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  1. kanojochan

    Tripple the Trouble! 3 Sows for first time owner :) Taming advice?

    Looks great!! :D They are lucky piggies!
  2. kanojochan

    Tripple the Trouble! 3 Sows for first time owner :) Taming advice?

    Welcome! Don't worry, I had the same anxiety when I first adopted my trio - I was a first time guinea pig owner and took on 2 girls and 1 boy! But they're doing very well~ My piggies took a long time to get used to the routine of the house. But now the sound of the vacuum right by their cage...
  3. kanojochan

    Hello, just an introduction:3

    Absolutely gorgeous piggies! Don't mind what people say about your age. The number isn't as important as how mature you are, and it seems like when it comes to taking care of your pets, you're very mature and doing a great job! :]
  4. kanojochan

    I have just discovered the wonderful world of Piggies! Advice is always welcome.

    Welcome! So glad that you were able to improve your piggy's living arrangements immediately~ :D Sounds like you've already made quite a few improvements already. My piggies took several weeks to really settle down. At first, they'd hide most of the time and they'd panic and scatter at the...
  5. kanojochan

    Just saying hello :)

    Welcome! You have such an adorable fuzzbutt family!
  6. kanojochan

    First Time GP owner- wish I'd found this site first

    Welcome to the forum! Better late than never! :D I'm glad you're already in the process of providing your guineas an upgrade! They'll be so happy~ Post pictures of them when you have the chance! :]
  7. kanojochan

    New Here & New To Cavies!

    Hurray for a boy named Anna! I bet that'll confuse a lot of people and it shall be hilarious XD Your story is wonderful, too! So glad you did your research and avoided a big OOPS~ As for your son, no need to push "manly" things on him, I think it's great that you're letting him enjoy what he...
  8. kanojochan

    Nail clipping

    Try calling different vet locations to see if they'll trim the nails without charging for an office visit. The vets I work with don't charge for an office visit if all the client wants is a nail trim. The trim itself is around $15.
  9. kanojochan

    Hello from my 3 piggles and Myself.

    I have a bale of hay in my garage. Took up the entire back half of my car (I'm a city girl and had no idea how big a bale was)! I've had it for months and I'm not even halfway through it feeding my three piggies. My garage smells like hay, but I quite like the aroma :] One of my piggies is a...
  10. kanojochan


    HAHA potato chips! That made me laugh :D Welcome to the forums! I hope you find some good piggies soon :]
  11. kanojochan

    Hello from my 3 piggles and Myself.

    Welcome to the forums! Your cages look great! Sounds like you have a nice variety of veggies going there :] But don't stop! They need those on a daily basis, along with the bottomless hay :]
  12. kanojochan

    Hello from Millie and I :>

    She's adorable!! And I love her cage setup :] Welcome!
  13. kanojochan

    Prospective Future Guinea Pig Owner :)

    Good luck! I hope you find a pet that works for your family :]
  14. kanojochan

    Prospective Future Guinea Pig Owner :)

    Welcome, @Artistwolf11! First off, thank you for doing your research before jumping into getting piggies! Sadly, not enough people do so. You're off to a great start :] Everyone has already covered your questions pretty well. I just wanted to share my experience with you since I'm a first-time...
  15. kanojochan

    Newbie here, getting my piggies in just a few days time!

    I'm SO sorry for your loss. It doesn't matter that you've only had them for a week, you bonded with them, and having that bond broken hurts no matter how long (or short) it's been. I'm glad you're bouncing back. Good luck with your next piggies :)
  16. kanojochan

    Guinea Pigs for the Classroom & Home

    I would recommend a hard plastic carrier. A soft one, while it may be comfy, would offer less protection in the event something were to happen - car crash, dog or cat attacking carrier, bumping around ... I know these are potentially horrible situations and I wouldn't wish them on anyone, but I...
  17. kanojochan

    Im new to this

    Adorable piggies! I wouldn't worry too much about the sneezing if it's only once or twice every 2-3 days. If they start to sneeze more often or start having eye/nose discharge, then it's time to get them to a vet. Watch for a decrease in energy/appetite as well as soft stools. My piggies have...
  18. kanojochan

    Guinea Pigs for the Classroom & Home

    Sounds like a great way to spend grant money for teaching kids how to properly care for/respect animals! And I'm so glad you did your research before jumping into the sad classroom pet stereotype. As some members have already said, I think it'd be great for the piggies to come home with you...
  19. kanojochan

    New guinea pig owner and new to this forum! :D

    Today is the happiest I've seen them since bringing them home! Chiffon was grooming Buns and Baggles was even popcorning a little bit! I hope they get even more active as they get used to their home. Cage expansion coming soon!
  20. kanojochan

    New guinea pig owner and new to this forum! :D

    Thanks, everyone! Yeah, I always get confused on which is better, cedar or pine, and I find myself checking the label on the bag all the time for which one I'm using haha... UchihaMickey - Yeah, I'm concerned that fleece might not work for me because I'm VERY sensitive to the smell of urine...