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  1. Cavies4EverEver

    Veg*n Gift Basket ideas - Vegetarians/ animal testing free

    My mom's birthday is coming up and it will also be her 2 year aniversary that she has been a vegetarian. She is trying to watch what she eats so I can't really buy her candies and chocolates. I needed some ideas of a gift casket I can put together. She is Anti-animal testing so I was...
  2. Cavies4EverEver

    Fleece A Tip if you don't want to pay for custom sized fleece!

    Hi! I wanted to provide the link the the blankets I use as fleece from Wal-mart. it's 100% polyester. I find it also wicks well and there are a lot if cute patterns. Here is the Link!: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-Fleece-Throw/38574061 You may not be able to order on the site...
  3. Cavies4EverEver

    Do you dress up your guinea pigs?

    I see many sites that sell guinea pigs clothes do people really dress up their guinea pigs? If they do... can you please show me a picture because I have to see this.. Do they mind?
  4. Cavies4EverEver

    Hay Yellow Timothy Hay.. Is it useless?

    I went to the feed store and bought hay without looking at it first. They loaded it in my container and got it in my car for me. When I got home It was yellow and try not green and leafy.. Was this a mistake? Are my pigs even going to eat this? The pet Store hay I was buying is at least green...
  5. Cavies4EverEver

    Pet Stores The defending of Pet Store Employees

    I am happy to say this: My local pet smart has stopped selling guinea pigs :) Hopefully they don't replace them with a different animal. The same pigs were sitting there and then they were gone, the fishtanks with no water and veggies were gone too. So I asked someone and they said: We have...
  6. Cavies4EverEver

    Behavior Were your pups naturally skittish?

    Hi! My pups turned 1 week Tuesday, they are super skittish and run away when I enter the room and it seems like they are always in their hidies :( When I get into the cage they will sniff and run but they still seem scared. I was thinking about taking them on a mini trip to see my kids...
  7. Cavies4EverEver

    Bonding Update on the pups and photos

    This is Pumba, the only boy in the litter. He is very goofy looking he's very dark brown with a mustache and white patch on his head. He also has a red leg.. (Just one This is Mochi ( sorry it's upside down ) she is a sweetheart and when I hold her she likes to climb on my shoulder and hide in...
  8. Cavies4EverEver

    Cage C&C cages for 4 girls and 2 boys - Is this okay?

    For the 4 girls I made a 3x5 cage (they are still babies and will expand as they get older) For the Boys - I have a 2x5 with a loft on top that is 1 x 2 Is this okay? Also, should I keep food in the loft or on the lower level? or both? when I put stitch in the cage I put him where the loft...
  9. Cavies4EverEver

    Sexing Sexing one of the babies

    This is the clearest photo I could get (sorry!) I tried to see if I could get a penis to come out but nothing happened this is the only pig that i am not sure of
  10. Cavies4EverEver

    Fresh Food A Bail of Timothy Hay..

    Hi! I have been paying 20 dollars forthe largest bag of hay from a family owned petstore by my boyfriends house, I am about to have 6 guinea pigs so I want some advise on a Bail of Hay. My mom's feed store sells it for 17 dollars for the entire bail!! What kind of container can I put this...
  11. Cavies4EverEver

    Lilo died at 8 months old.

    The worst part of this, is that he was only 8 months old, he didn't die from a sickness, he died from a fall out of his cage... He didn't get to live a long happy life and he didn't even get a chance to meet his son Pumba. I feel like I failed, his house was a little big and flat so I am...
  12. Cavies4EverEver

    Bonding 4 babies: Socializing Babies.. And What should I do about their dad.

    I work 9 hours a day monday through friday and saturday is spend all day at gymnastics with my children. (they do not live with me full time) The only time I get to play with them is after work, before work and my 1 hour lunch (my job is litterally walking distance from my job) How should I...
  13. Cavies4EverEver

    Joy Babies are here.. And they are healthy!

    No name yet (girl) no name yes (girl) Moji (girl) Pumba (boy) They are here and mom is doing fine and eating well! :) Cleaned the cage this morning!
  14. Cavies4EverEver

    Chat Celebrity Crushes? - Who are yours?

    am I the only one in the world that is in love with Henry Cavill? I just think he the the most attractive man ever! then theres of course marky mark wahlberg.. I like dark haired men I guess.. Who are yours?
  15. Cavies4EverEver

    Behavior Is Lilo Depressed?

    As some of you may already know, I had to separate Lilo and stitch because lilo was constantly attacking him and making stitches cute little nose bleed. Since their separation Lilo has been in a funk. He stays in his hidey and does not eat/ drink as much. I work full time and before I leave I...
  16. Cavies4EverEver

    Nutrition Pellet Free diets?

    I have seen a few posts where people suggest not to give your guinea pigs pellets.. What is an example of a pellet free diet? Are pellets absolutely nescessary? Also can someone give me a list of foods/ vegies (besides pellets) for newborns?
  17. Cavies4EverEver

    Puberty Sexing baby piggies

    What age do you recommend they are sexed? I plan on keeping all pups and adding them to the three that I have. This way i dont have to stress if they are going to good homes or not. Has anyone else done this before? Tips please! :)
  18. Cavies4EverEver

    General Pelvic bones? Can someone send me a photo of where these are?

    My chunky monkey has still not had her babies. She constanly sits in her kitchen and the only time she moves is if i have some food lol she walksvery well and she is about 1 finger dilated thought I havent checked today.. I honestly dont even know if i am feeling in the right place. Does...
  19. Cavies4EverEver

    Sounds Grunting and Rocking back anf fourth?!

    My guinea pig nala is Due with some pups! My roomate texted me and say that she was grunting and rocking back and fourth, she was just on lunch break and had to leave... Will I possibly be seeing some new pups when i get home?!
  20. Cavies4EverEver

    Chat Thinking of starting a Exotic Pet Business.. What do you think?

    There are no small animal buisnesses in my city, however we do have a rescue for guinea pigs and other small animals called pigs and buns. I would like to open an exotic care center (pretty much a vet office) with a store attached that only sells things that guinea pigs, rabbits, exotic pets...