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  1. elli. x3

    Comment by 'elli. x3' in media 'Perina'

    ahhh shes beautiful, a very unique piggiee :D
  2. elli. x3

    How to Make a Cuddle Cup (requires sewing)

    thats such a good idea! but how do you turn it inside out?
  3. elli. x3

    Comment by 'elli. x3' in media 'Perina'

    beautiful piggie, himi rex?(:
  4. wispa and beau.

    wispa and beau.

    new baby girls wispa and beau!! cream and cream agouti rexes.
  5. elli. x3

    Comment by 'elli. x3' in media 'Matt Deck (loft)'

    great idea ive seen your video of this on youtube! ☺☺
  6. elli. x3

    Blog Finally!

    i finally found and bought the cubes for my new c+c cage. i'm so happy that i got a good deal in england. i got 23 grids for £24.99 on ebay. i'm thinking of putting my guinea pigs in their own spacious shed in c+c cages ... good idea?:heart:
  7. elli. x3

    Comment by 'elli. x3' in media 'Renovated Cage'

    love the colour scheme:) pugsley is adorable!!
  8. is this our best side?

    is this our best side?

    biscuit and patch.
  9. biscuit's laughing!

    biscuit's laughing!

    biscuit having a right old giggle and patch grazing.
  10. oh helloo!

    oh helloo!

    biscuit and patch.
  11. munching away.

    munching away.

    biscuit and patch munching!
  12. gimme that carrot!

    gimme that carrot!

    patch muching on a carrot.
  13. elli. x3

    Comment by 'elli. x3' in media 'Pom-Pom_march_09'

    aww i love this breed! it may not be the same but im getting two rex girls in a few weeks :) cant wait!!
  14. elli. x3

    Comment by 'elli. x3' in media 'My Baby Girl Peanut :-)'

    i love this picture!! her eyes look gorgeous, beautiful coat too.
  15. elli. x3

    Comment by 'elli. x3' in media 'The last picture I took of Phil'

    who ever gave an 8 to an in memory photo?! this was obv a well loved pigg and im sooo sorry for your loss. i lost two beautiful pigs in the space of less than a year was heartbroen :(
  16. elli. x3

    Comment by 'elli. x3' in media 'Honey, RIP'

    soo sorry for youloss she was truly a beautiful piggie!!
  17. elli. x3

    Comment by 'elli. x3' in media 'Missed a spot!'

    owww this is soo adorable im glad hes ok now:D
  18. elli. x3

    Comment by 'elli. x3' in media 'biscuit another edit.'

    thank you for your all comments!! :) the other picture had to be deleted as the picture quality wasn't very good.
  19. biscuit another edit.

    biscuit another edit.

    i know theres little difference between this and the last one but which is the nicer green?
  20. elli. x3

    Blog C+C cage supplies in england?

    HELP?! ive been trying to look for c+c cage supplies in the uk for ages and ages. does anybody have any ideas of where to get things?:heart: