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  1. pigluvinARK

    The wonders of shedding

    Just thought I would share a little on the wonders of guinea pig shedding. I thought I had pink eye. So to keep our son from catching it I went straight to the ER. When I got there, the ever so nice doctor started washing my eye out. Then he tells me that it isn't pink eye. That in fact I had...
  2. pigluvinARK

    Reference Cage: Pipe cleaners to hold the water bottle

    Tip Type Cage Tip Title Pipe cleaners to hold the water bottle Your Tip I lost the wire for one water bottle so I used a colorful pipe cleaner to hold it in place. I makes it a little more festive. Where did you get the idea? Myself Link to source of idea (optional) - Permission to use your...
  3. pigluvinARK

    Need advice and help

    I am finding myself in need of alot of advice and understanding. I acquired two female guinea pigs about 5-6 weeks ago. Butterscotch and Tootsie. Well I got them out yesterday and noticed that Tootsie was a little wider than she has been. I sat down with her and put my hands on the sides of her...
  4. pigluvinARK

    Cheap Little Bed

    I went into Dollar Tree the other day and found the cutest little thing for a bed. They are stackable containers with a little lip on the front. I have one zip tied in each of the upper cages that way they can still run on the floor. They are hard plastic, so I am going to make a fleece pad to...
  5. pigluvinARK

    New pig lover in Arkansas

    Hi my name is Shanda and I am new to piggies. I seen one on a local freecycle group and new I had to have her. I was told it was a boy by the previous owner and by petco when I went to get a cage and accessories. Well then without knowing that I was helping the mills, I bought a male piggy from...