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  1. Pawesomepet

    General Possible Lethal at Petco

    Where did you get that from, may I ask? The brutal honesty of it is that they will euthanize before going through the trouble of sending her back. I've worked with a large store taking in their "damaged" animals. My papers simply stated you are not allowed to talk about why you got that pet for...
  2. Pawesomepet

    Pet Stores Where do pigs go if they are not "adopted" from stores???

    They go up for "adoption". I took in many of those they are free because they are "damaged", aggressive, or too old to be sold. It's pretty sad.
  3. Pawesomepet

    New owner to 1 piggie, expecting 1 more

    No it doesn't look under the red words that say MINIMUM you will see for one Guinea pig it is .7 as well is it for two guinea pigs. I don't see where that is being missed. Yes it's better they are in at least a 2X4 but that is not the minimum.
  4. Pawesomepet

    New owner to 1 piggie, expecting 1 more

    Clearly you can not read but thanks for trying the PREFERRED cage size for 2 is a 2X4 and MINIMUM as I have stated before is a 2X3. Guinea pigs can live happily in a 2X3 two of my boys lived in one years ago.
  5. Pawesomepet

    New owner to 1 piggie, expecting 1 more

    Actually a 2X3 is also the minimum for two but I thank you anyways.
  6. Pawesomepet

    New owner to 1 piggie, expecting 1 more

    If you can't go bigger than a 2x3.5 it will be fine to have 2 guinea pigs that get along in that size. Also a 2X3 is minimum for two guinea pigs. I'd also like to add that is regardless the gender it depends on the pigs.
  7. Pawesomepet

    Urine Guinea's Medical Thread

    That's very upsetting to hear. I'm so sorry! I hope you choose to stay or come back every now and then. If you ever do chose to get another guinea pig at some time I wish you the best journey with her/him. Rest Peace fully Guinea!
  8. Pawesomepet

    Urine Guinea's Medical Thread

    I was told sugar water by my vet because my guinea pig was extremely close to death. This guinea pig does not sound like it's doing good. I assumed they did not have pedialyte so simply said what my vet told me to make sure my girl stayed alive till I could get in to her in the morning. Not...
  9. Pawesomepet

    Urine Guinea's Medical Thread

    When you get dehydrated you lose sugar (and salt) if you don't have pedialyte or other drinks with eloctolytes I would give her sugar water through a syringe. Regular water does not give her back what she lost from dehydration like the others. Sugar water will also help keep her blood sugar up...
  10. Pawesomepet

    Urine Guinea's Medical Thread

    Re: Help! Guinea is in very bad condition! Did her bottom teeth ever grow back and is the abcess from her tooth? I would have thought the vet would have dealt with that when you took her in? The sunken in eyes can typically indicate that she is dehydrated. Meaning you need to get pedialyte...
  11. Pawesomepet

    Where to Order? oxbow daily c

    I occasionally put drops of the vitamin c drops in their pellets.
  12. Pawesomepet

    Flags Good post for a change

    Breeders around me sell theirs for 10$ to 15$ so the cost doesn't really seem alarming to me.
  13. Pawesomepet

    Chat What to buy.... Hate pet stores!

    I'm pretty sure they can have them in their pellets. I occasionally put them in my pigs pellets since I can no longer get oxbow vitamin c tablets.
  14. Pawesomepet

    Midwest C&C vs Midwest

    A new MW cage would cost upwards to 40$ a new sheet of Coro from HomeDepot about $15 with taxes. I do like the MW cages but they are not for me I changes my cages way too often.
  15. Pawesomepet

    Midwest C&C vs Midwest

    With midwest cages it's hard to change it when you want to. With C&C cages you can. For my two girls I started with a 2X3 then changed it to a 2X5 for 3 girls then to a 3X4 and now it is a 2X6 L shape with a kitchen.
  16. Pawesomepet

    Play Guinea Pig Tag???

    Many guinea pigs run when you try to pick them up they are not playing, they are genuinely scared it's not a game to them.
  17. Pawesomepet

    Hello! Meet us!

    Welcome he's adorable! The person stated they are looking to get him a friend in the near future.
  18. Pawesomepet

    Midwest Midwest and c+c cage?

    Skinny pigs should be in a warm room at all times. What's the average temperature in your basement?
  19. Pawesomepet

    Fleece Yesterday's News and fleece liners

    I use Esquisicat paper pellet litter under my fleece and it works really well just a little more expensive but it works.
  20. Pawesomepet

    Weight Loss Old underweight guinea pig

    I would look outside of your town for a vet I live in a small town too I drive an hour out to my guinea pigs vet.