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  1. citronsoul

    Introducting Penny, my new guinea pig

    A bit late, as we've now had her nearly two weeks, but I thought I should finally introduce our latest addition, Penny. I've never had a guinea pig that was this relaxed around people. Phoebe has always been a snuggly pig, but Penny is snuggly on a whole new level. She doesn't run away, and...
  2. citronsoul


    Well, after two years of asking, my boyfriend has finally agreed to let me get a third guinea pig. The only requirement is that I have to ask our landlord first. Our contract states that no pets are allowed, with the exception of "a guinea pig" (we have two). As long as we didn't have a dog or...
  3. citronsoul

    Disturbing video

    I was browsing through youtube when I found this: YouTube - schepperdeschep From the same person: YouTube - Peter (part 2) YouTube - Maaike I felt physically sick after watching the second video. I couldn't even get through the first one, once I saw her put eyes in the guinea pig skin. Who in...
  4. citronsoul

    Water Bottle Preferences

    Usually the threads on water bottles consist of which brand doesn't leak, works best, etc. But does anyone have a problem with their guinea pigs picking out the bottles they like? (There's a history here, hence the length of the post.) I just can't figure out what's up with my pigs! I've got a...
  5. citronsoul

    Ben - a brother, a friend, a dog

    In the summer of 1991, right before I turned 8, my dad told me that we would be moving back to The States, and that we would be getting a dog. (For years I actually thought we moved just to get a dog.) This was my parent’s first pet, as well as mine, so we were learning through trial and...
  6. citronsoul

    Pets As Gifts

    I can't understand why some people think giving a pet as a gift is a good idea. It's one thing to get someone a pet, when they know the person is actively looking for one, and that person knows about it. But why give a pet, when the person has taken no interest in getting one? If you're lucky...
  7. citronsoul

    Feeding Ball

    I've stopped using a bowl to feed the guinea pigs pellets, & use a feeding ball instead. It's from Russell Rabbit & is actually for rabbits or ferrets, but I thought my guinea pigs might be interested in it. And it's been a big hit! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVW_zxuOcV0 That's a video of...
  8. citronsoul

    For those of you who want a designer dog...

    Have no fear! You can oodle your current dog, without having to spend thousands of dollars. Now you can be just a trendy as Paris Hilton. Hooray! All you need is the oodle maker! http://www.oodlemaker.com
  9. citronsoul

    Happy Birthday Dagwellismypigy!

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great Sweet Sixteen! :birthday: (It's already the 8th here, so that's why this is posted early.)
  10. citronsoul

    Other Meet Tweaker

    My boyfriends sister took in 3 dwarf hamsters about two months ago. They were supposed to be 3 boys, but the original owners goofed up & it turned out to be 2 boys & a girl. So of course, a few weeks later a litter arrived. I'm not really sure what happened after that (I don't get to see her...
  11. citronsoul

    Funny Guinea Pig Commercial! Must see!

    http://www.stibat.nl/consumenten/publiciteit/commercial.asp It's in Dutch, but that shouldn't matter. The guinea pigs in this commercial get up to some funny stuff. (The commercial is about recycling empty batteries. The camera batteries are flat just when the guinea pigs get up to some...
  12. citronsoul

    UK Cubes in central London

    My parents are going to London in a couple of weeks. I figure they may as well bring back some cubes for me. Are there any places that sell them in central London?
  13. citronsoul

    Introductions aren't going so well

    Well, it started out fine. Phoebe & Porky formed a piggy train & every now & then Phoebe would lick Porky's ear. Awwww. But everything changed after Porky tried to hump Phoebe's head. There was chattering, showing of teeth & a few lunges. Phoebe attempted to make peace by licking his ear...
  14. citronsoul

    No longer alone

    My parents finally agreed to let me get another guinea pig! I'm so incredibly happy! Phoebe will no longer be on her own & I can finally see her interact with a little companion. At the moment I'm hoping to get it from a rescue, but my parents want to pick it out too. So I'm not sure if...
  15. citronsoul

    Extending cage

    I've been meaning to upgrade my cage to a 2x4, but I've got a problem with the size of my coroplast. It's only long enough for a 2x3 & apparently you can't get any boards longer than 140 cm (55 inches). So I guess I'll be cutting & taping two pieces together. Does anyone have any...
  16. citronsoul

    This goes too far...

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/staffordshire/4342183.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/staffordshire/3947375.stm A petrol bomb and death threats have been delivered to staff at a guinea pig farm and to the owners' family. I support rescues. I don't support medical testing on...
  17. citronsoul

    Need a bit of help...

    OK, so I've been trying to convince my mom to let me take care of another guinea pig. My dad & I were trying to figure out a way to approach her with it. Today was the day & she said no. I think she's worried that I'm going to start bringing home a zoo if she gives the "ok" for piggy number...
  18. citronsoul

    Quarantine vs. checking to see if they get along

    The title pretty much sums up my question. You have quarantine, but that means you have to wait 3 weeks before you can see if your guinea pigs get along. But what if they don't? Is there any argument for checking to see if they get along first? My problem: I'm currently trying to...
  19. citronsoul

    The Road to Pamplona

    I don't know how many people have seen this, but it brought a smile to my face (& quite a few laughs.) I thought I'd share :) http://www.snapple.com/bull
  20. citronsoul

    Is our grass safe to eat?

    Once a year someone will come & sprinkle stuff all over our lawn that's supposed to kill weeds. Our dog isn't allowed to go out on the grass for three days afterwards. But after that it's safe for him to go & roll around in. He's also prone to eating it when he gets incredibly hyper. It's...