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  1. Rosiethecutepig

    Chat Happy autumn!!!

    Happy Autumn from Rosie and I! Wheek, wheek!
  2. Rosiethecutepig

    Bonding Dogs and guinea pigs?

    Hey everyone! I know I haven't been on here for awhile, but out new dog has been acting strange with Rosie. We were trying to get them used to each other and he was snarling and yipping at her. When I picked her up, he kept jumping on me and snapping at her. He's not aggressive, just excited. He...
  3. Rosiethecutepig

    Chat GP tricks

    Hello! I've been teaching my piggy a trick and I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for others or if you taught your guinea pig any tricks.
  4. Rosiethecutepig

    UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Rosemary's med thread

    Rosemary is squeaking while she is using the bathroom, and I found a few drops of blood in her urine. My dad does not want to take her to the vet. We gave her some cranberries and I am going to go to the grocery store to get some cranberry juice. What should I do?! I'm really scared and stressed...
  5. Rosiethecutepig

    Chat Your or your piggies' personalities!

    Free Personality Test | 16Personalities Take this and tell me you or your piggies' personalities! I'm an INFP lol.
  6. Rosiethecutepig

    How to post a poll

    Hello, does anyone here know how to post a poll? I wanted to post one but I am not sure how to do it.
  7. Rosiethecutepig

    Quarantine Rosie's human is sick

    Hello guys, I am not feeling too well. Should I quarantine from Rosie? I WOULD like to cuddle with her but if she might accidently catch whatever virus I have then I won't. I appreciate your help!
  8. Rosiethecutepig

    General Cute and funny things your GP do(es)

    This thread is about cute and funny things your guinea pig(s) do(es). So, I do Irish dance and I was practicing next to Rosie's cage. She probably thought I was popcorning so she popcorning too! It was the cutest thing!
  9. Rosiethecutepig

    General Summer camp

    Hello, I've been going to summer camp each year for about 3 years already. This year is my fourth year. I was wondering if I should just fill up the hay rack, food bowl, and water bottle right before I leave or if I should just have one of my siblings do it while I'm gone. (I forgot to mention...
  10. Rosiethecutepig

    Joy Thank you thread

    This thread is for thanking all the fellow cavy owners out there. You guys have helped me so much! I did not know how bad Kaytee hay was. Then as I read the threads I realized that I should prolly switch to Oxbow. And I did! Thanks again! Also, please post what you learned from all the great...
  11. Rosiethecutepig

    Sick Warm ears?

    My piggie, Rosemary, has warm ears. Both ears are warm and I'm not sure if this OK. Thanks for any replies!
  12. Rosiethecutepig

    Exercise Exercise ideas for guinea pigs

    Does anyone have ideas and ways to exercise piggies? I already have playpen but I'm looking for other ways.
  13. Rosiethecutepig

    How to convince my parents to get me a 2nd guinea pig

    Hi everyone. I've been having trouble convincing my parents to get me a 2nd guinea pig. I already have one but I know that they get lonely. Any suggestions?