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  1. MochaAndMoo

    Parasites Intestinal Parasites.

    I have realized that due to the rarity and severity, it is very difficult to find Intestinal parasite information as well as treatment when it comes to cavies. Even reputable guinea pig medical records had very little information on the subject, causing me to dig deeper. I made a short list...
  2. MochaAndMoo

    Dogs/Puppies Puppy pictures.

    So, I recently got a puppy (either that or she's a baby ewok). Her name is Possum, and yes, there is a story behind her odd name. She loves heights. You can't step out of the room for a minute without her scaling the walls (that might be a slight exaggeration). I once left the room for a...
  3. MochaAndMoo

    Goodbye, at least for now.

    After spending a year on the forum, I've met some wonderful people. This forum has allowed me to give the absolute best life possible to my three pigs. I've found there is no purpose for me to stay here anymore, I posses all the knowledge I need and have found that most of the members I have...
  4. MochaAndMoo

    Australia Mold spots on oaten hay.

    I picked up two bags of oaten hay recently, when I got home I checked the bags to find both were disgusting and infested with black spots. And of course, this happened on Christmas eve so I had no hay on Christmas, (Luckily I just finished growing three trays of wheatgrass). So, I went back to...
  5. MochaAndMoo

    Neutering/Spaying Infected Spay Wound *Slightly Graphic*.

    Recently, Meeka was spayed (Due to having Ovarian Cysts). For the first seven days after the spay, it was healing well. The wound site was clean and untouched. Tonight I checked the wound, it seems Meeka has started itching and picking at the stitches, it looks infected and a white cheese-like...
  6. MochaAndMoo

    Career as an exotics vet.

    So, lately at my school, there has been lots of talk about our future jobs and career paths. It really got me thinking, I know I want to be an exotics vet (And have ever since I can remember), but how exactly am I going to get there? I know there are a few vet techs/veterinarians/people who know...
  7. MochaAndMoo

    Photos Happy Birthday Meeka!

    Today, my big chubby Meeka turns 2! Since her last birthday was spent in a neglectful home, we made this one extra special. For the occasion, I sewed her some cuddle cups and snuggle sacks (I'm a horrible sewer, I broke the sewing machine twice :s). She's also getting her absolute favorite for...
  8. MochaAndMoo

    Post your mouse pictures!

    Does anyone have mice? (: I got a mouse today, he is a long-haired black and white texel. He is the sweetest little thing. Strangely, he loves human interaction, he will happily crawl onto my hand for snuggle time. Pictures (:
  9. MochaAndMoo

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Whooping Cough and Guinea Pigs.

    My sister has recently been diagnosed with whooping cough. I know that whooping cough is caused by the bacillus Bordetella Pertussis, which is linked to kennel cough. Bordetella bronchisetica (The most common cause of Upper Respiratory Infections in cavies) is closely related to Bortetella...
  10. MochaAndMoo

    What breed? Osteodystrophy and Satin pigs.

    So as some of you may know, I adopted a beautiful self-black pig about a month ago named Meeka. She has all the traits of a satin (She has beautiful soft fur with a shine that shows up on camera) but it can be hard to tell whether a self-black pig is satin or not. With satins having higher...
  11. MochaAndMoo

    Weight Overweight Pig.

    For those who don't know, yesterday, I adopted a gorgeous pig named Meeka. When we adopted her, her foster Mum said that she was a bit overweight. Meeka never stops eating, whenever I walk past there cage, she always has her head stuffed in the hay bag. At lap time, I handfeed them some...
  12. MochaAndMoo

    Joy Adopting a pig.

    For those who don't know, I have been trying to find Mocha and Moo a sister for a few months now. And I recently stumbled across an adoption add for the most gorgeous pig I have ever seen, after reading a bit about Meeka, she turned out being the exact pig I have been looking for, she is calm...
  13. MochaAndMoo

    Photos Let's see some Pigtures!

    Please post your favorite pigtures down below! These are my two girls, Mocha and Moo. This is the gorgeous Moo, who as you can see, is a Harry potter fan. And this is the beautiful Mocha, who looks like a fuzzy caterpillar.
  14. MochaAndMoo

    Bonding ~*Pigstagram*~

    So lately, some of the people on the forum have decided to make piggy Instagrams. https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/cafe/84271-instagram.html I thought this was a REALLY cute idea, because I love seeing piggy pictures. So if you have a pigstagram, comment it down below so I can follow you...
  15. MochaAndMoo

    Bathing Piggy Shampoo.

    I finally tested out Gorgeous Guineas Lavender Kind n' Gentle shampoo. It was worth ordering over the internet, my pigs fur is so soft and they smell amazing. I definitely recommend their shampoos, they are affordable and ship quickly (Gorgeous Guineas: Welcome To Gorgeous Guineas HQ!). Mocha...
  16. MochaAndMoo

    Behavior Lazy Piggies.

    So lately, Mocha and Moo have been very lazy, they just laze in their fleece forest most of the time. I clean and re-do their cage every three days, I move and change around the hideys, but they adventure around for about five minutes and go into a hidey house and sleep. I just hate the fact...
  17. MochaAndMoo

    C&C Trying to help.

    Okay, so it starts off like this. Yesterday, I posted a picture of me and one of my pigs on Facebook, about a day later a girl who is in the same Math class as me messaged me saying she thought my pigs were cute, and that she also had a pig (She only had one pig). After talking and exchanging...
  18. MochaAndMoo

    Adopting Falling in love with a pig I can't have.

    I was searching on the RSPCA's site, and I found a gorgeous guinea pig, I was ready to adopt her right away (I am looking for another sow to add to my mini piggy family). There is a problem though.. After looking at the address.. She lives on the other side of Australia! (Here is her adoption...
  19. MochaAndMoo

    *Going on holiday!*.

    So in 4 days I will be in Bali! I have been waiting for over a year for this trip! My pigs are also going on holiday, they are going to a special guinea pig boarding kennel and they are staying in a double story hutch (No wire-flooring, 100% guinea pig safe) and connected to the double story...
  20. MochaAndMoo

    C&C New Cage setup!

    I got some new fleece and toys for the piggies and re-did their cage. I tried to do a strawberry theme with the cage (The hay-bag has a strawberry pattern and they have a little strawberry house, they also have red fleece). I was wondering, is there any way I can improve my cage? Or anything I...