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  1. WokeBecky

    Grooming Crises averted--for now. Matted rump on long haired GP.

    Today I noticed that my year old, long haired (5-6+"), female GP had a urine soaked, golf ball size mat over her rump. I felt like such a pet parent failure for not noticing earlier. I did a lot of Youtube "research" on what to do. I decided to get a small electric trimmer for long haired...
  2. WokeBecky

    Genitals What gender?

    What gender is this guinea pig?
  3. WokeBecky

    Pellets Are Oxbow pellets still considered a good brand?

    I've been feeding my GP heard Oxbow brand pellets for the last 13+ years without researching to see if they are still considered the best readily available pellet in the USA. Are they? What else is preferred or acceptable?
  4. WokeBecky

    Pregnancy Three recently adopted females possibly pregnant

    Long story short, my 12 year old female GP recently passed leaving my 6 year old female alone. I started looking for 1-2 females to put next to Honey, my lonely girl. I noticed my local animal shelter had many, MANY guinea pigs so I went and looked. I came home with three females: Hocus...
  5. WokeBecky

    New to the forum but not to guinea pigs

    Hey Y'all, I just recently lost my nearly 12 year old guinea pig. She was the last of a family of 8. About 12-13 years ago, I adopted a young father and son duo and the father promptly died in a tragic drowning accident. I went to my local shelter and adopted a pair of young brothers. Turns...