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  1. scoottie

    Rest Well Sweet boy

    My sweet boy Sawyer passed away peacefully in my arms tonight at 7:35pm. Rest well sweet boy 12/11/15 - 10/17/21
  2. scoottie

    Other Little Update on "Best Kept Secret"

    I just wanted to give an update on my best kept secret that I posted more than a year ago. On January 31, 2021 I adopted this sweet OTTB that I named Tucker This picture was before I adopted him And this is now It took a lot of trial and error to figure out the best feeding program for him...
  3. scoottie

    Other Keeping a huge secret

    I have some big news to share (no pun intended) and I would like everyone to know what it is. I would like everyone to meet Tucker J (I just call him Tucker) the horse that has stolen my heart and one the I am hopefully going to be adopting soon.
  4. scoottie

    Loss Really sweet experience

    I just picked up Leo's ashes from the vet and now I am going to have a good thought what I want to do with them. The lovely wooden box he came in
  5. scoottie

    General Piggy dealing with loss

    I lost my sweet boy Leo yesterday suddenly and unexpectedly and now of course my thoughts go to Sawyer he seems fine not even missing him. Maybe im missing Leo so much ive put my feelings onto Sawyer. I honestly dont want to get another pig I dont want to stress my 5 year old Sawyer out with a...
  6. scoottie

    Rest Easy Sweet Boy

    I have been putting this off and or not wanting to post this but my sweet boy Leo suddenly passed away last night in his sleep and of course my mind goes what happened? What went wrong? Could I have prevented this? What could have caused a very healthy 5 year old to suddenly pass away in his...
  7. scoottie

    Supplements Vitamin C Question

    I currently have a piggy with a URI and was wondering just how much would be appropriate of this in a 1ML syringe
  8. scoottie

    Bathing Leo's First Bath

    Leo got his first bath today and I have to say a first bath at 4 he behaved nicely for it.
  9. scoottie

    Diet Wanting to switch over to KMS Hayloft

    I am wanting to switch over to KMS Hayloft now that they have free shipping the problem being I could switch the pellets over my boys are not picky when it comes to that but with hay they are really picky if its not orchard they will stick their noses up at it and run away. So my question is do...
  10. scoottie

    Rest well Bandit

    He gave us the que that it was time to return home rest well buddy I hope the sky pastures are treating you to some nice grass.
  11. scoottie

    Nutrition Vet said 884 grams is overweight

    I seriously think 884 grams is fine for my pig he has a small frame on him particularly for a boar and yet the vet today said he is heafty at the weight.
  12. scoottie

    Conditions Leo and Sawyer 2

    Apologies my first thread is too old to post onto it anymore. Tonight doing my nightly check I noticed blood in the cage so naturally I checked both of my boys and noticed blood on one of my boys paws but found no reason for it to be bleeding. Checking Sawyer I noticed a small amount of dried...
  13. scoottie

    Allergies Aspen Shavings Switched to Paper bedding - Advice on cheap bulk paper bedding

    Due to my piggies now being 4 I wanted them to have a softer bedding so they can snuggle into it but when I switched from Aspen over to paper bedding I noticed I am actually breathing a lot easier. It makes me think that I might be allergic to aspen shavings. Is that strange? Now with this...
  14. scoottie

    Chewing Running out of things to get

    I have some big chewers that I am running out of ideas for what to get everytime I get something they chew it and when I think they are not bored of it I get it again only for them to have gotten bored of the chew. I must have gotten through of all of the safe Oxbow Enriched life chews. I have...
  15. scoottie

    General Something really cute

    Sawyer says mom your lap is just free real estate right after jumping on my lap during his free roam time
  16. scoottie

    Rabbits Advice on possible breed

    Does any rabbit savy person know what possible rabbit breed my perspective rabbit may be Rey
  17. scoottie

    Forages Safe ingredients

    What is a safe forage that my piggies and rabbit could have?
  18. scoottie

    General Baby care - asking for a friend

    My friend's female just had babies today and is wondering when she can introduce veggies to them.
  19. scoottie

    General Another Hay source

    Where I get my hay currently doesn't have it in stock what other brand is a good brand to try?
  20. scoottie

    General Happy 2nd Birthday to my boys

    I nearly forgot it was my boys birthday don't I feel horrible.