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  1. Hazel Hammy

    Goodbye, Guinea

    Dear Guinea, Life's been quite lonely without your little fuzzy face or squeals. Even though I had you for 7 years, it feels like it was just yesterday when we were celebrating your first birthday. You were my first pet, and I will always cherish the memories we had together. I'm so sorry when...
  2. Hazel Hammy

    Urine Guinea's Medical Thread

    Hi there! :) Recently, my hamster has been sick and he might have a tumor/abscess so I am a bit stressed in the moment. Guinea moved her cardboard box to the middle of the cage so I moved it back, but I noticed that there was a couple of poops there. Next to the poops, were either some blood...
  3. Hazel Hammy

    Fleece Week 1 of Fleece

    Hi guys! :) I haven't been on for a while but I wish all of you a Happy New Year! :D I've been testing Guinea with the fleece and she hasn't been doing the best. She goes to the bathroom ALL OVER the fleece so I shake it out every night, but the stains don't erase. How can I stop her from going...
  4. Hazel Hammy

    Chat Convincing Help?

    So my mom said no on the Guinea Pig friend. What can I do to persuade her? She sent me a response mail, and I said that it wasn't for my own enjoyment, it was for Guinea's. And I also said that me being her owner I want the best for her, and being restricted to do so is not only unfair on my...
  5. Hazel Hammy

    Chat Updates and Such

    Hi guys! :o So I have some awesome updates to those who have NO IDEA what is happening: -There's a slight chance of me getting Guinea a friend! -Guinea's new cage arrived! (Can't open it till Christmas.) *Sigh* -I might be able to connect her current and new cages together for maximum space...
  6. Hazel Hammy

    Cage DIY ramp?

    (Forgive me if this is in the wrong section...) Can this tube thing be used as a ramp type thing? xD WARE Fun Tunnel for Small Animals Or maybe to connect two cages together? ...?
  7. Hazel Hammy

    Chat Operation Pig is a GO!

    Visit this link to learn about OP. Pig. Guinea Pig Friends Basically, I want to get Guinea a friend. :) READ ON TO THE LINK TO FIND OUT MORE. (And give helpful suggestions below, too!) :)
  8. Hazel Hammy

    Cage My Guinea Pig Game Plan (Cages)

    Hi guys! :cool: So I had this plan, to improve my piggy's way of life CAGE wise. :o So I currently have her in a 510 square inch rabbit cage (which I know is too small for both rabbits and pigs), but her new cage has arrived. Since it is my present as well as hers, I will be getting and giving...
  9. Hazel Hammy

    Cleaning How often to clean Fleece?

    Hi guys! :) So I am getting ready for Guinea's new fleece bedding and cage... Big changes. Anyway, how often should I clean the fleece? If it matters, her new cage is going to be a Midwest. :D
  10. Hazel Hammy

    Pellets How to wean Guinea off Pellets?

    Hi guys! Time to start "Mission Pellet Free" as I like to call it. :D So she has very bad quality pellets, and my parents refuse to pay for anything more expensive (and I can't pay for it, Sad face). So I have to decided to take on this challenge. :crazy: How do I wean her off of her pellets...
  11. Hazel Hammy

    Fleece Fleece Help?

    Hi! :o So What should I put under the fleece to make it a good Guinea Pig bedding? I have a completely new package of MAINSTAYS fleece in Pink Zebra, but I'm not sure what to place under the fleece or how often to clean it. Can someone help me? :confused:
  12. Hazel Hammy

    Conditions House Plants?

    So my house plant has been moved to my room so we can fit the Christmas tree in my living room. This is what it looks like: (not my picture) Is this poisonous to my piggy? She's across the room from it, but better safe then sorry. :)
  13. Hazel Hammy

    Fleece Will these fleece work?

    Hi again! :crazy: So I am shopping around for things for the Midwest that I will be giving to Guinea on Christmas, and I realized I need fleece! Will any of these work? 1. Blizzard Fleece Fabric Solids 2. Creative Cuts Anti-Pill Fleece 3. Square Spectrum Anti Pill Plaid Fleece
  14. Hazel Hammy

    Cage Midwest Guinea Pig Cage Questions

    (Please do not tell Hamster Hideout about this, I want it to remain a surprise!) So... I am getting the Midwest cage for Christmas! I have a few questions about it... :?: 1. What should I put in it? 2. Is it possible to add a melamine (or other wood) level? 3. Would this cage be good with...
  15. Hazel Hammy

    Cage Omg... It has been ordered. :o

    AHHHH- It was ordered! Guinea is going to get her Midwest habitat this Christmas! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D (Please nobody tell Hamster Hideout... I want it to be a surprise!) ;) I'm going to make space for it now! lollollollollollol
  16. Hazel Hammy

    Cage Exploring my Options

    Hi guys,:p so I'm really wanting to get Guinea a new cage for Christmas. (it would be part of my Christmas present, and it would be her complete present). ;) So I am just exploring my cage options. I have a forum that would make it tons easier to look over the results from, here's the link to...
  17. Hazel Hammy

    Cage Cages...AHH

    Hi! :) So I was wondering if this cage would be okay: Midwest Expandable Guinea Habitat (I would ask for it for Christmas) Or maybe should I get C&C's? I'm so bad with this cage stuff... What's the minimum for a single pig in Square inches? (I'm used to Square inches, sorry) I don't have...
  18. Hazel Hammy

    Bedding Your Input on Guinea Pig Bedding?

    Hi! It's me again! :crazy: Anyway- I was wondering what you think I should do for Guinea's bedding. There are options below, but first I shall explain the situation. ~~~~~~~~~ Okay, so Guinea lives in a 510 square inch meshed rabbit cage (She is old and has a back leg injury). She is...
  19. Hazel Hammy

    Diet Cheap Pellet Foods?

    Hi! :D So I have been feeding my pig Wild Harvest for 6 years now... (almost 7!). And I have been told recently on the hamster forum that it is bad quality. See- my parents pay for her food, so I can't ask for a really expensive food or they won't pay for anything at all and I'll be in deep...
  20. Hazel Hammy

    Fleece Litter Box Training? (And Litterbox Questions)

    Hi! ;) I am interested in litterboxing my pig, so I could use some fleece in her cage instead of newspaper (I'm hoping it will warm her up for the winter months). I do have a litterbox, all I need is some litter... Right? Is this kind of litter okay: Planet Petco Small Animal...? :?: Also, is...