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  1. idramaxx0

    General First aid kit? What should I put in it?

    https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/medical-veterinary/46533-piggy-medicine-cabinet.html I believe this forum should help you
  2. idramaxx0

    Joy What Have You Caught Your Piggies Doing?

    My Chip is always jumping in and out of his hay rack to hide from me. He's a smart piggy! That's the only place in the whole cage I can't pick him up from. I've caught Fiyero chewing a hole in his fleece before, which made me angry but when I yelled his name he just froze and cocked his head...
  3. idramaxx0

    Behavior New Piggies and Questions

    I've had a total of 7 piggies over the past several years. Some warmed up to me the instant they got home, some I've had for 2 years and still aren't my biggest fan. Spend as much time with them as possible. What I did with my 4 current babies is I would "piggy proof" my room and let them run...
  4. idramaxx0

    Frustrated Best method to getting pigs to sleep in a loft?

    I suppose it doesn't matter where they sleep but they seem to be squabbling over the bottom bunk and I just want them to understand that there's no need to fight, they can just sleep in the top bunk. All my pigs tend to like an enclosed space to sleep. Very rarely do they just plop down in the...
  5. idramaxx0

    Behavior New Piggies and Questions

    Welcome! So let's see... 1) Congrats on the new babies! Glad to see they've won your heart already! 2) What a rhymes with witch! Good thing you got those babies away from her horrid care. 3) Fighting is normal and should definitely subside when you increase the cage size. I've gone through a lot...
  6. idramaxx0

    Frustrated Best method to getting pigs to sleep in a loft?

    I just redid my cage (pictures to come) and I tried to make more space for the boys to run by taking out their old beat up pigloos and making a bunk bed style loft for them. They all love hiding in the lower level, and they've each explored the top "bunk" but none of them will stay on top or...
  7. idramaxx0

    Comment by 'idramaxx0' in media 'IMG_05991'

    I love your fleece! Where did you find it?
  8. idramaxx0

    Comment by 'idramaxx0' in media 'Expanded cage'

    Wow what a great cage! I wish I had a little more space to expand like this!
  9. idramaxx0

    It's good to be back!

    Hello everyone! I don't know how many on here were around about a year and a half ago when I last actively posting. School and the end of a very rocky relationship distracted me from a lot over the past 18 months. My life got pretty out of control and unfortunately going above and beyond for my...
  10. idramaxx0

    Grids Where to find? And do connectors fit?

    If you go to walmart.com you can have them shipped to your local walmart so you don't have to pay for shipping.
  11. idramaxx0

    Behavior Loner Pig?

    Maybe you haven't given her enough time with another pig. Even females go through the process of establishing dominance with one another. They may bicker and fight but the order is usually worked out in time. If she is particularly young you could try get an older pig, or if she is older, try...
  12. idramaxx0

    Fighting Female piggies are fighting!!

    How old are the pigs? Perhaps they are going through puberty and even females can become very territorial during puberty. Try not to separate unless they are actually hurting one another, drawing blood. Separating only to reintroduce will be more stressful than just leaving them to work it out.
  13. idramaxx0

    General Lots and lots of poo!

    Haha I'm sorry if this grosses anyone out, but I know when I play with my boys they sometimes poo twice in a row. My Fiyero was sitting on top of his house a few mins ago with his bottom hanging over the edge. I was sitting next to the cage talking to them and I noticed he was dropping a little...
  14. idramaxx0

    Behavior new guinea pig weird after cleaning cage

    My two cents, since their introduction went so well I wouldn't separate them now. Medically it makes no sense to since if one is sick, the other would probably have caught it by now anyways. Is there a way you could just slightly expand the cage just until you can set up your c&c? Perhaps if you...
  15. idramaxx0

    Behavior new guinea pig weird after cleaning cage

    As long as there is food, water and hay in the cage leave them be. I'm sorry but you keep saying "it", what is the sex of your piggies? While I'm mentioning it, making sure both of your piggies are the same sex! You don't want any little piggies running around unexpectedly. You may have...
  16. idramaxx0

    Behavior new guinea pig weird after cleaning cage

    Hello, welcome to the forum! I have a few questions. What kind of cage are they in? What kind of bedding are you using? How large is the cage? Chewing on the cage is typically a sign of cage boredom. Do you have lots of toys/beds/hidies/hay for them to entertain themselves with? The wheeking...
  17. idramaxx0

    R.I.P Wiggles

    R.I.P. Wiggles <3 He's with all the other piggy angels, frolicking through endless vegetable patches and fields of hay. I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost 2 of my boys very suddenly as well over the summer. I was devastated. I hope you and Giggles are okay. Are you getting another friend for...
  18. idramaxx0

    Cage Need help with a cage

    Are you a good student? Why not make a deal with your parents. Something like, if you get "x-amount" of A's (or whatever you would consider a very good grade) this quarter, they will allow you to make a very simple c&c cage. Show this pictures and info from this site. That's how I use to get my...
  19. idramaxx0

    Mounting Need help!!!

    Even if they are neutered, males will still have their sexual instincts to "be with" the females. You can house 1 male with multiple females, but once you have multiple males in the mix they WILL fight each other to win over the female. You could house the males separately from the females, or...
  20. idramaxx0

    Keeping Cool I feel strange posting this in the winter...

    Yes I know, I am trying at all costs to not have to turn the heat off but if it gets outrageous of course that's what I will have to do. The boys seem to like their ice packs, well some of them. Fiyero was laying on his for a while but Chip wanted nothing to do with it, and Princeton completely...