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  1. pepperbelle

    New Facebook Group - The Guinea Pig Garden :)

    Hi everyone! I started a new guinea pig group on FB if you are interested in joining [emoji4] https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603547199896578
  2. pepperbelle

    Grids Sears/Kmart grids online have changed

    Wow, Sears/Kmart has jacked up their grid prices! Many are 4 shelves now instead of 6, and they cost more! And some of the brands now offered look questionable in the pictures (not 9 squares wide). http://www.sears.com/search=wire%20cube%20storage I have always shared the link to the Sears...
  3. pepperbelle

    Upper Levels Ramp question - do I need to cut a grid or can I go without?

    What can I use to cut a grid to make a custom piece for a ramp? I am wondering if someone on my street can lend me some kind of cutters. How do I make sure the edges aren't sharp after i cut tho? Can I just not put a grid in that space?
  4. pepperbelle

    Skin Problems Do you think this is a fungal infection, dry skin, or something else?

    I brought Julia home about 1 month ago. She has always had a small, dry, white-ish patch on the back of her left ear. I have been watching it for the past month and it has not changed at all. Its not bigger or smaller. Its not worse or better. She does not scratch at it. And there are no other...
  5. pepperbelle

    Sounds Are Julia's constant little sounds normal?

    My grey girl Julia is *always* making these little noises. Is this normal? I would love to hear more about what is "normal" in terms of how talkative some pigs are or aren't. Julia's sounds (that you will hear in the video) don't seem to be related to excitement or fear or anything specifically...
  6. pepperbelle

    Sexing Need help sexing if possible

    Hi everyone - sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place. I searched a bit and most sexing threads looked to be here. Hope it's Ok. I brought my two pigs home two weeks ago. I was told by the pet store they were 3 months old and both female. Ainsley, my brown pig, kinda looks like she has...
  7. pepperbelle

    Diet My new piggy wont touch her veggies (or fruit)

    We brought Julia home last Wednesday (4 days ago). I have been offering her various veggies and fruits, but she wont even nibble it. I have offered her romaine, celery tops, carrots, kale, fennel, banana, grape, apple, cilantro, parsley... All of which our other piggy Ainsley loves... But Julia...
  8. pepperbelle

    Introducing Ainsley

    Hi everyone. Glad I found this forum. I have a lot to learn and I look fwd to getting to know you all. Meet Ainsley. She is 3 months old. :love:
  9. pepperbelle

    Forages I have treated my grass in past summers. How long until it is safe?

    Hi everyone! I am new to these forums! We just brought a new little 3 month old girl into our home and I have been doing a lot of reading to make sure she is happy and healthy! I live in a suburban neighborhood and I have been treating my grass since we built our house 6 years ago. I would...