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  1. NarwhalsRock

    Where to Order? CHEAPEST Oxbow pellets/hay in the US (East Coast)

    I see. Coolio.
  2. NarwhalsRock

    Where to Order? CHEAPEST Oxbow pellets/hay in the US (East Coast)

    Nope, I'm smack in the center. Near the train station. There are at least three or four other members on here from little old NH. I actually have a friend who is on here with her pig Nala. And I introduced my science teacher into C&C cages for her two pigs. Did you go to DMS? Do you remember a...
  3. NarwhalsRock

    Sounds Chirping!!!

    Agreed. Ron IS awesome! The cat might have been sniffing at the door... There's a big cat (appropriately nicknamed Big Cat) that hangs around our house, and he might have been underneath the window smelling them... They're next to a window, so that could explain it... I hope my poor babies...
  4. NarwhalsRock

    Sounds Chirping!!!

    I was reading in bed last night, and I hear something squeaking. And then I realized that one of the girls was CHIRPING! I didn't want to disturb them by turning the light on, so I'm not sure who was chirping. I was almost trembling, I was so excited! It only lasted for a few seconds, until I...
  5. NarwhalsRock

    Reference Getting nails clipped...

    I prefer cat clippers, but human nail clippers are good too. I prefer cat clippers, as sometimes the nail will chip/splinter a bit with the human nail clippers. If I get too close to the quick, they rip their paw out of my hand, and scream bloody murder! Carrot helps quite a bit, as they love...
  6. NarwhalsRock

    Where to Order? CHEAPEST Oxbow pellets/hay in the US (East Coast)

    @squishycar. NO. WAY. You're kidding. I'm from Dover too!!!!!!!!!!! what are the odds... What age group are you? I might go to high school with you! :D
  7. NarwhalsRock

    Behavior Do you Kiss your piggies???

    OMG I love kissing my pigs! They just sit there as I kiss them, and then look around as if to say "Gross, Mom!!!! You're embarrassing meeeeee!!!" I sometimes kiss my cat on the nose, and she reels back and leaps away. Or I'll burrow into her fur when she's super sleepy! :D
  8. NarwhalsRock

    Cage Is this cage suitable for 2 guinea pig?

    I actually bought my grids from Walmart. I had them shipped Site to Store from the website for free. It saved me about $40 in shipping!!!!!! I would definitely suggest that!
  9. NarwhalsRock

    Dominant new female pig

    It could be a dominance thing, or heat. Are you 1000% sure that your she isn't a he? If you checked their sexes and are confident that you have 2 girls, it's probably the new environment is making them nervous. They might be reestablishing dominance.
  10. NarwhalsRock

    My local pet store listened to me!

    That's great! I can't imagine how many sows were sold pregnant from there... I'm sure there will ocassionally be a boar in the female pen, but it's 10000000% better than before!!!! :D
  11. NarwhalsRock

    Where to Order? CHEAPEST Oxbow pellets/hay in the US (East Coast)

    @squishycar! I'm in NH too!!!!! I found that the Dover Agway carries Sweet Meadow hay in store!!!!! They also have the big bags of Oxbow! If you're around Dover, it's a GREAT place to get Sweet Meadow without paying shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Where are you on the Seacoast? Portsmouth?
  12. NarwhalsRock

    Hurricane Sandy

    I'm going to be getting a bit of it in little old Dover. We're calling it Frankenstorm up here, as it's supposed to hit on Halloween. I hope that all of you stay safe and your animals as well! <3
  13. NarwhalsRock

    What Do Your Piggier Like The Most?

    I saw one vendor on there a few weeks ago that was selling them for around $7. She probably went to eBay or something... eBay is great for finding fleece and stuff like that! :) I hope that the person I saw with the cheap cuddle cups gets some more inventory soon...
  14. NarwhalsRock

    What Do Your Piggier Like The Most?

    Mine just like the fleece! I think that they're happy to sleep on that, since for most of their life was spent on shavings. :( But they love cuddle sacks and cuddle cups also! There are some great patterns for them, or you can get one cheaply off of Etsy!
  15. NarwhalsRock

    General You Can't Be Lazy With Guinea Pigs......

    I am sort of in the same pit as you were... The regular routine of care kinda went askew with field hockey, yearbook, homework, and dances... I am working on getting better, as the field hockey season ended a week or so ago... I think that a LOT of teenage owners here are probably not 100% on...
  16. NarwhalsRock


    Welcome! There is some incredible information on piggies here! :D Just make sure you have two boys or two girls!!!! :) You don't want to endanger the little lady! :(
  17. NarwhalsRock

    Not Guinea Piggy Related but doing stuff for charity

    Good for you! I hope that you get some sponsors in time! Awww. I hope Sugar gets better soon! Give her a cuddle from all of us on here! :D
  18. NarwhalsRock

    I Saw This on Pintrest...

    I'm glad to back online for the first time in a almost a week! I've missed everybody so much... Why thank you @Kelly9!
  19. NarwhalsRock

    Hey there c:

    Welcome to the forum! That's a very beautiful piggy you have there!!! The look on her face is priceless! I'm so sorry about your lost piggy. Getting your girl a friend is a great way to honor her! I hope you get Iniki a friend soon.
  20. NarwhalsRock

    Im New Here

    Welcome Nicki! 7 is a lot of pigs! You must have your hands full with all those girls! :D Well, I hope that you learn some great info on this site!