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  1. Melissa123

    Conditions Possible Neurological Issues!

    A friend of mine and I were discussing that it could be a head trauma as well. Though this is just a thought, and of course we will never know for sure. She is a very sweet girl. Just scares me when she does the rearing and falls onto her back and in a trance. I always have both hands on her to...
  2. Melissa123

    Hay Is This Hay Good?

    I will say that this hay is VERY dusty with it being fully compressed. Loosen and shake really well before putting in the cage. I have heard of pigs having a bad reaction to all of the dust in this hay. Also- if you are allergic to timothy, this will be a horrible hay for you! That being...
  3. Melissa123

    Conditions Possible Neurological Issues!

    This girl does have a bobblehead somewhat as well. Weaving and she does circles too. Never have been through this with any of my pigs.
  4. Melissa123

    Conditions Possible Neurological Issues!

    I recently took in 2 foster pigs to help a friend out. One of them has some serious neurological issues it seems like. When she was younger she battled a ear infection that was not treated in time, and that left her with a head tilt. She is about 2 years old now. I am beginning to think there...
  5. Melissa123

    C&C I found 32 grids in my garage!

    Make sure the grids have 9x9 holes if they are the 14" grids. 1.5" holes to be exact. Anything with larger holes is dangerous.
  6. Melissa123

    Chins Chinchilla Neuter!~

    Does anyone here have any experience with neutering their male chinchillas? My 2 baby boys are due to be neutered on August 15th. They will be 12 weeks and some days. My vet is very savvy and has down this before. That part I am not worried about. I've had guinea pigs neutered by her as well...
  7. Melissa123

    Sexing Help sexing my pups Please

    That doesn't always tell you. If you are new to sexing guinea pig pups, it can be harder then that. The OP needs to be 100% certain about the genders as he stated he doesn't want more babies.
  8. Melissa123

    Sexing Help sexing my pups Please

    The first looks female to me. Second looks male. If they are all 3 weeks+ separate asap until you are 100% about their sex.
  9. Melissa123

    Sexing Help sexing my pups Please

    I would take a good long look on the cavy spirit sexing page and them to the ridge test on them. Closer, clear pictures will help as well. Straight on views, no side views. Having another set of hands will help a bunch.
  10. Melissa123

    Behavior Housing males and females? Fighting/set up?

    As far as her being blind- I can 100% fully say that my blind girl has benefited from having a cage mate. Like I told you about my boys, they are just fine with the females being in the same room. Moving to another room would be best, at least in the beginning. You then could slowly try...
  11. Melissa123

    Sexing Help sexing my pups Please

    Female, male, and female(?) Need better pics
  12. Melissa123

    Joy Baby guineas

    You clearly bred these females to make them "calmer". Why try to hide it and lie. Make sure you remove all males at 3 weeks of else you females will be pregnant in no time. As everyone else has said- breeding is NOT the way to go. Sows have a 20% chance of dying and so do the babies. There...
  13. Melissa123

    Ohio- Anyone willing to adopt some piglets?

    Enough already. This thread was started to possibly help my pigs get adopted into a new home. Not for a mental health talk. I assure you that aspecht knows fully of what is going on in my mind, much more than any of you know. Which is why she is standing up for me. I thank you for trying to...
  14. Melissa123

    Stones Star's medical thread

    Re: Why is my guinea pig whinning uncontrolably? No- asap! Like right now.
  15. Melissa123

    Ohio- Anyone willing to adopt some piglets?

    I am waiting for the right home for them. I am not interested in shipping my babies. I want to see where they go.
  16. Melissa123

    Ohio- Anyone willing to adopt some piglets?

    I am not able to post pictures, not sure why. I did share a link, however that has pictures of them.
  17. Melissa123

    Bloated Something is wrong with Chewy :(

    Massage his stomach as much as possible. If you have a vibrating pillow, that may help as well. He is eating and pooping?
  18. Melissa123

    Ohio- Anyone willing to adopt some piglets?

    Thanks you guys for the positive words. I am trying to hold it together. I try not to take every thing that I hear (or typed) to heart. This just really got to me. This thread makes me cry reading it. Words hurt, typed or spoken.
  19. Melissa123

    Ohio- Anyone willing to adopt some piglets?

    Pinky- you feel bad for my piggies? Why exactly is this - Because I care enough about them to know when it's time to rehome them to someone who can give them what they need? You are WAY out of line saying you feel sorry for my pigs. They will be placed in a new home with someone who can care for...
  20. Melissa123

    Ohio- Anyone willing to adopt some piglets?

    I am located in Columbus, Ohio