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  1. gidgethansen

    New babies and a BIG CAGE

    Update: we had two males and a female born. The two crazy hair ones are males. Yesterday they went to their new home. We kept the baby female (Moo) and mom. Now we have a Big cage and two female piggies. Thank yall for all the hep.
  2. gidgethansen

    2 brother guinea pigs needs a home Texas

    The boys have a home. They went yesterday. The family that has them just loves them. Iv given them all the tools they could use to give the boys a great home. Im so happy.. Now all we have is Charlie and Moo.. Perfect.
  3. gidgethansen

    Elroy, Rockit and Chewy - New to the site (pics included)

    Just like everyone else.. Love the cage.. wondeful idea. and I love how neat, clean it is. Your pictures of the boys are really good. Welcome and thanks for sharing.
  4. gidgethansen

    Sexing Need help sexing my babies.

    Yes we have determined the sex of our piggies. KooKoo is a boy he was mounting mom on day 19. Dos is a boy. He looks the same as his brother and the pictures of a male. Moo is a girl. She has all the look of a female and has had no mounting behavior. The boys have a new home to go to this...
  5. gidgethansen

    Won't Eat Just weaned boys not eating like before

    so is it ok that I weaned them a few days early or should they stay with mom till Friday. I do have a new home for them and they will be picking them up this weekend. Might be good that they were weaned before they leave? Dont know just want everyone heathy and happy
  6. gidgethansen

    Size Why always x2 and not x3?

    I pretty much have the same reason as the rest. It fits perfect on my table 2X5 with a 2X2 loft. No way would a 3X fit on any table I have. But I belive the more space the better.
  7. gidgethansen

    Won't Eat Just weaned boys not eating like before

    I had to wean my 18 day old boys. One was tring to mount mom. I have been giving them thier veggies and they are not cleaning thier plate. They are eating but not as much. Normally everything is gone. They just lay next to the end of the cage where the mom is on the other side and weak really...
  8. gidgethansen

    Behavior How do I wean the boys?

    Also I have posted pictures so you can help me sex my piggies. I dont want to get it wrong.
  9. gidgethansen

    Behavior How do I wean the boys?

    :?:I think my pig had two male babies and its almost time to wean. Is there something I need to do for this process? I know with horses its best to wean over the fence where they can still see each other. It will be 21 days Friday and I have a home for the boys. Should I let them pick the boys...
  10. gidgethansen

    Sexing Need help sexing my babies.

    Here are the pictures of my guinea pigs. Can you hep me sex them. I think I have two males and a female. But I dont want to get it wrong. This is KooKoo. I think its a male. This is Dos. I think its a male. This is Moo. I think this is my female. Please help me. I have a home for the boys...
  11. gidgethansen

    4 year old female needs good home!

    I would take her but I dont think you will drive to Texas..
  12. gidgethansen

    Ideas Needed for a Cavy Education Program

    at the rescue or maybe a local church, school, or vet clinic?
  13. gidgethansen

    Ideas Needed for a Cavy Education Program

    This Little Piggy and Me - Guinea Pig Education courses to help you provide the best home for your new best friend.
  14. gidgethansen

    Ideas Needed for a Cavy Education Program

    This little Piggy went to market - a complete class on how to feed your piggy and where to buy it. From the supermarket, to online markets and growing it at home. This little piggy went to school - a Guinea Pig education class on how to take care of your new cavy, handling, feeding, vetting...
  15. gidgethansen

    General general piggy ideas

    What do you call g pig babies? What do you call a grouping of g pigs? What do you call a female g pig and a male g pig fixed and unfixed, before and after having babies? Sorry just wondering.:optimist:
  16. gidgethansen

    Comment by 'gidgethansen' in media 'Another view of our cage'

    cool cage but what are those animals at the bottom.. are those hairless piggies?
  17. gidgethansen

    Diet How much food?

    I give my little ones a bowl of veggies in the morning when Im making breakfast for the kids. Then in the afternoon the kids normally want to give them a treat, and then round dinner I give them a fruit, or a little more veggies. I keep the hay full all day and I have a mom and 3 babies so I...
  18. gidgethansen

    New Here,,

    Hey, Im from Texas too. Welcome. We have a lot of animals just like you. I have 5 dogs, 7 cats, 7 horses and 4 guinea pigs. Its nice to see another Texan join in. Sounds like you have a busy life. Tell us more about your little cavies? post pics of them.
  19. gidgethansen

    General How to use litter box and hay

    I have lots of differnt hay things in my cage. I have a mommy and 3 babies so we are still eating alfalfa.. So I took a hamster wheel (just the wheel part) and laid it on its side and use that like a mini hay ring for the alfalfa, I also have a hay ball that I got from petsmart, that you put the...
  20. gidgethansen

    Ideas Needed for a Cavy Education Program

    Alot of your ideas are great, but this was my fav. thank you. :D