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  1. JarBax

    General 'JarBax Jottings' - in words and pigtures!

    Thankyou folks, good to hear from old friends again! We took Marble up to Thistle on Monday. She will be kept with the permanent pigs, making 14 in all. I couldn't ask for a better home for her and was totally surprised to find that I didn't shed any tears in leaving her. It is a fantastic...
  2. JarBax

    General 'JarBax Jottings' - in words and pigtures!

    Some sad news... I have posted about Emm and then Mellow's passing elsewhere but can't find the threads. There may still be some folk on here who remember my lovely 4 Ms - Mary, Marble, Mellow and Emm. Mary passed away about a month ago - I had been aware of her deterioration for some...
  3. JarBax

    Comment by 'JarBax' in media 'MELLOW!'

    I am heartbroken to let you know that Mellow joined her best piggy pal Emm beyond the rainbow bridge on Wednesday 8th October almost exactly 2 years after we adopted her from Thistle Cavies who rescued both Mellow and Emm from the hideous conditions of their original 'home' along with over 100...
  4. JarBax

    Giant baby update!

    Fantastic pictures! Becky looks a real character and she definitely has a Northern look! I'm with kathryn, more pictures please! And news - how are you? How is Becky now - is she really rolling about now? And how about life in general - a complete change?!? Get in touch soon!
  5. JarBax

    Giant baby update!

    Awwww Lorna - I've gone all gooey!!! More brilliant pics, and superb video! Can't BELIEVE Becky's 8 weeks old - that's ridiculous! She is obviously very advanced - I could almost make out her words, and she has fine batting action for her age! Must take after her mammy! lol How are you? Forget...
  6. JarBax

    Comment by 'JarBax' in media 'EMM!'

    Thankyou gpl14.
  7. JarBax

    Comment by 'JarBax' in media 'Piggy bed!'

    They leap! lol It's notso high that they can't clamber up - I wouldn't give them anything higher that might be hazardous to get into/out of.
  8. JarBax

    Giant baby update!

    Teehee, great pictures!!! Love the three legged picture and what a winning smile! Hows things with you all?
  9. JarBax

    Giant baby update!

    Love baby Becky in her big bib!!! How's she (and you) getting on???
  10. JarBax

    Veg*n What to do with leather, wool, etc. after becoming vegan

    I too was going to suggest burying/composting your items, but actually think that handking them into a charity shop is the best thing you can do. If you chose a charity that supports animal rescue work - all the better!
  11. JarBax

    Curly hair....

    I too have curly, dry, rebellious hair! I use oils in my bath for my skin anyway, and find this helps my hair too. I also use pure unadulterated coconut oil as a conditioner, which is magic and vegan!
  12. JarBax

    Fleece didn't work. ??

    Could also be that the fleece wasn't in contact with the towel.
  13. JarBax

    Giant baby update!

    What a beautiful picture of your ever-more gorgeous daughter!!! There is nothing quite as exhausting as being a new parent, and colic is not much fun for anyone! I bet your in-laws are smitten! Is she going to be Becky or Rebecca?
  14. JarBax

    Hayrack Warning - Stuck Pig

    Thankyou for highlighting this Jennicat. Thankgoodness Sadie is OK, and that your boyfriend heard her. You must have had a horrible fright though. My own hayrack is an under shelf storage rack - but the spaces are smaller than grid spaces, but it is well worth everyone checking their...
  15. JarBax

    Comment by 'JarBax' in media 'EMM!'

    Thankyou Fanch. My son made a tribute for her: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ut4qKbY16ZI
  16. JarBax

    Paris 'movie'!

    My son and I travelled to Paris a fortnight ago, and had an amazing time! We stayed in Montmartre, beneath the shadow of the Sacre Coeur, visited lots of amazing places, and even more art galleries! I've spent the last couple of weeks being shown by Ronan how to make a 'movie' from all of our...
  17. JarBax

    The International Guinea Pig Adventure

    Yippeee! Absolutely brilliant, and "spook" re. the dates!
  18. JarBax

    Color of fleece - Does it make big difference?

    As hydro said, dark will not show up blood, and will show up calcium deposits (I think this is good, as you can check for grittiness (first sign of bladder sludge/stones). I think any flat/plain colour will show up poops/hay/hair etc (definitely don't go for black if your pigs aren't...
  19. JarBax


    Thankyou folks, that is really sweet - and I will pass on the compliments to Ronan. I'm sorry I made you all cry, shouldn't have watched the video again - tears streaming down my face now again! I really miss her!
  20. JarBax

    So, was the forum response time any better today?

    9.30pm here in Bonnie Scotland - things going great this side of the pond!