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  1. katherineausten

    hi every one!!!

    I like the Harry Potter names! Welcome to the forum!
  2. katherineausten

    Diarrhea Unknown Substance In Cage

    You can post a picture, people have. All that matters is that you'll be getting a C&C. And sometimes pee can look brownish in healthy pigs.
  3. katherineausten

    Hello from all three of us!

    Yeah, 6" sides are fine! You don't technically need sides, they just help with poop not being flung across the room!
  4. katherineausten

    Fleece My fleece story/ PICTURES!!(:

    No Problem!
  5. katherineausten

    Photos Post Your Piggy Pictures!!!

    @BestGuineaPigs Seth, Sid, and Micah are texels, Charlie is a teddy, and Ozzie is an abysinnian! Kb724 you should name him Blaze! lol
  6. katherineausten

    Photos Post Your Piggy Pictures!!!

    *not sure what happened here*
  7. katherineausten

    Found a Stray Dog

    Good Luck! He's such a cutie
  8. katherineausten

    Hello from all three of us!

    You can get precut and sized coroplast from www.guineapigcagesstore.com but if you were to get a 2x5 the coro would need to be at least a 42x87 sheet if you want 6" sides
  9. katherineausten

    Planning on Piggies :D

    You need to wash towels perfume free as well. I used to use towels and we often just used borax, vinegar, and a little baking soda so as not to make our washing machine a volcano lol but we usually use detergent now. It really helps, especially with towels, and the fibers are closer together...
  10. katherineausten

    Cage modifying a dog crate

    You can always clip or ziptie the shower curtain up the sides :)
  11. katherineausten

    Photos Post Your Piggy Pictures!!!

    These are my five boars :) in order, Seth, Charlie, Sid, Ozzie, and Micah
  12. katherineausten

    Fleece My fleece story/ PICTURES!!(:

    https://piggybedspreads.com/?gclid=COC2pfWgwbgCFUkV7AodaHkApg RodentsRus
  13. katherineausten

    C&C I bored with my cage!!!

    That happens to me a lot :) I used to change my cage with every fleece change but once I built stands I stopped! Can't exactly switch around a wood stand lol the thing I like doing is changing around the stand and loft. If you put the cage on the floor I used to flatten my coro and make a...
  14. katherineausten

    Hay Messy Cage

    Yeah those are my sisters pigs and that lasts them only like a day or two! They eat so much!
  15. katherineausten


    Thanks for your support.. His parents and younger siblings have gone home now. My younger sister lives with me now because my mother died of cancer and my dad commuted suicide. That all happened about two weeks ago. It's been hard enough already and he was the only thing keeping me together...
  16. katherineausten


    Yes it's been quite a teary few hours sitting with his parents...and his younger siblings...it's so hard... I'm six months pregnant and I really just don't know what to do with myself right now..I'm a mess...
  17. katherineausten


    For the worst... Uhm okay so things have taken a turn for the worst! Both my husband and I would do anything for our guinea pigs and it seems it has come to that. I'm trying to keep myself together right now. Ever since I got the phone call from the police telling me about the accident about...
  18. katherineausten


    Well we decided to take everyone to the vet, but when we went to put the baby in the carrier, we discovered that he had passed away. So my husband took mom and dad to the vet! He also brought the baby just to see if he can figure out what happened. The little guy had been losing more and more...
  19. katherineausten

    My Little Ball of Joy

    Aww! So sweet!
  20. katherineausten

    Bonding New boar guinea pig

    Yeah I didn't quarantine either and ended up with three URIs! Not very pleasant haha