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  1. joys_cavies

    Cage Dog Jumped on cage - destroyed - now what?

    So last night my 75 pound border collie / pitbull / lab / jack Russell jumped onto my guinea pigs cage when Matchi wheeked and she got scared, so she jumped. The cage is now completely destroyed and unsalvagable. I could barely scratch up a 2x3. They have a huge play pen (it's just under 3x4...
  2. joys_cavies

    Diet How To Save Money?

    Okay so first things first I AM a minor. BUT I pay for my pigs with my own money. Long story short, Matchi had a vet visit & I made my mom buy me 3 packs of grids so I could raise their stand & give them a 2x6 ( I have two females ). So I'm in debt about....$300 & my mom gets my next 3 pay...
  3. joys_cavies

    Size Help me design my cage!

    Okay. So my cage is gonna need a lot of help lol. I have two sows, Bailey Noel and Matchi. I never posted Matchi's adoption cause I kept forgetting, but I adopted her at 3 on the two months ago from CCR (Cali Cavy Rescue). She's a runt, who loves to escape! She can fit her head up to her...
  4. joys_cavies

    Bonding Want multiple opinions & tips?

    So, after being turned down 3 times, I've finally found my girl! Anyway, she's a baby and I've heard/been told it should go over smoothly. The last two times it did as both of Bailey's former cage mates were babies when they met. Anyway I'll be getting her sometime after noon tomorrow. She's 3...
  5. joys_cavies

    Photos Help! I've fallen in love and can't get up!

    Each day I fall more and more in love with these piggies. And I fall hard lol. So here are some adorable pictures of my sweet single sow, Bailey Noel. I'd love to see yours too!
  6. joys_cavies

    General Bringing Home Two 4 Month Old Girls - Advice Needed

    So after a couple weeks of looking, i finally found *two* companions for Bailey. I have some questions though. Food - So Bailey is a year and 2 months. I still have Oxbow Young Guinea Pig Essentials pellets left from when I had Emmy and Mocha. Should i give this to the new girls during cuddle...
  7. joys_cavies

    Adopting I'm so happy!!!

    So on May 30th I will be going down to LA Guinea Pig Rescue and getting Bailey Noel a friend! And almost have everything ready I'm just super excited!!!! Eeekkkk lol. Any one else ever have pre - adoption giddy's?
  8. joys_cavies

    General Trying my best - Struggling

    Sorry. I didn't really know where to put this - but it concerns guineas. A lot. So, first the split of Emmy and Bailey. And Bailey got bummed after about a week, and Emmy was confused. Then Emmy got hurt. And got soft tissue trauma. Any one remember Mocha? Exact same thing. $500 for Mocha...
  9. joys_cavies

    Cleaning Cutest Cage Cleaning EVER!

    So today I was at the vet all day with my guinea pig Emmy (because she got hurt), leaving Bailey all by herself. I also went to the store and got Oxbow Pellets, Meadow Hay, and Freeze dried bananas for the pigs. (yummm). Anyway....on with the story! So Bailey is definitely an outgoing pig...
  10. joys_cavies

    Behavior Biting

    Yes biting. Not nipping. My 7 month old, Emmy, keeps biting Bailey who just turned one. They have two of almost everything and Emmy will come out of nowhere and bite her and just plain harass her! Example: Bailey will be eating and Emmy will run out of her cuddle sack, bite her and push her...
  11. joys_cavies

    Diet Thinking of going pellet less

    So I really want to go pellet less for two reasons: 1)Oxbow Pellets are super expensive and my girls waste a lot 2)I don't want then to form stones So my question is, how do I go pellet less? Do I ease them off? Cold turkey? What veggies should I feed? I know a wide variety. Right now the...
  12. joys_cavies

    Joy Happy 1st Birthday Bailey Noel!

    So today my oldest girl turned 1! I can't believe it! She's so big from this itty-bitty thing when I got her at 7 months. She is the sweetest, bravest, silliest, most trouble making guinea pig you will ever meet! And I just wanted to say thank you for this forum for without you Bailey Noel would...
  13. joys_cavies

    Blankets How to?

    I have a couple of questions regarding U-haul blankets. My mom has some left over from her last move and we are getting them tomorrow. So anyway, here are my questions: 1)How do I use the U - Haul? Do I cut it to fit or...? 2)How many layers would I need? 3) How long does it last? 4)How do...
  14. joys_cavies

    Fur How to trim fur?

    So my Silkie/American guinea pig, Bailey Noel (Bailey as most of you know her) has fur that's getting really long. She's okay with baths once she settles down and I only groom her then since her hair isn't to terribly long. Now my question. How can I trim her hair? Can I take her to my vet? She...
  15. joys_cavies

    C&C Building my c&c. Questions?

    So I finally got my mom to agree to get let me make a C&C cage. She was on the fence about it because of Lunatic (9 month old kitten) knows how to open my door. Well we managed to cat proof my room! So now she's all for it! So I'm either building a 3x4 or a 3x5. I have 2 female piggies but would...
  16. joys_cavies

    R.I.P Mocha

    So on January 29th at 1:23 am little Mocha, only 11 weeks old, had a seizure. She survived about 3 minutes after and died at 1:26 am. Bailey had alerted me before the seizure and I manged to catch little Mocha as she fell out of her cuddle cup. She died in my arms as i pet her and told her i...
  17. joys_cavies

    Pigsitting Need a pig-sitter

    So I am going out of town for March 4th - 11th and then April 18th - 26th. I need a pig sitter. I have a 2x5 c&c cage with a 1x2 loft. Preferably I would like them to be with the pig sitter cause our kitten knows how to open doors and almost killed one of my girls one time. Both my girls are in...
  18. joys_cavies

    General Wrong about gpigs age?

    So I was looking at old photos of Emmy and I realized that her old owners had her age wrong. When I got her she was actually 2 Months not 6. She is now months old Can I still give her calcium like I do with Mocha? She won't be 6 months till next month. I just want to know if it's okay. I also...
  19. joys_cavies

    Bedding I have borrowers

    Hi, How do I make my two oldest girls not burrow? They've destroyed the wood pellets and messed up the fleece twice in one day. How do u help them not burrow.
  20. joys_cavies

    Pellets I'm disgusted

    After hearing good things about Dr. fosters and Smith I am repulsed by this. Like seriously!?!?!? To bad their hay is cheap enough to afford but it's just sad that they advertise this