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  1. Julip

    Adopting Finally got a job, soon adopting!

    After my two precious girls passed away, I thought I'd never get another pig. But now that I have a job and am finally making some money, kept looking at pics of other people's pigs, I just can't resist them. So for the next month or two I'm going to be saving up for a bigger cage, possibly some...
  2. Julip

    Joy They're just irrisistable.

    I am an insane, crazy animal lover. I love all animals. But guinea pigs by far are the only ones to make my heart, and body, jump for joy when I see them. I recently lost my baby Carmella. But looking at pigtures has made me feel a little better. I am out of a job now, but once I get a new one...
  3. Julip

    Sick Antibiotic Costs + Update on Carmella.

    My Guinea Pig Carmella is very sick. She hasn't eaten or drank today or half of the day yesterday. Her coat is puffed up and she is hunched over, hardly moves. In fact I'm pretty sure hasn't moved an inch today. I checked in with my vet and they said that the cost of a checkup would be 28$. I...
  4. Julip

    Sick General warning signs?

    What are some warning signs that tell me my pig may be sick or injured and in need of veterinary care, diet change, or emotional problems? My pig recently lost her best friend, and I am trying to figure out if she is just lonely/sad, or if there is something I should be concerned about, since...
  5. Julip

    Loss Lone pig, need advice.

    My female crested pig, Carmella, recently lost her best friend. Mine too. I know that pigs are social animals and need a buddy or two, but that just isn't possible right now, emotionally, financially, and because there are rarely pigs available for adoption here. I have been giving her more...
  6. Julip

    My first piggy passed today.

    My first guinea pig, Piggy, wasn't young when we got her, but she was in good health. Recently, her health was declining. Long story short, it got so bad that we had to take her in to put her in peace in piggy heaven. The vet said I did the right thing by bringing her, and there wasn't anything...
  7. Julip

    Keeping Cool Heat advisory.

    We have a heat advisory in our area for the next few days, and I want to keep the pigs cool, as our AC has not been working properly. I was thinking about spraying them with a gentle spray bottle every once in a while, because they don't like to bathe, being dipped in the water. I also usually...
  8. Julip

    Behavior Storms - What to do?

    We are having severe storms here in my area, the news said winds could get up to 70 MPH. It's thundering and lightening and raining, and the pigs haven't been through a storm this bad before. Winston is hiding, and piggy is running frantically, hiding occasionally, and looks a bit terrified...
  9. Julip

    Vet I don't know what to do.

    Before I ever got the pigs, I discussed it with my mother and she said that if they ever got sick, yes, we could take them to the vet, even if it was the 2 hour drive. Now that I am thinking they are sick, I am telling her about it, and she says, "No, we don't have the money, and I'm not driving...
  10. Julip

    Joy I think I will nickname him.

    I think I should nickname my baby pig Winston. I think I should nickname him Orca, because every time he barely peeps his head out of his pigloo, his markings look like he's an orca-pig.lol It's so cute. I'll try to catch a picture soon.
  11. Julip

    Female Pig, Missouri Area.

    Hello. Our family and I are considering adopting a female pig as a cage mate for our current female, Piggy. Right now she is in a shared and divided 2x4 with a male, but we will be expanding very soon. She seems to be very lonely, and always wants to be with the male, but she can't. We do have...
  12. Julip

    Mouth Is it safe?

    My cavy, Piggy, always chews on her house. It's not an actual pigloo, just an ice cream box with a hole for an opening, and holes in the top. It is plastic. She keeps chewing on the sides of the opening, and wont stop. I put in a chew log for her, and she has her hay, but she still insists on...
  13. Julip

    C&C New cage. What to add?

    Our new 2x4 C&C cage will be coming in this week. It will be for 2 guinea pigs, divided, because they are male and female. We will also be getting another female and male as cage mates for the two. I know it is smaller than what they should have, but it's better than what they are in now, and it...
  14. Julip

    Veg*n What to do?

    I want to become full blown vegetarian. I have been trying for a year, mostly due to the fact that I don't like meat much, and it just seems like a better way to go for me. My problem? My mom. She forces me to eat meat at least once a week. The only meat that I can stand eating is chicken...
  15. Julip

    Kind of terrified.

    A prisoner escaped out of jail in my area earlier today, and the police are on the look out. He's a dangerous criminal, and could be anywhere within the city or around the city. I live on the upper part of town, and just a few minutes ago the chief of police and another squad car were at a house...
  16. Julip

    Water Is her water bottle on right?

    I'm not exactly sure how these water bottles are supposed to operate. The one I have for Piggy is a Critter Canteen, and it has the little ball at the end, that I guess they roll it/push it back to get the water out. Well are they supposed to suck on it too? I tried just moving the ball around...
  17. Julip

    Joy I'm so happy!

    Piggy is finally out and about away from the mushroom chair, running laps around the room, jumping over things like my shoe and exploring! I'm so happy to see her jumping and popcorning and being a happy little pig. After a week, I thought she would never come out. :D
  18. Julip

    Sick Possible sickness? Boredom?

    My cavy, Piggy, has been with us for about a month now. All she does is sit in her hidey house and sleep. She does come out to eat hay and eat and drink, she gets enough of that. I also let her out for floor time and play with her, but she just goes under my mushroom chair and sits. I always...
  19. Julip

    If only.

    Sometimes I wish I was a guinea pig. I wouldn't have to worry about idiot lying boyfriends. :/
  20. Julip


    Any other insomniacs out there? It really is awful. I've been on both ambien and lunesta and both have quit on my body, so my doctor pretty much told me I have to deal with it. Too bad my piggies aren't insomniacs, they could keep me company. xD But they must sleep. Anyone else? How do you...