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  1. Heather Acosta

    C&C My cage journey (NEW CAGE!)

    First, I want to thank everyone for their help and advise on the Bed, Bath, & Beyond grids. I was able to find some grids locally at Kmart (I made sure that they were safe). I have finally finished the new cage for my piggies and they absolutely LOVE it! First cage (I actually had 2, but can't...
  2. Heather Acosta

    Grids Grids from Bed Bath & Beyond?

    I'm looking at moving my piggies from their current cage (pictured below) to a C&C. I've been able to find a place that sells coroplast locally, so I will be able to purchase that with no issues. My concern is that I have been able to find the grids locally that are safe. I was able to find...
  3. Heather Acosta

    Play Happy piggies!!!

    I've been making cozy items for my piggies, but my most recent creation is apparently an all around favorite. I was able to create a warm tunnel with fleece and some batting. As soon as I put it in their cage, two of my three piggies went over to check it out. Since then, all three of my piggies...
  4. Heather Acosta

    C&C Alternatives New cage help

    So, I'm currently having to live in a hotel as we were forced out of our trailer (long story) and are still looking for a new place to live. I got my guinea's around the time we lost the trailer (one before and the two right after). Before I found this site, I still thought that the old rules...
  5. Heather Acosta

    Hello From Colorado! Am I alone?

    Hi, I was just wondering if there was anyone else in Colorado besides me. I'm currently in the Pueblo region. I currently have 3 piggies. Vicky is about 6 months old. Simba and Nala are siblings and are about a year old. I got Vicky from a pet store (yes horrible, I know, and I have no intention...
  6. Heather Acosta

    Flags ANOTHER one?!?!?!?!?!?! Please Flag!!!!

    This one is in the farm & garden section, but it's the same people as before. "Summer breeding project" "no special cage needed, rubbermaid bin will do" Disgusting people http://pueblo.craigslist.org/grd/5251117643.html
  7. Heather Acosta

    Flags Please Flag

    I can't believe that anyone would breed any animal as a project. AND they are saying that they don't need a special cage, that a rubbermaid bin will do!!!! http://pueblo.craigslist.org/pet/5251130006.html
  8. Heather Acosta

    Pregnancy Pregnant?

    One of my piggies has been showing all of the signs of being pregnant. Or so we thought. We took her to the vet and even he said that he thought she was pregnant. We do not know how far along she is, she would have gotten pregnant before we got her. We do have two other piggies, a brother/sister...