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  1. Laurmann2000

    Introductions How much room to introduce new piggies?

    When you say buddy bath, are you giving them a bath together?
  2. Laurmann2000

    Photos Piggie Sign

    Very cute.
  3. Laurmann2000

    Post a Picture of your Guinea Pig!

    We adopted a new boy yesterday. He is two years old and we have named him Charlie. He's quite timid but very calm and sweet as pie. :love:
  4. Laurmann2000

    New here and new Guinea pig owner

    Thanks for the advice guys. I have gotten them out a couple times now. They aren't happy when I get them but calm down in my arms. Teddy is better then Buddha about it. Hopefully with time they will get more comfortable with being picked up but if not then I will just refrain from doing it too...
  5. Laurmann2000

    Photos Chestnut died recently, new baby pig to accompany my other pig.

    Congrats on the new baby. He is adorable. I'm sorry about Chestnut. How did he break his neck?
  6. Laurmann2000

    Searching for our Cavies

    I am also a mother of three though my children are teens now. I had a guinea pig when my children were just about the same age as yours are now. I have to say that I found the amount of work overwhelming with three young kids. I only had one guinea pig then and I had him in a c & c cage with...
  7. Laurmann2000

    Post a collage photo of all your pets (don't forget your piggies!)

    These are mine. Henrietta, the bulldog, Teddy (top) and Buddha (bottom) guinea pigs and my little hamster, Cocoa who is no longer with us.
  8. Laurmann2000

    Bonding Night night time for the piggies (with pics)

    They are adorable.
  9. Laurmann2000

    Quirky Piggies

    He sounds adorable. Please let us know how it goes with his new friend.
  10. Laurmann2000

    Post a Picture of your Guinea Pig!

    Let's see if this works. These are my new rescues. Only have had them one week but am completely in love already. This is Buddha: Buddha by laurmann, on Flickr And this is Teddy. Teddy by laurmann, on Flickr
  11. Laurmann2000

    Pigloo covers!

    These are so cute but you make a good point MrWistlers. The opening to the pigloos are pretty big though so not sure if it would be a problem. Perhaps in the summer.
  12. Laurmann2000

    New here and new Guinea pig owner

    I got them on Saturday so it's been 3 days today. It's funny that you mention that your girls get distracted with the veggies. I found that if I give my boys a piece of carrot I can pet them like there's no tomorrow. Thanks for the advice about chasing for no more than 30 seconds. That's good...
  13. Laurmann2000

    New here and new Guinea pig owner

    Thank you everyone for the nice welcome. Stephanie: love the names of your two girls. Again, I apologize for the upside down picture. I don't know why that happened as the photo was fine in its original form. Any tips on how to pick them up would be welcome. I tried yesterday and they wanted...
  14. Laurmann2000

    New here and new Guinea pig owner

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Laura and I am wife to Manny, mother to 3 human boys (Armand, Alex and Andre), caretaker (mom) to a bulldog named Henrietta and a new caretaker (mom) to two boars named Teddy and Buddha. My son Andre who is 12 had a hamster that...