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  1. CaseyB

    Water Which water bottle is best.

    My Guinea Pigs seem to play with their water bottle non stop until it's empty. It is the number one reason for wasted wood pellets. Has anyone found a tricks or other water bottles that aren't as easy for them to empty ?
  2. CaseyB

    Crusty Eyes Hay stuck in eye

    Hey all, Just wanting to see how common this is. I have had two of my pigs get hay stuck in their eyes in the last month ? My vet tells me it's quite common. Has anyone else had this problem ? Just not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I've attached a picture of my hay rack to see if that's...
  3. CaseyB

    General Pet sitters

    I don't know if anyone else has this issue. My wife and I have quite a few small animals that we absolutely love (4 GP's, 2 rabbits, chinchilla, hedgehog and cats). My worries is when we go out of town, who do we find to look after them. They require so much attention, that I'm not sure others...
  4. CaseyB

    Fleece Fleece in Canada

    Is there a recommended website or person in Canada to buy fleece items from. I have already contacted Zoey and Lilo's Toy Box. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. CaseyB

    C&C Kitchens

    I see a lot of "kitchens" posted on here. Are they recommended ? I have a 2x6 with 4 pigs, how big should it be ?
  6. CaseyB

    Upper Levels I made my loft [emoji4]

    I decided today to add a 2x2 loft to my 2x6 cage. Hopefully they figure out how to use it. I guess only time will tell.
  7. CaseyB

    Adopting Skinny Pig !

    There is a lady close by that is splitting up her herd. She has a few Skinny Pigs that are in need of re-homing. I have never had a Skinny Pig and not sure how much they differ from the rest. Is there anyone that currently owns one that could give me some insight on care, temperament...
  8. CaseyB

    Upper Levels Loft or no loft ?

    I'm looking for opinions on lofts. Are they useful ? Do pigs like them ? Is it better to have a bigger single level cage ?
  9. CaseyB

    General Skittish pregnant pig

    I have a possible pregnant sow. She is by far the most skittish pig I have seen. She has warmed up a bit since I have had her. But everything I go to get her out of the care, it's a fight. I don't want to cause her any stress or the babies any harm. Any suggestions to get her out of the cage ?
  10. CaseyB

    Hay Timothy Hay vs Oat Hay vs Orchard Grass

    I'd like to know people opinions on what they feed their pigs for hay. I have been looking at Timothy hay, oat hay and orchard grass. I have allergies to Timothy hay and was also wondering if anyone found the other hays less reactive towards their allergies.
  11. CaseyB

    Bonding Getting neutered

    Wish my boy a speedy recovery [emoji4] Pop is going to be neutered today, so he eventually (4 weeks)can go back with his lady friend and her new roommates. Wish him luck !!!
  12. CaseyB

    Cage CareFresh

    I have seen a lot posted about Carefresh ! Is this a litter that is used a lot by people on here ? I wouldn't mind getting some opinions on it. Thanks [emoji4]
  13. CaseyB

    Rescues Guinea Pig Resue

    Hi there, I just moved to a smaller town (still a population of 90,000)from a larger centre in British Columbia, Canada. Since I've been here I've notice that there are no resources for small animals let alone guinea pigs. All the surrenders get taken back to Petsmart or Petland. I have quite...
  14. CaseyB

    Pregnancy Possible pregnant and aggressive male

    I just adopted an unaltered male female pair, where the female has had babies in the past. As soon as I got the home I separated him from the female (in hopes that she isn't pregnant again)and put her in a cage with 2 other females (introduction went very well). My plan is to neuter the male and...
  15. CaseyB


    Hi there, im new to the forum. We have 4 GP3 females and 1 male. I hope to gain information