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  1. kanojochan


    I feel guinea pigs can't be compared to dogs or cats - they're too different. It's in the nature of a dog or cat to come up to you and snuggle. Guinea pigs, being prey creatures, will not be that way by default. Some people are lucky to have an affectionate pig right off the bat, but to tame one...
  2. kanojochan

    Chat Just need to vent right now!

    It sucks that your friend has such low self esteem. It sucks even more that she's projecting it onto such a young child, especially a girl who will be under more pressure as she gets older to look a certain way, given the media that surrounds us all. Your friend needs to let go of the idea that...
  3. kanojochan

    Animal career choices??

    I'm a licensed vet tech and I absolutely LOVE it! I've turned down promotions to be a hospital manager because I love working with the patients so much (as a manager, I'd be doing more admin stuff than medical/patient care). You can always start out as a kennel assistant or a veterinary...
  4. kanojochan

    Chat Ferret question!

    I had a C&C cage for my ferret and it worked just fine. As long as the grids are the usual 9 squares across types. She wasn't a particularly large girl, either. :]
  5. kanojochan

    Renters! Do you mention your piggies?

    I would go the route of full disclosure. Being caught in a lie can be bad for not only your current situation, but future rental situations as well since most landlords ask for references before approving your application. If the landlord seems worried about them, you could explain that the...
  6. kanojochan

    Chat Becoming an exotic vet.

    The first major hurdle is getting into veterinary school. Once you're in, they teach you medicine for all animals; small animals would be primarily dogs and cats. Large animal would be horses, cattle, sheep, goats, etc. Exotics would be your rodents, birds, reptiles, etc. After your initial...
  7. kanojochan

    Chat So many fly's - how to get rid of them?

    My only suggestion at current would be to put up those sticky fly trap strips and hang them securely above the gp cage and throughout the house. Could there be something rotting in the ventilation somewhere? Or under the house? In the walls?
  8. kanojochan

    R.I.P Robin Williams

    I'm never affected by celebrity deaths, but I found myself genuinely very sad when I heard about his passing. I grew up on his movies. He was one of my absolute favorite actors/comedians. He's made so many great movies! It's hard to narrow down to favorites... but I really loved Dead Poets...
  9. kanojochan

    To board or not to board....

    Thank you! :)
  10. kanojochan

    To board or not to board....

    @ginipigsinspace - I'm in SoCal too! What facility are you using to board your piggies? I'm making a list of places to use for my GPs for boarding, emergencies, etc.
  11. kanojochan

    To board or not to board....

    Personally, I like the idea of boarding. It'd be great to have someone there every day to monitor for signs of illnesses and possibly take to the vet if needed, as well as have daily things done like cleaning and feeding. I'm sure the staff at the facility are loving and will take good care of...
  12. kanojochan

    Right Age to Care for Animals

    I agree with much of what has been said already. I don't think there's really a set age on when someone is ready to take on the responsibility of a pet. @pinky put it well - it depends on maturity, common sense, and finances. These things vary from person to person. A young teen may definitely...
  13. kanojochan

    You know you're a guinea pig owner when...

    My boyfriend assumes that all the produce I buy is for the piggies... which it mostly is! XD Hay is found in the most random places of the house. I almost expect to hear whistles and wheeks and cage rattling when I start chopping veggies, whether they're for the piggies or not -_-
  14. kanojochan

    Chat How old are you as a guinea pig owner?

    I'm 30 and my trio are my first guinea pigs.
  15. kanojochan

    Help! I'm worried I'm allergic to our piggies!!

    I had the worst allergies to timothy hay, too. Switched to orchard grass and the improvement was instant. Piggies loved it more than timothy hay, too! You could vacuum, sweep, mop, do whatever you need to get the area around the cage clean. Clean the cage itself, too. The piggies shouldn't need...
  16. kanojochan

    flea control advice

    I think your idea to put him on Trifexis is a great idea. It's an awesome product :]
  17. kanojochan

    flea control advice

    Fleas are not like spiders or flies. They don't hang out in the open so people don't normally know it even if they have an infestation. Not to say that you do for sure. But it's always good to have contact info for a few places just in case :p Good luck!
  18. kanojochan

    flea control advice

    Try putting a flea collar in your vacuum bag or canister. This will take care of whatever fleas you suck up. As for treating the house, you'll probably want to call several pest control companies and ask around for prices and what they use and what precautions to take with pets. Hope this...
  19. kanojochan

    Significant others and your piggies

    My boyfriend didn't have pets growing up, and as an adult he never had any of his own. There was a cat that moved itself in to the last place he rented, but his roommates did most of the caretaking. He had the luxury of petting it when it came his way, but that was about it :p When he and I...
  20. kanojochan

    Vet Savings Account --- Thank YOU!

    I'm so glad you had a money reserve to help you when Candy got sick! I hope she gets better soon! Hopefully the x-rays tell you more.