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  1. Skeetersmom

    Funny Craigslist Listing

    This was on my local CL this afternoon. I thought it was kinda funny and had to pass it on: Please help! After two long years of being on a waiting list for a dog, we have been notified by breed rescue that, at long last, our number has come up and ... WE ARE HAVING A PUPPY! We must get...
  2. Skeetersmom

    Frustrated Anyone else considered the rescue person?

    So.... My daughter had a music camp show this morning so my mom came over to watch my 3 other children while I went. I was gone from 9-10:30 or so. I had video'd the show for my mom so we downloaded and watched it, then she left. I went to bring the garbage out back and went out my back...
  3. Skeetersmom

    Aquired a new piggie today

    Well, my daughter got a call from a friend this morning. Her parents bought her a guinea pig from the pet store and she ended up being pregnant :ohmy: Surprise right???? Well, her parents didn't want the pregnant guinea pig and now she is upstairs in our spare bathroom. She's a brown...
  4. Skeetersmom

    Behavior Possible new guinea pigs, questions

    I have a friend that needs to find a quick home for her 2 male guinea pigs. They are around 2 1/2 years old and supposedly friendly. My question is....Can I keep them in the same room as my girls? We they fight with each other because of the girls being in the same room with them? I can put...
  5. Skeetersmom

    Blog Skittles Babies

    Babies are doing great! I caught them eating some romaine and munching in the food dish today. So adorable! Here are some pics from today!
  6. Skeetersmom

    Blog Skeeter is being so cute

    She is being so funny with the babies. She chases them away a little but next thing you know, a baby comes up to her while she is eating and she popcorns around! It is adorable and the babies get scared and run, which is even funnier. I hope that they all get along really well. Skeeter...
  7. Skeetersmom

    Blog Skittles FINALLY had her babies!

    So, as I predicted, she had her babies while I was at a dance recital today! When I got home, she was still cleaning them and it looked like one had just been born. She had 3. 2 Look just like her with the white crest on their head and 1 looks like her but without the white crest. Here...
  8. Skeetersmom

    C&C How many?

    I just added a 1x2 on to my 2x4 cage. I'll attach a picture. My question is, how many will this cage hold? I want to keep a baby when Skittles has hers and want to know if this is big enough. Thanks
  9. Skeetersmom

    Blog Still no babies for Skittles :-(

    :melodramaWell, Skittles is still pregnant! Like I said though, if she got pregnant the day before I got her, she would not be due until next weekend. Anything is possible I guess. I would be scared that Skeeter is a boy and actually who got her pregnant but I did bring Skeeter to the vet...
  10. Skeetersmom

    Blog Skittles updates! Worried!

    I'm am such a wreck about this. I feel like I am just constantly worrying about Skittles! I just got a bunch of grass from outside, like I do every morning, and usually she comes out of hiding and weeks away at me for the fresh grass. She won't come out of her sleeping bag. I even tried to pet...
  11. Skeetersmom

    Blog Skittles pregnant!

    So, It was mentioned that maybe I should have a blog about Skittles being pregnant instead of posting the pictures everyday. I suppose I can do that. Didn't think it was a big deal, but, whatever right??? So, for anyone that hasn't followed this at all..... Skittles was adopted as a drop...
  12. Skeetersmom

    Can Mom stay on fleece?

    Hi! Skittles is going to have babies hopefully any day now. She is huge! Anyway, can I keep her on fleece? I keep reading that the eat bedding and all to remove any scent from the area from bleeding and such. Will she try to eat the fleece? I just cleaned the cage but am now worried that...
  13. Skeetersmom

    Covers Does it really need a lid?

    Hi! I have had my guinea pigs for about 6-7 weeks now. They have a 2x4 with a lid. I have their cage up on folding tables, they seemed to be happier up high than when they were on the floor. They were more nervous when I put the cage on the floor. My question is, I have 3 cats but they...
  14. Skeetersmom

    Skittles really cranky and whiney

    Hi! Skittles is acting very strange and almost whiney. I was in another room and she was wheeking like she does for food but no one was anywhere around or doing anything to provoke it. Also whenever Skeeter goes near her she starts squeeling. Now she started hiding in the igloo and almost...
  15. Skeetersmom

    Cute Barn igloo!

    I found this adorable barn! Check it out! It can be stairs and an igloo all in one!
  16. Skeetersmom

    Possibly pregnant. Questions....

    Hi! I think Skittles may be pregnant. I got her about 3-4 weeks ago and she seems to be growing out. She is geting kinda pear shaped and progressively bigger everyday it seems. She was adopted from a family run pet store that someone had turned her in so I don't know complete history. My...
  17. Skeetersmom

    Rumblestrutting Will rumblestrutting ever stop?

    I have 2 younger girls and Skeeter is always rumblestrutting around. I'm assuming that is what she is doing. Whenever Skittles is eating hay or trying to get in a hidey house with her, she will start making a little rumbling noise and seems to almost lower herself and stalk around. They have...
  18. Skeetersmom

    Biting Is nibbling normal?

    My new little girl Skittles nibbles my fingers all the time. She come running out when I open the cage and smells my hands and then sometimes nibbles them (not too hard) but I'm afraid everytime that she is actually going to bite me not nibble me. Is this normal? I've never had guinea pigs...
  19. Skeetersmom

    Diet Can my rabbit eat the Guinea Pig's food?

    I have a rabbit (not in with the Guinea Pigs), can she eat the same food as the Guinea Pigs? I know I read not to give the GP's rabbit food because it doesn't contain the vitamin C but wasn't sure if it was ok to feed her their food. Right now I am feeding Oxbow Cavy Performance for the...
  20. Skeetersmom

    Hi! New Here

    Hi there! I'm new here and to guinea pigs! I have been lurking around and gathering information. I adopted 1 2 guinea pigs from the shelter and have them in a 2x3 grid cage right now. (Don't worry, I have a cage on order with Sue already!) I live near Sue from C&C cages so I am going to pick up...