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  1. Wandalea

    Fleece Poop Patrol

    Now that my piggies are well over a year old, they put out waaaay more poops than they used to. Vacuuming it doesn't work because the fleece gets sucked in. When sweeping with a whisk broom, the broom sticks on the fleece. Their cage is only a few inches off the floor so hunching down & having...
  2. Wandalea

    Rehoming Airline Travel

    No plans yet, but I might in the future be moving from Hawaii to the mainland--an unforeseen event. How do piggies fare on airline flights? I will check to see if they are allowed like small dogs in a carrier cage that I can hold. Does anyone know about how the air pressure changes & dry air...
  3. Wandalea

    Hay Hay Amounts on Floor

    My piggies pull out & spread around the kitchen floor probably way more hay than they actually eat. I keep the mangers full. I think the hay on the floor could have some pee & poop on it & so not be healthy to eat--is this why they don't want to eat it? Or do they naturally love hay bedding? It...
  4. Wandalea

    Litter Training Overhead Cover in Kitchen

    I got a newsletter from the G.P. Cages Store that said if you add a "roof" to their kitchen area, they are much more likely to poop & pee in there on the wood pellets or other bedding than in the fleece area. They want to do it by their food & water but if they don't feel secure by having a...
  5. Wandalea

    Pellets Reducing Timothy Pellets at 6 Months

    So young piggies get all the timothy pellets they want (in addition to unlimited hay & at least 1 cup of the right veggies daily) & at 6 months the pellets are reduced to 2 TBSPs daily? When do I start the reduction & how quickly reduce it all the way down? Mine are now about 4 months old. Thanks!
  6. Wandalea

    Joy Adorableness Factors in Piggies

    There is something special about guinea pigs! I know all pets are great, yet piggies are so unique. What do you think it is? I love their innocence, goofy-ness, pop-corning, zooming, cute little feet, & slightly crazy personalities. And sweetness & connection with their humans. And spunkiness...
  7. Wandalea

    Vegetables Filipino Long Beans OK?

    Here we get Filipino "long beans", like regular green beans but about a foot long. Does anyone know if these are good for piggies?
  8. Wandalea

    C&C Plan For New Cage/Kitchen Question

    I am going to order a C & C 2'x4' cage & connect this current store bought one (40"x17.5" outside measurements) to it as a kitchen. I got it with my 2 new boar piggies not knowing how much space they truly need, even though this was the biggest one at the store. No piggie rescues here because I...
  9. Wandalea

    Hi...New Piggie Person Here

    I had piggies many years ago & now have had Dink & Doink for almost a week (no pun intended!) There have been no piggies listed on Craigslist or at the Humane Society because there has been no place to get them here. I live on a tiny island that had no pet store & just got a Petco so I got them...