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  1. Geegi63

    Pellets Different pellets, same cage?

    Hi there, one of my guinea pigs (Scruffles :)) has just turned into an adult pig. I've got his timothy pellets, but the problem is I have another guinea pig (Scooby :)) that isn't over 6 months and, obviously, I need to feed him alfafa pellets. Is there any way they could still be in the same...
  2. Geegi63

    Blog Scruffles hates the vets!

    Yesterday Scruffles had to go to the 'scary' (in his case) vets! He's got a UTI :(, and they had to give him a painful injection. The vet had to go with another vet in another room because he was struggling so much! He made very loud and scary squeaks, because that must of been terrifying for...
  3. Geegi63

    Blog Scruffles and his cozy!

    A few days ago I made a pink-spotted cuddle cup for Scruffles, my male guinea pig lol. I've caught a photo of him laying in it, but you can't see him that well because he's black! Also, I just made a social group for all the crafty piggy mom's, so if anyone has made anything for their piggies...
  4. Geegi63

    Blog Loving these changes!

    The new changes are awesome! T has done a very good job :optimist:. I keep asking everyone if they like them aswell and it seems very positive! These blogs are a very good idea :). And the social groups, and the profile colours. :)
  5. Geegi63

    How could I try to stop my piggy being so skittish?

    Hi there, I've had my piggy for 3 1/2 months now, and he's still skittish :ashamed:. I put him in his run everyday, and try to do as much lap time as I can, but whenever I try to pick him up, he runs about everywhere therefore getting sawdust all over the floor. I'm not really fussy about the...
  6. Geegi63

    UK Where's the best place to get cozies from the uk?

    I look at photo galleries and comments say they get them fro petsmart, or a american website. I really want to get a cozy for my piggy, but I can't find any! I would make one, but I'm not the building type! Could you help or do you know how to make one and could you tell me? Thanks. :)
  7. Geegi63

    I'm new to guinea pigs!! And help!

    Hi, I'm Georgina. I recently got a piggy and it's called... Well, that's what I'm stuck on, my Mum wants to call him Gavin, my Nan wants to call him Sooty, and I just don't know! :confused: Can you help me out? He's nearly 10 weeks old and is black and has got some ginger tuffs on him face and...