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  1. xguineapigrulez

    I adopted a new piggie.

    She's really cute! Can I have her? :p joking!
  2. xguineapigrulez

    Feeding Time!

    They're so cuttte! Can I have them? :silly: joking!
  3. xguineapigrulez

    a question about diet

    Big seeds with shells can choke Guinea Pigs, and seeds provide too much calcium for the piggies. Seeds are unhealthy for them. Once my cousin fed a sunflower seed to my piggie and she nearly choked. I was lucky I went in the room so I pulled the shell out.
  4. xguineapigrulez

    Princess Pixie!

    She's so cuuuuute! I love her colour!
  5. xguineapigrulez

    Two new MODERATORS join CC--Percy's Mom & Susan9608!

    *Claps* CONGRATULATIONS! yay!
  6. xguineapigrulez

    UK UK online pet supplies.

    I think you should mix a little in with the new hay, they'll get to it sometime!! Just be patient.
  7. xguineapigrulez

    Off to the Vet again!

    Great! (((huggles from me and Ginny!!)))
  8. xguineapigrulez

    I wish...

    I would love him too! he looks just so cute!
  9. xguineapigrulez

    Ratties Rat cage?

    I guess they're saying, "Remove the wire flooring though".
  10. xguineapigrulez

    China Hi Hi ~

    Hey, i'm from Hong Kong! PS. Jeez this board is old...
  11. xguineapigrulez

    Ok.... I am so mad!

    Since the sun flower seed incident with my cousin, Ginny is starting to be scared of me :grumpy:! Thanks to my cousin... I think she's been secretly playing with Ginny and handling her roughly. Too bad Ginny's room doesn't have a lock!! :mad:
  12. xguineapigrulez

    How to create a cheap and easy webiste??

    I have added your piggie webbie to my favourites. :D
  13. xguineapigrulez

    Hello Remember me

    *cries* That's so sad... Sends lotsa love from Ginny and me!
  14. xguineapigrulez

    Guinea veggies

    Your piggie may have malocclusion. Check this> http://www.guinealynx.com/malocclusion.html
  15. xguineapigrulez

    How much should i pay for a good Cavy cage

    You can make a C&C cage. Don't buy from a petstore, their cages are crap (equivalent to a cat litter box). Check the homepage! That's what this website is about! CAVYCAGES
  16. xguineapigrulez

    Is there something wrong?

    Ok, thanks for the replies! it's ok, she's not drooling. I checked again and it turns out there was a SUNFLOWER SEED shell stuck in-between her teeth. I asked my cousin why Ginny had eaten a sunflower seed and she said she fed it to her. :mad:
  17. xguineapigrulez


    They have LOADS of Ikea's here in Hong Kong. They sell a wide variety of furniture! but I don't see Ikea's have restaurants.
  18. xguineapigrulez

    Is there something wrong?

    I am a little worried over Ginny... Sometimes when I catch her lazing about, she chatters her teeth and wipes her mouth with her paw. I am sure it isn't malloccussion as she gets a cup of vegetables and a fresh supply of timothy hay every day. Could she be choking on something? :(
  19. xguineapigrulez

    HELP!!! Questioning Rescuers Advice

    The reason why your piggie is acting like that is because he is excited about seeing someone new/meeting someone.
  20. xguineapigrulez

    Zambi's Pigtures

    Really cute piggies! Hehe, maybe they ARE taking over the world behind your back! :mischievo:shhh: