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  1. RoseCarter

    Pellets How much pellets should I be feeding my Guinea Pigs?

    Oh my gosh..Oxbow pellets made my piggies very happy.
  2. RoseCarter

    Pellets Oxbow

    Just bought a new bag of pellets for my two piggies. The brand was a bit higher priced but oh my how good it smells to me. Its Oxbow Simple Harvest. I was delighted to see these guinea pigs munch them. 😀 Needed to share my excitement.
  3. RoseCarter

    Hello Piggie parents!!

    Welcome..I'm new as well. Two 4 month old girls for Christmas. I was worried these two would never let me touch them but after a month or so I am happy to say they like me. Your piggy is so cute. Enjoy her.!!
  4. RoseCarter

    Cage New bed pads

    Thank you. I will follow your directions and see how talented I can become. I have never had guinea pigs OR used a sewing machine. Now I'm trying out both. Am loving these squeaky pigs.
  5. RoseCarter

    Cage New bed pads

    My new washable bed pads arrived and they are a bit big for the inside of cage. Has anyone ever trimmed these to fit?
  6. RoseCarter

    Cage Kitchen bedding, having trouble

    I'm new to this as well. My kitchen area is also a pan. Bottom layer is pads then fleece then hay. I've been letting it "go" two days then I dump everything out of the pan,wash, then relayer. We also invested in a mister. It helps keep the barn smell down. Winter is difficult. Closed windows...
  7. RoseCarter

    Puppy Pads New to fleece.

    Just ordered two washable pads for the center of my cage. Fleece is ready to try. Meantime I'm using disposable bed pads that have a waterproof bottom. I put the liners down first then placed fleece on top. I watched my piggies to see their reaction. They both had to taste the fleece but never...
  8. RoseCarter

    Puppy Pads New to fleece.

    I'm not using coroplast. The bottom of my cage is a clear sheet of plexiglass. Once the design is complete I will post pictures.
  9. RoseCarter

    Puppy Pads New to fleece.

    If I just layer will they get tossed around the cage when piggies start zipping around? The traditional bedding goes everywhere. Lol Has anyone made a frame to hold it all in place?
  10. RoseCarter

    Injury Guinea Pig Jumped Out of Hand and Isn't Acting Normally

    How frightening and worried you must be. I understand about not having a exotic pet vet near by. I'm out in the middle of nowhere. Local vet takes care of everything. I have to drive 200 miles for an exotic vet. Hope your pig is ok. Keep us informed and good luck.
  11. RoseCarter

    Cleaning Absorbent Layer under fleece

    I'm new to the fleece thing too. Have been trying different absorbant. Washable bed pads seem to do okay. My question is..how many layers of fleece on top?
  12. RoseCarter

    Puppy Pads New to fleece.

    Not sure how I'm going to assemble it yet. I have several yards of fleece but no absorbant yet. Have been looking into my options.
  13. RoseCarter

    Puppy Pads New to fleece.

    I have a 30x50 homemade cage and am getting ready to switch to fleece. I will be making my own liners. Wanted to know if puppy pads work well. Have thought about cloth diapers for my absorbant layers. Has anyone tried diapers? If so what were your thoughts?
  14. RoseCarter

    Play What are some interesting floor time activities that will keep Guinea Pig excited?

    We placed a 4 inch pvc pipe down that had 3 openings. My two did zoomies around and through it for a long time.
  15. RoseCarter

    Shavings Got some Questions about shavings?

    Same here..I'm new to the piggie world and have been using Carefresh mixed with aspen for bedding. Today I bought some fleece because I'd like to see if it will work for me. My question is this..are the layers 1. towel 2. pad then fleece?
  16. RoseCarter

    Shavings Got some Questions about shavings?

    My cage is 30x50. Does fleece come in sheets? I will need to cut it to fit. Also if walmart sells fleece what type do I get?
  17. RoseCarter

    Fleece What should I use for cleaning fleece bedding?

    My biggest concern is how to keep mine from chewing on the fleece.
  18. RoseCarter

    Injury Help! New GP owners

    I suggest a vet visit.
  19. RoseCarter

    Bonding How to get my new young piggy comfortable with me?

    Thank you all for the advice. I used a tunnel,got them into my fun area without any problem. Cuddle time was so enjoyable. Finally checked nails and skin. I'm loving the no chase method.
  20. RoseCarter

    Bonding How to get my new young piggy comfortable with me?

    I'm having the same concern. Spent so much time reading everything about taming and still confused about when to start holding them. Everyone has a different opinion.