lettuce (green/red leaf and endive), a few corn husks each, one grape tomato each, 1/4 capsicum (bell pepper) each and sometimes a few basil leaves or carrot or celery. Their veggies vary but generally that's the amount they get each morning...
  13. Comely Guineas

    Infection Head Tilt

    This morning I checked on my guinea pigs and Chewy is tilting his head to the left. It seems to have happened over night, however, lately I have noticed the fur on his head looking a bit scruffy. He is still eating and drinking fine. I recently took him to the vet for hay poke and administered...
  14. Comely Guineas

    Hay How to get a guinea pig to eat more hay?

    My 5 year old guinea pig that I got recently doesn't eat much hay. He eats a little bit but that's it. The vet said his molars are starting to get a bit long and he needs to eat more hay. My other pig eats far more than him. I've tried a lot of different types of hay and he doesn't seem too...
  15. Comely Guineas

    Hay Where can I get a good quality hay in Australia

    I've been using Oxbow timothy hay from the pet store but it seems mostly yellow and coarse. I did buy a big bag and it's been a long time since I bought it. I also bought a few Oxbow timothy 'stacks' with carrot and chamomile from the pet store which was on sale, those too seem quite old. My...
  16. Comely Guineas

    Exercise Green ants and Guinea pig grass time

    I want to let my guinea pigs graze on the grass in the backyard(I let them free roam the entire yard - It's pure safe grass) but there are a lot of Australian green ants. Just then I had them outside hoping and praying they don't get bitten. (I just got bitten then and it's painful). What can I...
  17. Comely Guineas

    Grooming Anal sac cleaning

    My two boars (4 and 5 year old) have impaction issues. I've been cleaning them out and have a question. For both I need to use at least 20 q tips and yet the q tips still come out green. There's never any hay or hair or dirt it's just poo. Sometimes there is a hard ball of feces inside which I...
  18. Comely Guineas

    Teeth Wobbly top incisor after fall

    Two days ago one of my guinea pigs fell off a chair onto tiled flooring. I saw a small amount of blood/red patch on his top inner lip. I touched one of his top incisors and it wobbles. He can eat hay, grass on his own and vegetables only if I cut them up very small and hand feed (he can't pick...