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  1. sannie

    Oxbow's Critters

    I know that Oxbow Pet Products are recommended by many guinea pig owners, but actually I was a little surprised to read this A guinea pig does not require a lot of space, so it is an ideal pet for a child's bedroom or for a person living in an apartment. under oxbow critters.
  2. sannie

    what's this all about

    I had a Petco ad in the mail today and there was this special column "Think about adoption first". I also went to a Petco last weekend just to look around and they had all these adoptable pets there from a near-by shelter. Since everyone is saying "No to Petco"... what do you think about this?
  3. sannie

    how to pick the right pig for me

    How do you pick out the right pig for yourself? Is there anything I should take into account looking at piggies or just pick the "cutest" (which is highly subjective). Thanks for your tips =)
  4. sannie


    Hi, I was just wondering how much money you spent on your piggies (let's say: two) per months. I am just trying to calculate our budget BEFORE we get them. I was getting really diverse answers in another forum and I am a little bit confused now. Of course, I understand that the more money...
  5. sannie

    moving to a different country

    Hey, I am not yet a piggie owner... but I want to get two in the near future. The thing is: I am actually from Germany and I am going to move back there next year... does anyone have experience with taking guinea pigs on a flight? thanks so much. Sannie