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  1. Kelsie

    Hay Found this in my Oxbow Hay...

    I can't say what type of twigs these are but to me they just look like they were mixed in with the hay when it was harvested. I've found things like this on occasion when I've gone through my hay. When hay is harvested many things just get into the mix. I wouldn't worry about them being...
  2. Kelsie

    Behavior Newly adopted pig in quarantine - doesn't seem to be eating hay

    I'm so sorry for your loss of Pigsilver. It sure sounds like he had a rough go of life. You certainly did everything that you could for him. He was very blessed to have had such dedicated owners. May his beautiful spirit Rest In Peace. Thank you for adopting another unwanted piggy. It...
  3. Kelsie

    Cleaning Shop vac?

    Artista, GuineaDad uses the bottom half of what I think might be a Bissell vacuum. He uses it in his cage to pick up the hay and poo. I don't know if you ever watch any of his videos on Youtube but he shows it being used in many of his videos. I know that many people have asked him what kind...
  4. Kelsie

    My Guineas taking a pic

    Aww, they are so adorable. What beautiful piggies! Thanks for sharing your picture of them with us and welcome to the forum.
  5. Kelsie

    Chat So many gpigs for adoption rn...

    I only had one hamster in my life. I remember I called him "Happy" and when I purchased him I also bought the whole Habitrail system with all of the tubes and sleeping quarters. I think he had a pretty good life but I didn't spend a lot of time holding him. Even now I feel badly about that...
  6. Kelsie

    Hello fellow piggie lovers

    Welcome to the forum. It's so nice to meet you. I've also had piggies for years and yet each day I learn something new about them. Some of the information comes from the various forums I am on but much of it comes from the piggies themselves. They all have such different personalities. I'm...
  7. Kelsie

    Happy to be here! My name is Ben and Theo is my piggy.

    He is such a cutie and you are right, he is photogenic. It's so nice to meet both you and Theo. He's a lucky little guy to have been adopted by you. May you have many happy and healthy years with him.
  8. Kelsie

    Adopt vs. Buy I took RESCUE to a whole new level

    What an amazing story. You certainly went on and above in your rescue effort. Thank you for not giving up when it seemed like all hope was lost. This story really renews my belief that there are many good people in the world. Those three little girls are beautiful and they owe their lives...
  9. Kelsie

    Supplements Oxbow Natural Science (Supplements) - Your Thoughts?

    My pigs used to love the Oxbow Vitamin C tablets until they changed the formula and made them more of a wafer compared to a tablet. After that none of my pigs would touch them even after soaking the wafer to soften it up. I had to switch to a different type of Vitamin C. The only product that...
  10. Kelsie

    New & would like advice on adoption

    I agree with SSLee that this family will quickly lose interest in visiting the pigs once they are gone from their house. I wouldn't be afraid to continue with the rehoming because I don't think they will even contact you again. I do agree with you that guinea pigs are not for children. We...
  11. Kelsie

    Flags These people want to buy 10 diffrent types of animals and will trade produced rabbits

    @4boipigs, I agree with you about many of the craigslist ads being worrisome. I've never rescued a guinea pig from one of their ads but I did answer an ad from a lady wanting to find another home for her canary. I was very skeptical but after sending emails and receiving pictures from her...
  12. Kelsie

    Any advice on grieving and how to cope with guilt?

    My deepest sympathy for your loss of your precious piggy, Rico. You did everything that was humanly possible for him so please don't feel like you did anything wrong. Just by reading your post, I can see how very much you loved him. Please don't allow any guilt feeling to enter your mind by...
  13. Kelsie

    Unknowingly Adopted A Pregnant Guinea Pig (Any Advice is Welcome)

    I have no experience with a pregnant guinea pig, but from everything I've read from others, it's very common for them to lay around when they are close to delivery. I'm sure she feels very uncomfortable being so far along in her pregnancy. Did you say that she has already had a litter before...
  14. Kelsie

    General Pneumonia

    I will be keeping Louise in my thought and prayers for a speedy recovery. You are a very kind person to take her in when she was abandoned. I hope you will keep us updated as to how she is doing.
  15. Kelsie

    Hiding need some advice

    Guinea Pig Papa has given you excellent advice. Throughout my years of guinea pig ownership, I've had pigs with very outgoing personalities and pigs who were shy. With time each one of them became friendly and would respond to me whenever I approached their cage. The very sociable ones would...
  16. Kelsie

    How Many? Transitioning a Solo Pig

    I'm happy to hear that she seems to be adjusting. The signs to look out for would be loss of appetite and general listlessness. I would say that hiding out and not wanting to interact with you along with seemingly just loss of interest in life. She may grieve for a short time but that period...
  17. Kelsie

    How Many? Transitioning a Solo Pig

    I'm so sorry to hear about your losses and an extra hug for your loss of Hermione. I understand your situation regarding not wanting to get anymore piggies. I've seen that same scenario many times. I think you are doing the right thing by moving Ginny into a room where she is more surrounded...
  18. Kelsie


    Aww... They are adorable. Thank you for sharing your pictures and welcome to the forum.
  19. Kelsie

    Little Bear

    Guinea Pig Papa, I would also like to thank you for writing such a lovely tribute to both @boipigs and Little Bear. You always express your condolences in the most touching way. I've always admired that wonderful aspect of your posts.
  20. Kelsie

    Little Bear

    I'm so sorry to read of Little Bear's passing. I followed your posts on him and always admired you for the way you took him in and gave him so much love. Thank you for allowing us to share his life and for showing how he prospered when he finally found a home where he was treated with respect...