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  1. 1frankie7

    Keeping Cool Extreme heat- Need advice on keeping cool!

    I'm about an hour and a half south of ottawa, and we're practically dying. Even with fans, water bottles, blinds closed, the whole shabang it's still about 38 degrees up there.
  2. 1frankie7

    Keeping Cool Extreme heat- Need advice on keeping cool!

    Hello everyone, I'm not too active on the forum anymore but, due to extreme conditions(and the fact that I've always gotten the best advice on here) I'm back with questions! As of right now, my area(southeastern Canada) is undergoing some extreme heat(46 degrees! 114.8 in Fahrenheit!) and Im...
  3. 1frankie7

    The Hunger Games

    I read through the books in a matter of like a week, except the first one because I had to read it for school. the others, I finished(both of them) within a week. I also saw the movie on opening day. I love Finnick! I think I would have named one of my pigs after a character had I read...
  4. 1frankie7

    Keeping Warm Extreme weather conditions- how to keep cavies warm?

    Hi everyone, I hope I put this in the right section of the forum, apologies if I didn't! There is a storm watch on my area(eastern Ontario) because of an extreme snowstorm and ice rain, I am extremely worried as last time this happened, the power was out for a long time. The ice rain is...
  5. 1frankie7

    Introductions Need help finding/introducing new pig.

    Hi everyone, I know I haven't posted in a long time, just as I've been too busy. But, as of yesterday my older pig(Jake, he was 4 or five) has passed. Though I'm devastated, I know I have too look out for Charles(his friend, who is about 1 1/2 or 2) and find him a new friend. Im not sure how...
  6. 1frankie7

    Best small dog food?

    My dog eats a combination of Taste of the wild dry dog food, and home made food. Both of which are grain free. Raw is not an option for my dog right now, but if it's an option for you Id say go for it! If its not an option, go for a high quality grain free food.
  7. 1frankie7

    Weaver's (cozycavy.com) home destroyed

    I hope they are all doing alright, I may donate a bit. The storms are getting bad in the south, there was a tornado near here(15-30 minutes away), and very strong winds. Thankfully nobody got hurt but a friend of mines house was crashed into by a tree. Storms are leaving many people...
  8. 1frankie7

    Mothers day gifts?

    Plant a flower!! If your mom has a favourite flower, seeds and dirt are cheap and Im sure you can find an old flower pot lying around. You could decorate it and plant some flowers, it looks great it's cheap, and she'll know you put thought into it. Me, personally, I always buy my mom...
  9. 1frankie7

    Daddy Won't Pay!

    I agree that you shouldn't get any more pets until you can financially support them, and your parents should be willing to assume full responsibility under the circumstances that you choose not to care for them any more or get bored of them. For me, a vet bill for one pig(per visit) is $65...
  10. 1frankie7

    We Will Miss You, Sophie-Mo.

    Im SO sorry. I bet she's gonna miss you just as much as you'll miss her. RIP
  11. 1frankie7

    Apartment only allows 2 pets?

    No, its not that bad. My friend used to pay $800 for a 2 bedroom apartment, in the middle of nowhere(aka on my road). Eena31: Is it really illegal to have a limit of pets in an apartment? My nanny was going to let my cousin live with her but she can't because my cousin has 2 pets, ad...
  12. 1frankie7

    Blog Sigh. I feel so bad for my friends pigs

    I agree with SFailed, although many toys look cute(and some pigs may actually use them :p ), the reality is that many pigs wont use them. I agree it's sad, but if you've tried to help, I hardly see what you could do. I know it's very sad, what I would do is just bring them some hay and...
  13. 1frankie7

    Bathing Gorgeous Guineas has a CEDARWOOD shampoo!

    I sent an email, I forgot to save it! But, Im sure it will be sent with a reply. I will show you guys the email I sent and the reply I received. They said I will get a reply within 48 hours.
  14. 1frankie7

    Blog Tons of Improvements!!!

    Looks great, good job. I know this meant a lot to you. :)
  15. 1frankie7

    Newbie from Canada

    Hello and welcome to GPC!! You're gonna love it here, its packed with great info. P.S: Your pigs are really cute, and I adore their names!
  16. 1frankie7

    Blog Tinkerbell and Friends Themed Cage

    Cute!! I adore tinkerbell, so I would love to steal this idea!!! Beautiful cage!
  17. 1frankie7

    My Wedding! (I bought my dress!)

    That is one of the most beautiful dresses ever!! Gorgeous ring, too! Hope you have a good wedding! I wish you years of happiness!
  18. 1frankie7

    Rescued a Cat today!

    Its a great thing you've done, I love people who rescue cats. Around here homeless cats are in much more danger than dogs, its always good to see someone in their best interest :). She's so beautiful, congrats on your new addition. Is she dehydrated?
  19. 1frankie7

    Blog aquarium or expand?

    Good plan!!! Your piggles will love the extra space :)! They're fun to build, too.
  20. 1frankie7

    R.I.P Wiggles

    Im so sorry. RIP wiggles! My deepest condolences.