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  1. CallieLovesPigs

    Sick Polka's Medical Thread

    Ok. I've decided to put Polka back in with Dot when she is done with her medicine. It's just easier and probably safer to monitor when shes on the medicine and maybe a couple days after she's done.
  2. CallieLovesPigs

    Sick Polka's Medical Thread

    Update: Today is her third day on the medicine. I think I will put her back with Dot in 2 days. She is doing much better.
  3. CallieLovesPigs

    Sick Polka's Medical Thread

    Another update: Polka is eating very well. She isn't really eating her pellets though, she just eats her veggies and hay. She is VERY nervous in the pet store cage...I think I will put her back in in 2-3 more days. Dot seems very sad and lonely in her cage all by herself. I'm sure they'll both...
  4. CallieLovesPigs

    Sick Polka's Medical Thread

    And thank you bpatters for the link I will use it if I ever need it again (hopefully I won't!!)
  5. CallieLovesPigs

    Sick Polka's Medical Thread

    Update: Polka is doing better. The vet thought it might be a tumor, but she couldn't feel any mass. But, the vet did think she had some pain on her lower spine, so we got some meds. I put Polka in an old pet store cage for a few days while she is recovering so I can monitor if she's eating and...
  6. CallieLovesPigs

    Sick Polka's Medical Thread

    Hey guys! I know I haven't been on in a while, but I decided to tell you about my guinea pig Polka's recent medical issues. Nothing is for certain, she is at the vet right now with my mom, I couldn't go because I was at school when they left. So, it started last night (Tuesday) when I was...
  7. CallieLovesPigs

    C&C Cage Plans-Are they OK? -Sketches included-

    Hi everybody! So, I am totally taking my cage remodeling super slowly. I just want everything to work!!! I've done some final sketches on my cage plans. I will have a 3x6 with a 2x2 add on, with 2 lofts, a 1x2 and a 2x2. So the 2x2 will be used as a kitchen, so should I use the 1x2 as a kitchen...
  8. CallieLovesPigs

    Nutrition vitamin c

    I use Oxbow Daily C as well. My pigs really like them, and they eat them like they are treats. I give each pig one every night with dinner.
  9. CallieLovesPigs

    C&C Cage doors with grids?!

    daisy1cow Ha! My cage is 3 grids high, so I think I will try the binder clips. At night I add a 2x3 add on so that she can hop around a little without being in my room. Thanks for your help!
  10. CallieLovesPigs

    C&C Cage doors with grids?!

    Hi! So...On my rabbit cage I have to remove 2 grids to let her out. I want to find a way to keep the grids straight, because if I just zip-tie them together, obviously they flop over each other. Is there a kind of support bar I could get? Also..Is there a kind of hinge and latch so I could swing...
  11. CallieLovesPigs

    Rabbits Babies, Oh My!

    Re: Newborn Runt Cute! Makes me want another bunny!
  12. CallieLovesPigs

    Hamster info!!! Throw it at me!

    They are VERY good at escaping. This is a funny story involving a mouse, not a hamster, but they are both pretty tricky. So a couple years ago I was having a friend sleep over. We were in my room and I woke up in the middle of the night to look across the room and see my mouse right outside her...
  13. CallieLovesPigs

    Adopting Having trouble finding adoptable pigs? -And Updates-

    alfonzpig I tried, and only one came up that is like an hour away from me. There might be some smaller ones, I will have to look farther into it. I hate living in the middle of no where!
  14. CallieLovesPigs

    Adopting Having trouble finding adoptable pigs? -And Updates-

    Hi everyone! So, I'm adopting 2-3 more guinea pigs, and expanding my cage to a 3x6 with a 2x2 loft/kitchen. Also a 2x2 add-on and a 1x2 loft in the add-on. It's a little confusing, LOL. But, in my state we have at most 5 shelters, one or two that are in drive-able distance from me. They had a...
  15. CallieLovesPigs

    Animal Rights The Ugly Truth of UGGs Shoes.

    Anyone know about LL Bean slippers? I know they are made of sheepskin, but does anyone know if they are killed humanely or not? I own a pair and I love them.
  16. CallieLovesPigs

    Flags what is going on in ct this just makes me want to cry

    I live close to CT. My family takes trips there and I have been to 2 of the CT Humane Society branches. And I have to say, They do not mistreat their pigs. In fact, they even have classes to educate people and children on the PROPER care of guinea pigs. I took a class about 4 years ago maybe...
  17. CallieLovesPigs

    vegan clothing and stuff

    Awesome! I always tell my friend who wears Uggs that she's wearing dead sheep on her feet. She didn't really care until I showed her the pictures :P
  18. CallieLovesPigs

    Fleece Liner Help!

    Thanks! I will try the pins. And I didn't pre-wash for one that the threw away, but obviously I realized what I did. I think I will try to use more pins and sew a border on my pad. Of course, when I can sew again. I will look on Craigslist. :)
  19. CallieLovesPigs

    Fleece Liner Help!

    Hullo all! So, I am trying to sew fleece liners for a 3x6. So, before I even tried, I decided to start with practice ones for my 2x6. So I bought some cheap Walmart fleece and some U-haul pads for like $3 off Ebay. I measured, sewed, and I made about 3. And I can't figure out what I did wrong...
  20. CallieLovesPigs

    Joy Updates on new cage and bigger herd! And Questions!

    Princess_Piggie That's good! I'm glad to hear that. I will now also keep my eyes out for baby pigs. Thanks! :)