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  1. SFailed186

    Sexing Is this a boy?

    It has been quite some time since I sexed a guinea pig, has been about four years since I last rescued. Is this a boy? This is before pressing on the area.
  2. SFailed186

    I need help with my dogs.

    Hello! I've had my Chow Chow/Akita mix, Karma, for a little over a year now. She is about one and a half years old. Today, we picked up our newly adopted dog, Stella. Stella is around two years old. She was spayed yesterday and is being treated for Kennel Cough, so I am sure she is agitated...
  3. SFailed186

    Blog Updates as of Late

    Hello! I apologize for not updating this regularly, but I do not have much free time. Anyway, my family line-up has changed once again. The four mice went back to their original owner. Two of the female baby finches were adopted some time ago and are currently living in a huge aviary with a...
  4. SFailed186

    I need resources!

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone could link me to some credible articles about animal overpopulation, benefits of spay/neuter, and also the benefits of animals shelters.
  5. SFailed186

    Socializing Cats, Help.

    Hello! My fiance and I have a cat named Kitty, she is currently around three and a half years old at the moment. My fiance found her as a stray and kept her ever since. Recently, we adopted a two month old kitten named Alexander. They are both fixed. Kitty is territorial, understandably. At the...
  6. SFailed186

    Diarrhea Too Many Veggies?

    I never thought I'd have to ask this question, but is it really possible to give them too many veggies? We do give a lot of veggies at night, but the reason we do that is to make sure everyone gets some. We have three girls who eat tons more than the other two, so we didn't want the two to go...
  7. SFailed186

    Sick Odd Poop, Mucous? (Natalie)

    I came home today and checked on the piggies and saw a pile of poop on the coroplast walls. I picked it up and it seems to be covered in a slimy substance, like mucous. Whatever the substance is, it is tinged red. The poop is VERY sticky and wet. We are not sure whose poop it is, but we suspect...
  8. SFailed186

    Blog Freya, Haylee, Villie, Natalie, and Lyla!

    Well, we have introduced Freya, Haylee, and Villie to their newly adopted sisters, Natalie and Lyla. (Yes, we have a name theme.) We expected Freya and Lyla's dominant personalities to clash, but surprisingly, our most submissive girl, Haylee, instantly attack Lyla. This series of attacks were...
  9. SFailed186

    Blog Lyla's Medical Updates (Last Update: 1/27/11)

    (Original Message: 1/26/11) We just got back from the vet about an hour ago and Lyla does have glaucoma in her left eye. She is blind in her left eye because of how advanced the glaucoma is and the pressure is extremely high in that eye, according to our vet. Our vet gave us two surgery...
  10. SFailed186

    Blog New Family Additions; Version 2.0

    A lot has changed since I have last been on to this site. In a matter of months, I acquired some new family additions. Since October, I now have Zebra finches. I started off with two, a male and female, named Tyler and Lee. They laid four eggs and now have four stunning juveniles that are soon...
  11. SFailed186

    Rest in peace Leila...

    My darling little girl...I barely had her a day. I wish I could have done more for her....I wish her awful sub human owner would have given her up before yesterday....then we would have had more time to help her... I feel like I failed her, and that we could have done more. Or rather, I'm not...
  12. SFailed186

    Blog First Day of Work: Complete.

    My first day of work was yesterday and it went SO well! I worked 6-9. The first hour or so, my sister and I had to watch instruction videos for the front counter and fries. So, my sister did fries yesterday and I worked the front counter. It was actually a lot of fun! I saw a lot of my friends...
  13. SFailed186

    Vegetables Oriental Kale?

    Whenever I go veggie shopping, I see Oriental Kale and I wonder if I can feed it because it is SO pretty. My girls aren't very fond of regular kale, so I thought maybe they would like Oriental Kale if it tasted different. Can I even feed it?
  14. SFailed186

    High Quality Bird Products

    So, as we all know, pet stores are notorious for not selling the safest and healthiest products for our pets. This is clearly true with my lovely guinea pigs and the horrible food that they ate. Anyway, my fiance and I are planning on adopting two to three finches (probably Society finches)...
  15. SFailed186

    Blog I am officially employed!

    As of yesterday, I am now officially employed by McDonald's. Hey, don't knock it, a job is a job. I have my orientation next week and I still need to get my work permit, but after that is done, I will start training with a manager. I cannot even tell you how happy and excited I am! Also, today...
  16. SFailed186

    Blog I got my car!

    Well, I now officially have a car. It is a silver 2001 Chevy Prizm. I haven't been in it yet, but it is all mine. My fiance's dad is giving it to me. I need to get my permit and start driving, but still. I am super excited!
  17. SFailed186

    Blog The Drain Puppy!

    On the first of this month, we had a very eventful day at the animal shelter that I volunteer at. A tiny two week old puppy feel down the drain! In each kennel, we have a drain system so that most of the urine will run down and out of the kennel so the dogs don't lay in it. Well, the mother...
  18. SFailed186

    The Legal Side Of Owning A Rescue...?

    In several years, once my fiance and I have the proper housing arrangements and financial situation, we would like to start our own home-run guinea pig rescue. I am quite aware of all of the work and money and time that goes into owning a rescue/shelter, as I volunteer with a local shelter. We...
  19. SFailed186

    We have a major water problem over here. Need help now!

    I truly apologize if this is in the wrong section, but I am very nervous and need help now. Right now, my area of the city is flushing the fire hydrants. We got a notice a month ago saying that there might be rust and other particles in our water supply for about a week. Well, we are also...
  20. SFailed186

    Blog "New" Car. : )

    My fiance got a "new" car today! His dad is best friends with a mechanic and the mechanics son sold the car to Austin for $250. It's a Cadillac and it's a lot nicer than his old Taurus. The Taurus is what we wrecked in, so I am very happy to get rid of it, haha. Well, the Cadillac has a few...