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  1. snow&piggerz

    Sick URI? Pigs may be sick

    I have 3 females, two of which are showing some signs of URI. Sky started having labored breathing, runny/gunky eyes, a slight runny nose, and being lethargic this morning. Now, tonight, she's eating and wheeking for her food, but when she's breathing she wheezes and still has runny eyes. Stormy...
  2. snow&piggerz

    Behavior Squealing...

    I have 3 pigs, and linve in a tiny apt. with my mom. They have to stay in the bedroom, right next to the bed, as we have nowhere else to put them. The problem is, whenever they hear anyone turn in bed, or talk, they scream at the TOP of their lungs. I know this means they want food, but they are...
  3. snow&piggerz

    General guinea pig poop

    I just built my first C&C, and am using fleece.. I have always thought that their poop didn't have a smell, just the pee. Although, when I vacuum up the poop (i use a little "dust buster") it smells bad. Is this just because it's ALL poop, and it's not mixed with bedding? Or is bad smelling poop...
  4. snow&piggerz

    Behavior Guinea pig licking?

    I have 3 guinea pigs, and all three of them lick me, and ONLY me. No matter what, they will not lick any one else, we've even tried tricking them. Is this one of their ways of showing affection? Or is it just because my hands are the ones that give them hay and food? :silly:
  5. snow&piggerz

    Pet Stores Petstore pigs- moved from the Buying Pigs in Petstores thread

    I would just like to state that all of the workers at my local petsmart are freindly, and know ALOT about guinea pigs...to this day, I will say something i would say something, and they would tell me all about why or why not to purchase a product etc. for example: i will say "well lets go get...