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  1. kanojochan

    Hay Any green hay this year??

    I live in Southern CA and there has been so much variation in quality of hay this year! The only hay I purchase is orchard because of my allergies to timothy. A month ago I got a flake of orchard grass that was really soft, green, and fragrant. The new flake I purchased last week has a lot of...
  2. kanojochan

    Hay New bale of orchard grass. Tell me I'm being paranoid.

    Thanks guys. Looks like the bale is ok :] Yay!
  3. kanojochan

    Hay New bale of orchard grass. Tell me I'm being paranoid.

    Hey all! I got a new bale of orchard grass earlier this week. It was wrapped up in a large plastic sheet for a few days and it's been stored in the garage. There are no drafts and it's a dry environment. I dug in to the new bale today to refill the piggies' rack and noticed that it feels and...
  4. kanojochan

    Pellets Switched to KMS pellets....

    And they love it! Their daily spot cleaning and hay/pellet refills happen in the evenings. I've never seen them all together spending so much time around the pellet bowl at once! I think we are all quite pleased :D Gold star for KMS!
  5. kanojochan

    Vegetables My lettuce froze... oops...

    So... parts of my refrigerator get so cold that things sometimes things develop frost... :x Not normally a big problem, but today I found a bunch of romaine lettuce heads with frost on them and parts of the leaves are dark green. Just wondering if it's still ok to give to guinea pigs? Or should...
  6. kanojochan

    Diet KMS Products

    I just ordered some timothy pellets the other day. First time trying KMS! I'm excited! :D Just waiting for delivery now....!
  7. kanojochan

    Diet Advice on keeping veggies fresh

    I buy lettuce a few heads at a time and they've lasted me at least a week when I wrap them in a paper towel and store in a ziplock. I only rinse the leaves right before I give them. I've tried the wash-and-dry-before-storing method and I've noticed the leaves wilt very quickly, especially green...
  8. kanojochan

    Hay Storing fresh hay?

    A plastic bin is ok as long as the top is left open and the sides have plenty of holes for ventilation.
  9. kanojochan

    Hay Storing fresh hay?

    Hay needs to be able to breathe so that mold doesn't form. Airtight containers are not recommended at all.
  10. kanojochan

    Hay Storing fresh hay?

    Mine sits in the garage on top of the plastic wrap it came in. I leave it unwrapped and out in the open.
  11. kanojochan

    Vegetables Do you pre-prepare your veggies?

    Currently, I use everything on an as-needed basis. Lettuce leaves are taken off the heads and rinsed off right before feeding, bell peppers sliced up, cherry tomatoes washed... I don't prep more than I need for that meal. Does anyone pre-prepare their veggies way ahead of time? Like on grocery...
  12. kanojochan

    Hay Made a coroplast box for hay! Opinions welcome.

    Hey guys~ I have a bale of orchard grass in the garage but wanted to keep smaller amounts in the house for easier access. So I made a box with coroplast! It's measured to fit nicely inside one of the 1x2 C&C cubbies under the cage. The holes are appx 1/4-inch and I cut handles into the sides...
  13. kanojochan

    Hay Orchard Grass??

    I'm allergic to timothy hay so I switched to orchard grass months ago. My piggies actually seemed to prefer it during the switch. They're doing wonderfully on it :]
  14. kanojochan

    Pellets Stopped selling brand of food I was buying.

    I've read somewhere in the forums that it's ok to go a short period of time without pellets as long as the piggies have unlimited hay and fresh veggies. Some people even have pellet-free diets due to problems with stones. In the case of running out, I figure it's better to let them go without...
  15. kanojochan

    Hay Why did it take me so long?

    Feed stores are so great~ I call them the Costco of pet stores.
  16. kanojochan

    Hay Can I change from timithy hay to orchard grass or do they have to have the hay

    @piggydaddy1 - bales are huge, big enough to take up the entire back half of my Honda Accord. You may want to ask the feed store if they will sell hay in flakes. They're smaller and more manageable :)
  17. kanojochan

    Hay Can I change from timithy hay to orchard grass or do they have to have the hay

    Adorbs!! I'm glad they're taking to it! :)
  18. kanojochan

    Pellets Are these good pellets?

    My piggies are on Oxbow right now and they're doing great on it, but I'm planning on switching them to KMS when the bag starts to run low. As far as I can tell, KMS can only be bought online. If you buy in large quantities and store it right, you won't have to buy as often :] (broken link removed)
  19. kanojochan

    Hay Can I change from timithy hay to orchard grass or do they have to have the hay

    @piggydaddy1 - Try going to a feed store. They usually have a lot of horse supplies as well as other small animal supplies. The hay is much higher quality and way cheaper. I got my bale for $24 (could only buy bales but hey, this will last like 2 years). I also get my pine bedding there. At the...
  20. kanojochan

    Hay Switching to orchard grass

    Timothy hay is driving me crazy with allergies. So I got a bale of orchard hay! Buns, Baggles, and Chiffon are sampling it. They love it!