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  1. kanojochan

    General which room to put cage in?

    I would choose the room with the most activity. My boyfriend and I currently live together and we have actually turned the living and dining room into our own spaces instead of the bedrooms. The dining room is my crafting space and the boyfriend spends most of this time working on the couch in...
  2. kanojochan

    Exercise Lazy boy

    I like to wipe my coro down with a 50/50 solution of distilled white vinegar mixed with water. Moisten a cloth with that mix and wipe away~
  3. kanojochan

    Photos We're back from forum hiatus! An update on the piggles.

    Thanks @guineapigsxo! I do like the pine shavings. As you can probably tell, some stray shavings will unavoidably get here and there around the floors. But I like how clean the cage looks with it since the poops get hidden as they mix in, and urine dries out really quickly so there's no odor. No...
  4. kanojochan

    Photos We're back from forum hiatus! An update on the piggles.

    Hello everyone, I've been gone from the forums for a little while and just came back around. It's nice to be back! Since I've last been here our little family lost Buns to a sudden illness. She SEEMED perfectly healthy and normal one night, and the next morning she wasn't. It was a very long 2...
  5. kanojochan

    General Tough decision (slightly off topic)

    Fortunately, any place that is accredited will do everything they can to keep their piggies healthy and comfortable. Protocols and care guides are very strictly adhered to. There's a surprising amount of thought and effort that goes into keeping the animals pain and stress free. This coming...
  6. kanojochan

    General I'm happy

    It's awesome that you have a growing herd! :D Those youtube videos of large herds are so cute, especially when they all wheek and popcorn with each other at the same time. Perhaps one day I will have a big herd, too. I thought I was in over my head when I adopted a trio as a first time guinea...
  7. kanojochan

    Behavior What Noises Does Your Guinea Pig Hate?

    Mine hate the sound of the doorbell. Sometimes they scatter at the random noises my phone makes. Thankfully, they got used to the vacuum since I'm always cleaning around their cage. They continue with whatever they're doing when I turn it on.
  8. kanojochan

    Behavior How much would the vet bill be?

    Since guinea pigs are considered exotic pets, it might ease your sticker shock if you go in with the expectation that everything will be much more expensive than, say, a dog or cat hospital. The hospital I go to charges $75 for the office visit; all else would be extra. They can always tell you...
  9. kanojochan

    Sad First-time owner jitters

    I always feel that way at the beginning with a new pet. It seems to be pretty common with a lot of pet owners. Some types of pets require more of an adjustment phase than others; fish require minimal adjustment period, whereas mammals can require much more. I wouldn't stress too much about it :]
  10. kanojochan

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Petsmart piggies?

    Petsmart will eventually put the older piggies up for adoption. Be careful of what they tell you about piggy care; even the employees who work in the small animal department as a "specialist" will give the wrong information, so do your research on their care beforehand. The girl who is...
  11. kanojochan

    General Selling house - what to expect w/piggies

    If open house is just for a few hours maybe you can cover the whole cage with a light blanket or sheet? That way they're hidden from all the commotion and strange hands won't go into the cage. Since piggies require so much space, moving them can be stressful for everyone involved, even if it's...
  12. kanojochan

    Frustrated How Can I Convince Mum to Let Them Live in My Room

    Cage size is a huge factor when it comes to keeping odors down. The larger the cage, the less it'll smell. I use kiln-dried pine shavings in my 2x6 C&C and all I smell is hay. In my experience, the cheapest place to get shavings is feed stores. One pack (3 cubic ft expands to 12 cubic ft)...
  13. kanojochan

    General Guinea pig smell

    How big is their cage? If the cage is too small it will smell stronger faster. Boars tend to need more space than females.
  14. kanojochan

    Photos We Got a Head Start on Halloween This Year :D

    AAAAAAHHH!!! OMG the bee!!! They're so cute I died a little inside!
  15. kanojochan

    General New pig, but not adopted :(

    How adorable! I'm sure she'll have such a happy life with you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a friend for her soon! :] Wow, some rescues are so strict with their adoption process! o_o The rescue that I went to didn't seem quite so strict. I did a lot of research beforehand, so maybe I just...
  16. kanojochan

    Adopting Need to get Sami a friend fast

    :oMy insides are all warm and fuzzy because you're doing what's best for Sami
  17. kanojochan

    General Litix Citter Brite Bottles

    I use Kay-tee glass water bottles and they're AWESOME! The whole nozzle is metal so they can't chew it up, and the bottle is glass so odors don't get absorbed into it. Plus, it's very resilient! Mine leaked a little bit but once I started closing them really tightly, no more leaks!
  18. kanojochan

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Some questions from a potential piggy owner

    Welcome to the forum! What a fun background in working with animals! Especially training monkeys! :D Guinea pigs are pretty vocal, but still relatively quiet. They wheek, which sounds a lot like a whistle, and those are the loudest (which still aren't that loud). Happens more when they really...
  19. kanojochan

    Vision I'm about to cry I am so worried :(

    Glad to hear Nibbles is doing better! :] I know how frustrating it is when money is tight and the furbabies aren't doing well. But I love your dedication and now things are looking up! I already know that people here do whatever they can to help each other. I was just telling that to a new...
  20. kanojochan

    Bonding Will my guinea be okey alone? Sits in igloo a lot?

    It's hard to read tones through the internet since there's no voice or body language involved, so sometimes responses come off more harsh than intended. People on this forum are very passionate about guinea pigs so sometimes they can come on a bit strong and it can be overwhelming. Don't take it...