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  1. peachyteen

    Needing to rehome 2 Guinea Pig Girls in WA

    We are located in northwest Washington state, near Burlington. I need to rehome my 2 guinea pigs because between work, school, and my mental health, Im not able to take the time to properly take care of them. I have 2 girls, Peanut and Olive, in a 2×5 C&C cage. Peanut is happy to be held but...
  2. peachyteen

    Introductions New Guinea Pig

    So my boyfriend and I have decided to get another guinea pig! I found a pig on Craigslist that we will be getting. I've read the posts on introductions and I just wanna make sure I have everything right. We will be adding a 3rd piggy to our couple. Before we bring her home, we are going to...
  3. peachyteen

    Found Dog

    (I'm not sure if this is in the right spot, if there's a better spot for it, you can move it) My boyfriends mom came home today with a dog that she found wandering around and he has no collar on. He's a total sweet heart, I stuck my hand out to him so he could sniff me, but instead he just...
  4. peachyteen

    Behavior Silly piggies

    I noticed something really funny that Peanut does when she's eating hay; if she doesn't like a piece that she grabbed, she will toss it behind her. So the biggest pile of hay on the floor, is about 4 inches away from the hay rack lol
  5. peachyteen

    Convincing parents

    So, my boyfriend and I have 2 guinea pigs together and currently, they live at his house. He doesn't have a stable income (he has a job but it's minimum wage and only 8 garenteed hours, usually he gets more) and he is easily stressed out. Usually he does the day to day stuff of feeding and...
  6. peachyteen

    I have a few questions

    So I found this post on Craigslist, and my boyfriend and I were thinking about possibly adopting them. I was wondering what questions I should ask the poster, to figure out if we would be able to take them in. https://skagit.craigslist.org/pet/5369009660.html
  7. peachyteen

    Posted in wrong place

    I accidentally posted a thread called "Nails" in the vegetarian sub forum, I was wondering if you could move it to the appropriate forum. Thanks.
  8. peachyteen


    I wanna get a nail file for my two girls, rather than clipping their nails. Olive has all black nails and Peanut has 3 feet with black nails, so I'm very nervous about clipping their nails. I have trimmed their nails about 3 times, but the girls dislike having it done, as much as I hate doing it...
  9. peachyteen

    Guinea Pig Wishlist

    I was wondering if anyone has a Christmas wishlist for their piggies/a list of gifts you're getting them, and what those things are
  10. peachyteen

    Vet Costs Pet Insurance

    I was wondering how many people here have pet insurance for their piggies. I have a couple questions, Do you think it's worth it? How much do you pay? Who do you use? I've been thinking about getting it for our 2 piggies, they're still quite young (approx. 6 mo), so they're going to be around...
  11. peachyteen

    Cage Bedding and Cage Stand

    I think this is where I should put this question, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, my boyfriend and I have had our piggies for 5 or 6 weeks, and we have had a store bought cage, I knew this was too small but we didn't have access to anything larger and we didn't know what C&C cages were at...
  12. peachyteen


    I've been lurking here for a bit over a month now and I decided to finally make an account. I'm 17, and my boyfriend and I have 2 piggies. One is called Peanut and she is maybe 4-6 months. The other is called Olive and she is 3-4 months, we believe. Peanut is more hyper and talkative. She...