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  1. blackarrow

    Got a chuckle out of the local cavy club's link to GPC -

    It gives a link to the "sexing" page, with a heading reading "WARNING - GRAPHIC." Maybe it shouldn't be mind boggling to me that the same club giving kids detailed breeding information thinks it's possible those same kids might not ought to look at guinea pigs' genitalia to see if the ones they...
  2. blackarrow

    Hay Who's tried this season's Kleenmama's?

    I got my piggers both her bluegrass and 3rd timothy last year and both were amazing. After getting the email this year about how her 3rd cut is very short I decided to try a local bale, which was OK, but I'm considering Kleenmama's again too. My boys are long-piece snobs so I won't get the 3rd...
  3. blackarrow

    Great product from one of our own!

    I just bought a guinea pig hammock from SilverBeat's Etsy shop (SilverBeat Creations by SilverBeatShop on Etsy) and not only did she do a great job of it, but she customized it to my request, and even hand-delivered it! (OK, so I don't think she would do that for people further away from her...
  4. blackarrow

    Naming help requested for dog!

    My family is fostering a young male hound mix stray for a rescue. The name the rescue had given him is "Jesse," which, unfortunately, causes Rick Springfield or Carly Simon songs I detest to play in my head every time I call him that, so I'm avoiding calling him anything at all, which can't...
  5. blackarrow

    The Invisible Fence Debate

    What odd timing this is - WHILE I was typing this message the phone rang. It was a woman from the rescue which the dog had escaped from - one of my neighbors had cornered him on their deck and gotten a leash on him - he is now safely ensconced in a big crate in my family room! I'm going to...
  6. blackarrow

    Tumor Surgical preparations/recovery?

    Our little Cletus is going in for surgery Tuesday to remove a tumor or cyst of some sort which is blocking one of his ear canals. Is there anything I should know about preparation of a guinea pig for surgery? I.e. can he have hay up until his surgery, should I skip his pellets the morning of...
  7. blackarrow

    Reference Other: Carrier for short trips to the vet

    Tip Type Other Tip Title Carrier for short trips to the vet Your Tip It's COLD where I live and I need a sturdy, safe, warm carrier to take a single pig to the vet. I'm using a "Box o' Joe" from Dunkin' Donuts, minus the bag which would ordinarily hold the coffee. It's a hidey-sized, sturdy...
  8. blackarrow

    Lump Lump blocking ear canal?

    Hello, all. I'm going to call a vet but I'm looking for some group wisdom. Cletus is about 1.5 and in good health, acting normally, no weight loss at all. Today when clipping his toenails I took a look inside his ears and was surprised to find a smooth, round, firm lump which appears to...
  9. blackarrow

    How cute are these plushies?

    Our actual boys: And now, the toy boys!: Custom made by board member Morumoto, in preparation for my son's birthday in February, and in celebration of their adoption last March.
  10. blackarrow

    Diamond cat food recall - Premium Edge

    Diamond Pet Foods Announces Recall of Premium Edge Adult Cat and Premium Edge Hairball Cat Food
  11. blackarrow

    Pellets I know virtually anything Hartz is garbage

    but while in the Wal-Mart the other day, I took a look at their plain pellets and actually didn't see anything wrong with any of the ingredients. I can see that their "Bonanza" and "Wholesome Select" have any number of garbage ingredients, but can anyone tell me what might be in the basic...
  12. blackarrow

    No "+ or -" feature in this subforum?

    I'm puzzled if this is just a glitch or if there's a reason for this. Similarly I see a "thanks" but not a "no thanks."
  13. blackarrow

    Vegetables Keeping greens fresh

    OK, I'm frustrated with keeping my greens fresh. I've been using those green storage bags specifically for veggies that are supposed to vent gases that make them get slimy, and that does appear to work better than the plastic bags you get in the grocery, but certain of my greens (notably the...
  14. blackarrow

    Fleece Big fleece sales at Jo-Ann Fabrics

    For all you fleece lovers out there, Jo-Ann Fabrics has their fleece at 50-60% off for the rest of the week. (No, I don't work there - I buy fleece regularly for use in a business, so I'm a cheap fleece stalker, LOL.)
  15. blackarrow

    Behavior Now that's just rude!

    OK, so I know I really have no real reason for complaint with our boars, Kirby and Cletus, in the eating department. They're really healthy eaters, and they actually prefer things that are low in sugar, etc. The one thing I've never been able to get them to try which is really good for them is...
  16. blackarrow

    Vet Finding cavy-savvy vet in New Haven, CT?

    Sorry to have started two threads but I doubt people will see the request for vet help now that the original one was moved to "adoptables." Background - I have an internet acquaintance who could now be a case study for why not to get pigs from a pet store. One of her first pair died almost...
  17. blackarrow

    Need help from New Haven CT area rescuers

    I have an internet acquaintance who recently got a missexed pair of guinea pigs from a pet store (what a surprise) who has four new babies now. I found out about the situation because she mentioned she's planning on giving the babies back to the pet store once they're weaned. Naturally, I told...
  18. blackarrow

    Animal Welfare Vick case, what a great idea

    A rescue which runs heavily toward pit breeds is donating 5 bags of food to a shelter every time Vick gets tackled during a particular game, so taking the guy down benefits dogs directly. I love it. Homeless dogs will benefit every time Michael Vick is tackled - Shutdown Corner - NFL - Yahoo...
  19. blackarrow

    Pigsitting How much to pay a pigsitter?

    I recently went out of town and a 15 YO neighbor/my son's babysitter came over to pigsit our two boars over the holiday weekend. She did a lovely job, cleaned out the poos, kept their hay stocked, and gave them their veggies 2x/day for one evening, two visits the next day, and one visit the...
  20. blackarrow

    Surrounded by breeders at dinner!

    I live near the city in which our State Fair is held. This weekend, my brother and his family were in town, and we all went out to dinner together. The restaurant was busy, and we were seated in a back room, and there was another large party in the room. Before they ate, they had one of their...